Friday, June 11, 2010

five years time

Have you visited She Wore It Well?  I remember reading her comment on my Double Whammy post and grinning out loud.  You know those grins, right?  There's just something about her.  I feel like we've been friends for eons.  Anyway, not so long ago she tagged me on a "five years time" post she wrote so here goes...

Where were you five years ago?
 I had literally just moved away from this (no I did not own, I merely rented a portion of it):

And to this neighborhood.  Seriously, almost to the day.

I had lived in LA for 3 years and hated my job.  I wanted out.  I never even unpacked the boxes at the last place I lived.  It was like if I unpacked the boxes I was giving in and resigning myself to stay in a job I hated.  My health was rapidly declining, the doctors couldn't figure out why and I was still working crazy hours.  Then my position was "eliminated" (nice way of saying buh-bye you look sick) after 3 years of micromanagement and deafeningly long hours.  Oddly enough it was the hugest feeling of relief I had ever had.  I went home and slept for 2 days straight.  Okay more like 2 weeks.  And then slowly started consulting and have worked on my own ever since.  

                                                                     image via twentythree

So 5 years ago, after having toughed out self-employment for one year, I decided to look for a different neighborhood to live in.  By that time I didn't mind LA, but the rents were ridiculous.  One Saturday morning a friend and I, just off the cuff, drove to a small beach community to visit a rental.  I saw the narrow streets and beach fog still thick at 10am and that was the end of it for me.  As we walked along later I saw this too:

I've held onto this picture for years now.  Anyway, I moved in to my little place shortly thereafter (nothing like the monster above!) and have been here ever since.  I didn't have any furniture except a bed and a couch for the first year though...I guess you could say I'm a little commitment-phobic. :)  Eventually "the stuff" followed.

Within the next 2 years I was diagnosed with gluten-intolerance or Celiac disease.  It completely changed my life and set me back on the road to health.  Except for the past 6 weeks of bronchial infection. Boo!

Where would you like to be five years from now?
To be honest 5 years from now I would just like to be 100% healthy - with the same for my family.  I know that doesn't give a definitive answer, but when you have spent several years being very ill, lost three-quarters of your hair, had it grow back, worked for a tyrant and gotten out alive - you really learn that the most happiness comes from the simplest things.

Of course I hope to be enjoying my career and having a certain amount of freedom to travel and enjoy life.  We'll have to see, I guess.  I would like to be able to see my family in Canada a bit more often, but moving back there is not really of interest to me at this stage.  I have a difficult time with questions like this because I don't believe in planning too far out.  Life has dealt me a couple rough hands - don't get me wrong some good ones too - but it's the rough ones that teach you to take it one day at a time.

                                                                       image via twentythree
What is on your to do list today?
-Make an acupuncture appointment - done
-Send a thank-you note to my Doctor for the 2 inhaler samples (they're $130 each with insurance and I.was.not.paying.for.that!!) - also done
-Work - done
-Email Jessica - not done
-Go visit the Chef - on my way after this
-Oh and laundry.  bugger!!

What five snacks do you enjoy?
-Green tea (is that a snack or a drink?)
-Baked Jalapeno Cheese puffs
-Homemade gluten-free chocolate chip cookies
-Fruit - any fruit doesn't matter
-Nuts (preferably walnuts or almonds...or maybe chocolate covered macadamias)

What would you do if you were a billionaire?
I would go Big O style.  I'm not a huge Oprah Winfrey fan, but I have seen her be able to truly help people who needed it.  The other night when I was getting ready to do the post for the Melinda Maria bangle (HAVE YOU ENTERED YET??) I said to the Chef, "this is so exciting.  Can you imagine how Oprah gets to feel everyday?? Lucky biznatch."  And what I'm able to give is a tiny (albeit wonderful) thing that won't be a life-changing thing in the larger sense.  Imagine helping a single parent get off the streets or paying for some lifesaving health treatment or putting someone who really wanted to go through college.  Whatever it might be...just imagine.  To have that level of financial freedom to truly rescue people from their circumstances would be amazing.

Of course I'd also help my family, my friends and we'd all go on some fat trips too.  That would be so fun.  And then there's the shoes...

"I've never been a millionaire but I just know I'd be darling at it." - Dorothy Parker

But I'd have to also find something to do because sitting around being lethargic is not exciting to me. Probably would keep on working - maybe even at what I currently do.

