Monday, June 21, 2010

My Favorite Things

I decided to do this follow-up post on my favorite things because Debby from Inspired Design (winner of the Melinda Maria Bangle Giveaway - please see previous post) actually tagged me on it last week.  So, in honor of Debby here goes! (and I wasn't sure how many of my favorite things to include so I just did what came to mind immediately)  p.s. - I'm not going to say shoes because that's kind of a no-brainer for me.  Just throwin' that out there.

Japanese Quince Candles by Seda France

These have been my favorite candles for over 5 years.  It doesn't matter who comes over - they always comment on the magical scent that wafts from them.  I'm completely over the edge for Japanese Quince and also use the handsoap in the bathroom and room spray all around the house.  Indulge ladies!! (If you haven't already)

Current/Elliott Denim

I realize you may be saying to yourself "whoopee-ding; this is nothing creative" - welp, that's okay.  There's a reason everyone and their mother loves these jeans - and I do mean mother because my mom totally wants a pair and she does not pay more than $100 for jeans in an extreme moment.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - best denim in all the land.  Emily Current and Merritt Elliott are kick-ass stylists who work closely with Serge Azria, CEO and Creative Director of Current/Elliott, to offer the ultimate in worn-in premium denim that literally feels like you've owned it for years.  You won't be sorry...take my mom's word for it.

The smell between the pages of a book.

Ever since I was a wee little girl I've loved books, and I give all the credit to my parents.  My mom read to me in the womb (or so she reports) and as an infant, and my earliest memories of my dad always include him with a book.  They instilled in me a love for the written word that has remained to this day.  As a kid I would go in the library, crack open a book and breathe deep - something I still do when I pick up a book.  The smell between the pages is oddly comforting to me, and you just KNOW there's something good waiting for you inside as well.

Fresh.  Now I like everything at Fresh and I have a little mini-Fresh store in my bathroom at all times, but for the sake of this post I'll list their Sugar Lip Treatment.

Other than their Sugar Blossom Perfume, it is the product I've used the longest.  It works, it doesn't cause mad peeling, the packaging is outstanding, and it lasts.  I'm Canadian.  We know all about cold winters and chapped lips...and this stuff waves a fist in the face of Canadian winters.  Excellent for SoCal summers (and year round) as well. 

Tea - any kind of tea doesn't matter.

If I had to choose an absolute favorite it would be English Breakfast - any time of the day.  It just always tastes good and this love comes from the paternal grandparents and my dad.  I recall sipping from my grandpa's cup as a kid.  No cream, no sugar - straight tea.  Whether it be Darjeeling, Chai, Green - you name it I'm in -and always wanting to learn more.  Good for the wrinkles too!

Felicity.  Most well-written television program of all time.

I might not be in college anymore, but whenever I want to head back for a few life lessons I dig out the dvd's and get busy watching.  It's my happy place.  Thanks JJ Abrams.

Cats.  Best animals ever.  Low maintenance with a side of sass.

Here's my two favoritey-faves:  Monkey Boy and Sister Lil.  They are great company and two of the best cats I've ever had.  And I come from a long line of cat people.  meow!

Finally - my niece.

Look at that face!  Look at that outfit (that I totally bought for her - Splendid Kids and madras sneakers that she immediately put on when I took them out of the suitcase)!  I could go on and on and on about her.  I love my brother and she is his daughter.  When she calls and I hear her voice on the end of the line my heart goes soft and I feel like crying - happens every.single.time.  I just can't explain it.  She loves clothes, shoes, cats, books, cooking and baking - girlfriend can fry an egg over-easy at the age of 4 so long as she is being monitored by the stove it's all she needs.  I think she's wonderful - even when she's bossing me around and coercing me (just a little) to play camping, school and house all over her house for 17 out of 24 hours/day when I visit.

Oh! And Bernard Callebaut Chocolate - I am primarily a dark chocolate connoisseur, but I'll take anything Bernard's got.

