Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paging Lauren Conrad

After spending pretty much every spare moment last week glued to the latest on Joran van der Sloot (don't get me started), and thus surviving on lettuce leaves and chocolate covered almond clusters from Trader Joe's, I awoke Saturday morning to the grim reality that all my pants were falling off and I needed a new belt.  (how's that for a creative reasoning?)

Rather than hoofing it into LA - seeing as the Chef may not have many weekends left to hang with me and he's been through enough shopping hell after that denim debacle - we opted to spend the afternoon in Laguna Beach, peruse the shops as quickly as possible to retrieve said belt, and then lounge leisurely over afternoon cocktails at one of our most favorite spots.  I have to say there is a reason people love to live in and visit Laguna.  I often wonder how difficult it must have been for LC, Lo and everyone to leave (the tv show was a guilty pleasure of mine)...remember when Lauren left SF to come back home?  Well, looky looky here - I could understand the homesickness seeing as the town is built around this:

Seriously.  There's a boardwalk that curves around the beach and usually it's packed.  I used this tranquil photo so as not to let the crowds scare you off if you're considering visiting.  But wait...on the opposite side of the beach is the town itself...

Yep.  See what I mean?  There's the main beach/boardwalk on the left and the shops and restaurants to the right.  In the daytime the beach is filled with volleyball nets and players as well as people on the basketball courts and laying out on the sand.  I'm not much about the sports so you'll usually see me doing this move:

      (note my attempt at summer hippie hair)

I call it the "hey, you mind if I run in there for a sec?" and it's usually x5 or 20 or something. The Chef much prefers this move:

He calls it the "turn a blind eye and keep on walkin' girlfriend".  There's a lot of goodies in Laguna Beach so ya gotta keep a grip on your wallet or it'll be emptied out all over in the cute shops.  After I grabbed my belt (to be displayed in future posts, I'm sure) we headed over to grab a bite.

I do believe the sign speaks for itself.  What's best about this spot is a. there is parking (not an easy thing to come by on a weekend in Laguna) b. the cocktails

                                                          adult lemonade and buddha's hand margarita, anyone? 
                                                         (love is wrapping your cocktail in a paper bag hobo style )

                                                (how about a strawberry smash or a lychee mojito?)

and c. the view.  It is amazing from inside as well, but I refuse to turn into the crazy camera person who's shooting pictures from inside every establishment so you'll just have to take my word on it.  Uh, yeah.  We used to come here every Sunday morning for brunch and love it to pieces.  Thanks for nothing recession!  Here's a little idea of what you get outside:

Sick, huh?  You can walk up and down the streets for hours with this view right at your fingertips.

Anyway, by the time we finished lounging, relaxing and chatting it up with a fab surfing couple it was getting a little late so we headed over to grab a bench and take in the view for a bit.

Okay and laugh a little or a lot. Oh, and there's a little bag of treasures resting comfortably beneath the bench too.  ahhhh treasures.

 On a serious note though - how about that view?  Here it is from the other side:

Super relaxing and beautiful. Not nearly as many people as earlier in the day either.  Before you knew it we were heading back to the car as it got dark quickly.

                          (home in the hills anyone? lauren's parents, neighbors, i'm available for tea...)

On the way home we stopped off at my grandma's house for a bite to eat.

I KID, I KID!!! I just couldn't resist!  We pulled up to our fave Mexican restaurant and were greeted by a gaggle of motorbikes.  Good thing it wasn't earlier in the day after cocktails or I mighta asked for a spin.  woops!

Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend.  Onward and upward into Tuesday...is it Saturday yet?

Outfit details:  James Perse Double Layer Twisted Skirt, Fluxus Burnout Pocket Tank, Gap Favorite Cami, Matt Bernson KM Gladiators, Anna Corinna (now Foley+Corinna) City Tote, Tom Ford Bianca Sunglasses, Melinda Maria Jewelry mixed in with leather strips and straps from around the house. 


fashion clocked said...

This looks like such a great place- fab pics and those drinks leave me craving some icy old school lemonade.. or perhaps a cheeky mojito!
Fab about the lettuce and almonds and the loose trouser result! doesn't sound too painful? Im on a 10 week holiday countdown!!!
visit me soon lovely!
fashion clocked
katie xxxx

Anonymous said...

I am so happy I found your blog ~ you make me laugh!! I have your move down pat, (the hey, mind if I go in there move)! You look beautiful and I love your cute sandals. We visited Newport & Laguna in April with the kids and I want to live there in the worst way. There is only one little problem ~ neither myself or hubby have a job to go to out there! Hmmm.... won't stop me for checking out the avail. real estate! xo

Couture Carrie said...

Lovley look, darling, especially the hair!
Really fun pics and post!


Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

You two are so sweet together. =) I love reading about your interactions! And yes, I've never been to Laguna, but I can see how people would never want to leave!!
I love your sandals in this post.

merciblahblah said...