I pass this meme on the following intriguing blogs - where will you be in five years time?  I don't even know if these bloggers will answer, but I'd be interested to read if they do...

-Bumpkin on a Swing
-See Jane.
-Corks & Caftans (Rob + Carey crack me up to no end, but I'll understand if you guys don't do this)
-Style Obsession
-Cheetah is the New Black

Please see their links on the side of my page - I'll add the clicks here later...have to run!
*Update:  added links!


LouBoo said...

Hi Carrie, great post, I really like this one as you get to see where bloggers have been and are going. I had no idea you had been ill - that must have been dreadful so hope all is better now. Have a great weekend, Louise x

Closet Fashionista said...

Oh wow! Great post :)

and flowers pick themselves said...

wonderful post! i really enjoyed it :)

xo Alison

Anna Jane said...

So intriguing! I'm so glad to hear you have your Celiac's under control now. Everyone has a story and yours is great! I will try and answer asap. Thanks for passing it along :)

Anna Jane

mel said...

gorgeous interview! i must go visit her:)

alli/hooray said...

Great post! And glad to hear you're back in health - gluten intolerance seems like a problem for a lot of Americans now.
PS. I am SO jealous of where you live! Just saying :)

Valerie said...

It's fun to read more about you! What a relief that they figured out your gluten intolerance. I was having some health issues last year and they thought I might be intolerant to gluten too, so I went Gluten-free for 3 months. It was rough at first but I realized I was cooking more, eating healthier, and feeling better overall. They've since realized I'm hypoglycemic and that was causing the health issues, so I'm eating gluten again. But I'm still trying to cook more and eat healthy (most of the time). :)

Happy Friday!


Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous tag answers, gorgeous!
I love green tea too!


Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Great post, it gives a lot of context to the blog. I like it =) It also shows that you are a fighter, not a flighter. I hope you are feeling better soon!
And thank you for your lovely comment. I'm going to check the bangle post out again, just to see why I didn't enter..

Marcie said...

How is living by the water? I just love having the beach close and hope to get there this weekend. It is so interesting learning all these cool things about you.

Have a great weekend!

Josie said...

This is so interesting, my dear! My sister has Celiac's as well and I can totally appreciate the change that it makes to be healthy. And I am absolutely in love with that Dorothy Parker quote!
xo Josie

Taj Acosta said...

oh this was so wonderful to read doll! I didn't know you were Canadian? My hubs is from Vancouver. I know you Canadians are real proud of each other!! lol. Here's to health and happiness for you sweetie! xoxo

kirstyb said...

love this post x

Ashley said...

What a cool idea for a post, I love this! I'm so glad you figured out the health issues in the past 5 years, that has to be a huge weight lifted! And I *love* that picture "You are Beautiful" - it is so lovely and inspiring!


{ I V Y } said...

oh wow, amazing post!
you're amazing.

this free bird said...

I love hearing from all of you. It's difficult to divulge personal information because you never know how it will be received. It has been such a pleasure and is so fun to get to know you. I seriously considered tagging every blogger I've come in contact with so far to do this 5 year meme. Isn't this a great community? xoxoxo have a great weekend everyone!! :)

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

This is the second time that I have been tagged with this one, 5 years ago was ugly for me, and but I do commit to my readers to keep it real.
Let me think of exactly what I want to say, and then well, I'll give a try!

Raez said...

really awesome post:) I enjoyed reading about you, these kinds of posts are always my favourite!

hope you have a wonderful weekend!
xx raez

this free bird said...


Bumpkin...please don't feel obligated to spill it. i know all about the ugly times and sometimes they need to stay in the file cabinet for just a little longer. :)

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

it was so nice to learn more about you. i'm so inspired that life dealt you a rough hand or two and yet you've managed to come out on the other end and conquer those negative circumstances. of course i'm so happy to hear you're feeling healthy and happy again! have a lovely weekend, my dear.

kirstyb said...

fabulous post x

Fé... said...

Wow, the little cottage is amazingly beautiful. How did it feel to leave such a lovely place. It must have been heart-broken :(

She Wore It Well said...

wonderful post!! thank you so much for your kind words.. it's nice to get to know you a bit better xoxoxoxoxo

come visit me!!!! ;))


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