This is a picture of chocolate-mecca-wonderland-fantabulosity's headquarters.  I manage to consume insane amounts of these handmade treasures on every trip I take back to Canada.  Aside from my family, this chocolate is the thing I miss most about home.  And they do have a store in Portland that ships if you're having a bad day...or just want to bake some extraordinary chocolate chunk cookies.  Just sayin'

I'd like to pass this on to some of my new blog friends (and any others who might feel like sharing their favs with us - it's 1 in the morning and I don't want to forget anyone!):

-She Wore It Well - because we need an overseas point of view, too!  (Lou, how about you too?)
-Bringing Pretty Back
-Red Vines for Breakfast
-Kendall K.

No pressure here - anyone who does participate - please let me know in case I'm swamped at work.  I don't want to miss hearing your thoughts...or feel free to share them in the comments here as well :)


Jessica said...

I'm completely with you on the smell of books. Isn't the musty scent of a library amazing? Almost as good as the Japanese Quince, I bet! ;-)

(Your niece is too cute. Kids are so fun to hang out with - and ridiculously honest. I wish more people were like that!)

Anonymous said...

Love learning more about you! So much fun. Your niece is beautiful! She is lucky to have such a cool Aunt. The packaging on that candle is so pretty. I will have to check them out! xo

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh yes the smell of books is so good! the weird thing is I only read Harry Potter (and a few other books :p)

She Wore It Well said...

Og gosh, we ARE twins!!! Felicity is MYYYYYYYY favourite all time show!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

This was such a great post! I'll just take your list =) And yes, your niece is so incredibly adorable. I need to get on my brothers to give me some nieces!!!

Krystal said...

those jeans look sooo comfortable, i wish they were in my closet now

Marcie said...

I absolutely love the smell of old book pages too! That musty smell is so calming to me!

Great post! I love learning about my blogger friends.


Anna Jane said...

I like the smell of books, too (specifically library books)...

I've always wanted to try the Sugar Lip Treatment but have never pulled the trigger. Now that I know YOU love it, I may have to buy some! :)

Always great learning more about you!!

Anna Jane

Anonymous said...

Love all your favorites! I'm also a tea lover! ♥

Mary Ann said...

thanks for sharing this post!hope you have a great week...verbena cottage

shari @ little blue deer said...

Awww, sweet! I love Debby, she has a great blog! I will have to check out those candles I am CRAZY about candles and always looking for new, unique scents! I love cats so much, too, we have 3! Have a fab day! XO!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

What a great list!!!
Thank you so much for your comment today on my blog! YES! Take it from me and your dear friend ~ Lighten up and let it go!
Have a pretty day!

Me, Only Better said...

I love so many of your favourites too! Tea and kitties are in my top 5!

Valerie said...

First of all, your niece is THE CUTEST!!!!!!!!! I can see why she's one of your favorites. Secondly, I love Current Elliott jeans too. I was actually at a baby shower just a few weeks ago at Merritt's house. My friend Bree is best friends with her and was throwing her shower. She's really sweet. Small world, right?


Tiffany S. said...

oh Felicity
I totally forgot about that one :D


this free bird said...

Val I neeeeeeed to know. did you sit on amazing denim chairs???? She is my dream meet stylist!!

Tiffany S. said...

omg, you saw Ben?
so cool
you got a picture, right?

I didn't see anyone famous this year in NYC :p


Taj Acosta said...

yumm chocolate! Tea, candles, all my favs too!

BarelyVogue said...

great blog.
Visit my blog to win a fun contest I am having right now

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Will have to check out the candles, I am a candle junkie. Love Fresh, and tea for me too!
Could you introduce me to Bernard, he can be my Chocolat Man!

this free bird said...

bumpkin...maybe i should do a bernard giveaway in the winter when it cools down and shipping can be handled more easily. oy vey sister - it is amazing.

Alicia said...

oh these are all so great! your neice is adorable in her little outfit!!! and now i am craving dark chocolates! yum ;) thanks for your sweet comment today!!!!

charmaine said...