Aaaaaack!! Laguna is seriously my FAVORITE place in the world. I love love love it. Your post makes me miss it SOOOOO much. Sigh. I worked in OC several years ago on a 6 week assignment for my then employer, and went to Laguna almost every weekend, so this time of year especially I just get homesick for it.

What, praytell, is in a Buddha's hand margarita?


the red bungalow said...

I love the shops in Laguna Beach. Sometimes when the weather is just right, it's a perfect kind of lazy day to walk up and down by the beach and do a little hunting for the perfect something-or-other. :)

I didn't realize we live so close! I'm just over in Irvine.

Happy Summer!

Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

Jammer said...

haha great post! I love your outfit and I bet those drinks made for a fun time :)

Valerie said...

I've only been to Laguna a few times, but every time I go I wonder why I don't visit more often! It's beautiful there!! You look fabulous and as I said before, I'm obsessing over your sandals. Looks like a great weekend!

I didn't get any jeans, but did get to chat with her and glimpse into that amazing mind. I was hoping some of her fabulousness would rub off on me. No such luck. Haha.


Closet Fashionista said...

That looks like sooo much fun!! *jealous*

Alicia said...

Oh how i want to come visit you!! The pictures of the beach are absolutely beautiful and I want that lychee mojito right now! I am obsessed with any cocktail that includes lychee, so that sounds like heaven. ;) I'm also loving the hippie hair and your whole outfit.

Mo Pie, Please said...

Wow, what an incredible place. I've never been but want to go now!

Marcie said...

I LOVE Laguna! It is such an amazing town. It looks like you had a blast. Isn't the beach just so serene? I love it.


Poppies and Sunshine said...

Is it crazy I live in this wonderful state and have not been to Laguna...ever?! I think it's about time. It looks beautiful.

And girl, your hair looks great! I like the wave. If I could only get a slight wave naturally I would be happy!

shari @ little blue deer said...

I am getting jealous of you LA girls! That is so lovely, looks like an amazing day, thanks for sharing, I needed a virtual vacay! XO!

Taj Acosta said...

I really need to make a trip out there! I mean it's just right next door! On my to-do list this summer, but I'm trying to save $$ and I just know it would make me want to spend!! Great post! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! It sure looks like a magical place! I love the restaurant sign! ♥

Fashion Meets Food said...

The strawberry smash looks fab! I am completely jealous of you california girls! Looks like a fabulous day! You're gorgeous!


meggasus said...

oo how fun! It looks like you had a wonderful time in Cali... The name of this post made me laugh! You look great in these photos...my favorite is definitely the first one of you on the bench! you have such a radiant smile!

Fifth Sparrow said...

I've never been to California, but Im dying to go! I could definitely use some good sun, cocktails and sand right about now (darn rain!). Glad to find another Canadian blogger with such a great blog! xx

Kate said...

Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog today!! Always nice to find fellow Canadians! Your blog is cute & the food in the post below looks soooo good! Yum!

Jen said...

You call that hippie hair?? I call it fabulous!! You see, that's the kind of style where you don't do anything and it still looks fab! Oh, and next time you go there, take me with!! Looks so fun.

Josie said...

I LOVE Laguna Beach. It's honestly one of my favorite places -- absolutely stunning. And you look adorable here! Glad to hear you had a blast!
xo Josie

Style, She Wrote said...

Wow! Laguna looks gorgeous!! I would never want to leave!

Fab outfit btw. Very Cali chic! xo style, she wrote

charmaine said...

Carrie, hey girl!!

You are a hoot, that comment you left on my blog cracked me up. LoL!! After I looked at the picture, I thought to my self, "You know what, Carrie's right, She is doing too much just to get into some water!!" Talking about "Yikes, I'm just trying to get my hair combed with a little wave!" You just don't know how I'm busting up off of that. Thanks girly, I needed that laugh. Okay let me dry my tears from laughing, I need to see what I'm writing.

Okay, now, back to you. Can I say how cute you looked with your adorable hair, cute outfit and sandals. Cute! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Love the pictures! And is that The Chef in the 11th picture? You guys are too cute! Love this post! Now, I'm looking forward to waking up with my lettuce leaves and chocolate covered almond clusters tomorrow, lets hope I'll need a new belt! LoL!

Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures and your fun weekend! I enjoyed reading about it! Oh, and the grandma paragraph, LoL!!! Girl you are too much! Talk more soon.

God Bless,

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Love it! I love Lauren Conrad so the post in itself excited the heck outta me. Love these images, Laguna beach really is beautiful and it looks like you made a wonderful day out of your belt quest! (hippie hair is great)

Anonymous said...

uhm, can I have my pants fall off me please? that's all.

oh and those cocktails look fantastic. mm. booze.

Annie said...

Love that shot of the beach - looks sooo peaceful. I want to be there right now :)


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