Oh my gosh, I could hang around you all day! This is why I love you, your style is just all that and a bag of chips girlfriend! And I mean that! Love the candles, love the jeans, i'm a jean freak and I can tell these are amazing!

The "Sugar" lip scrub, I have got to try because I'm so tired of running my electric tooth brush over my lips to exfoliate them. (Note, please know that it is not the same tooth brush I brush my teeth with, um yuck.) LoL!!! And yes it works, my lips are as smooth as a babies bottom. I want to try this product. Plus I'm addicted to good packaging and this one looks chic. LoL!!! Girl, I'm a trip.

I LOVE books too and the smell of an old book drives me wild. I might be getting dust all in my nose hairs and sneezing, but it's worth it.! They were my friend as a child. My imagination was wild, but the books kept me company and still do today.

Besides being chocolate myself, (a caramel chocolate) I am addicted to a good quality chocolate. Chocolate controls me! I am a zombie to chocolate. My sister wanted me to help paint her house, I said "Girl, you must be crazy." She went and bought some chocolate and I tell you after we finished painting her house, it looked real nice. That's how serious I am about chocolate!

Okay, to the most important thing on your list, your niece is the cutest and sweetest little something else. That's what I say to little girls, "You are something else". Love little girls. Wish I had one. My son is 20 and he was a joy to raise. He's my only child. anywhoo, you must check out my other blog "She's So Pretty, it's dedicated to little girls.

All in all, it was fun reading about your likes.
sorry so long. Hope your having a good week so far. Keep in touch!

God Bless,

charmaine said...


I forgot to mention your lovely Kitties! Soooo adorable, love kitties!

God Bless,

Lainey said...

Felicity is one of my all time favorite tv shows! like i'm obsessed with it! :)

this free bird said...

Alicia! - So happy for you and so glad you captured it all on film! Sounds like you got a keeper there for sure. Loves it!!

Charmaine - girl we are twins...except i have cats instead of a kid. I totally should have tagged you on this and am SO HAPPY you left such a detailed comment. Yahooo!!! Get the Sugar lip stuff mama! You deserve it...+ a side of more chocolate and a trophy and a new book for painting helping paint your sis's house. loves it!! i love painting (call me warped - i think the repetitive movement releases endorphins in my brain...or that's what oprah said) and thx for the kind words about my niece. she is a little sweetheart and i'm goin to check out your other blog!!

uh,'d a peed your pants when i met ben then. or maybe just passed out?

a girl said...

I am really quite sure we could be good pals. My favorite tea is English Breakfast (I prefer twinnings at the moment but any ol thing will do). And, again, Felicity is like the go-to show when you need an answer for any of life's dilemmas. I'm quite certain of this.

libys11 said...

oohhh i love tea too!!! and chocolate! bernard callebaut love indeed! :D and wow, felicity. i used to watch that before when i was in highschool.. those were the days when tv series really had good storylines, i must say.. :)

Animated Confessions

Poppies and Sunshine said...

A girl after my own heart...I'm quite addicted to tea! I loove it. And Felicity is probably the only thing of JJ Abrams I haven't watched. I absolutely love all his work. Maybe I should give this show a chance! Enjoyed seeing your favs :)

Ms Sublime said...

Carrie, love your piece on the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. I have really gone gaga over their products since visiting USA recently. Especially the Brown Sugar Body polish, sugar is so healing! I incidentally also wrote about them as they are very novel in the UK market. Loving your blog, I am a newbie:-) Please drop by

kim said...

um..totally buying the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment right now..and Felicity! We should totally be friends!

this free bird said...

Ms. Sublime - I love that you love Fresh!! It's so wonderful - paid you a visit this aft and hope you saw my note.

Kim - girlfriend you said it...fresh sugar lip, felicity AND strawberry brown butter bettys make for a solid foundation of everlasting friendship. i've got those things on speed dial and am just waiting for a break in my schedule to make it happen!!


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