Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Mint Green Jumper

~My Family Circa the 70's~

In the midst of all the moving/not moving/moving/not moving drama that's taken place this week I found an envelope from my mom containing some pictures from my childhood.  In this one we were about to go to my cousin's wedding where I was to perform my flower girl duties.  I remember two distinct things about that day:  I hated my hair (which coincidentally I fought desperately to replicate in my early 20's) and I loved my mom's green jumpsuit.  It had the widest legs and a little hood in back.  For years I dreamed of the day I would be able to fit in it and sashay around with those legs swishing about, so you can only imagine how disappointed I was when I called to see if she had it in a box only to learn it was long gone.  The dream may be dead, but the photo and memories live on.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spying On Cars Containing McDonald's Bags

Late Saturday afternoon I found myself staring down a top I had forgotten was even still in my possession.  The day had not gone well.  The landlord - from here on out to be referred to as Mr. Inconsiderate Use of the Wet Saw at 7am - had used some of his favorite passive aggressive behavior on me that blew up in his face, but later really got to me seeing as I've been a great tenant for over 5 years and am now being totally disrespected due to his own poor decisions (tmi? perhaps but it's my blog and i need to vent).  I was upset, down in the dumps and needed to get out of the house.  Of course I was in no mood for a sweater so be damned if I was putting one on.  Instead I went rooting through my closet and came face to face with the former fave:  a Banana Republic silk scarf blouse.

This blouse has bailed me out of more situations than I care to count.  Treacherous situations.  Situations where I otherwise would have needed a suit.  It has stolen the show at corporate meetings and dazzled mid-day diners at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills - even Larry Flynt gave me a whistle from his wheelchair once when I walked on by wearing it.  Hollar ya old perv!

Usually I wear it with a flowy wideleg pant and some strappy heels, but not on Saturday.  No on Saturday I opted for skinny denim, Loubs, a pile of bangles, my AWang Coco, and the top.  It was a day when I needed to be reminded that I'm in control of my life, that this bloody apartment and this poorly behaved landlord are not the boss of me, and that I will jump in a flower bed for a quick outfit post if required.   Even if it means waiting for 15 minutes to get to my destination while a misguided parallel parker smashes into the cars in front of and behind him 7x all while his McDonald's bag rides shotgun in the passenger seat.  What?  I'm shredding - I can sense hot fast food within a 50 foot radius.

This is the look of a woman who almost tips over as her red soles dig into the flower bed.
Red soles that rarely see the light of day due to this little thing we call "budget".
Coco and Christian moments before I hopped the ledge to strike a pose
while high school girls looked on in confusion.  
'Blame it on the landlord!!,' I screamed wildly into the evening breeze...
'You can't live at home forever!" (wah)
The top.  
And finally the car that hit every car in sight while parallel parking.
Examine, if you will, Exhibit A on the passenger seat:  McDonald's bag.
Food still in it.  Temptation comes in many forms, friends.

Well, it is T-minus 6 hours and counting until the wet saw goes off at an unthinkable hour for the third day in a row.   I've gotta go dart off into bed and get some shut eye.  Please send all thoughts, prayers and positivity my way...may it all be over tomorrow.  May Craigslist have the answer, may the landlord pack up and leave it all behind, may I get more than three sentences out on the telephone before the person on the other end of the line asks if I'm calling from a meat cutting factory...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Working It Out In Prints

Guess what?  My landlord is on my last nerve.  He danced all over that mother on Saturday causing me to seriously consider if I even want to live at Chez Carrie anymore - a place that has been my home for almost 6 years.  Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, shred, shred, shred.  I'm trying to calm my nerves and clear my mind in order to make a decision, but it seems that's easier said than done.  It's been a long time since I even contemplated moving so I decided to take a peek at what's out there...just in case I opt to take a flying leap and carry on outta here.  Pardon me while I take a nap - this whole thing is exhausting.

On Sunday afternoon we zipped over to one of my favorite buildings in the neighborhood.  There is rarely a vacancy, but I hold out hope.  Whenever perusing rental possibilities I try to pull myself together and put my best foot forward.  Read:  competition can be a real biznatch and you only get one chance to make a good first impression aka seize that property.  I went for the gusto mixing prints and textures galore - sadly there were no vacancies, but a really nice lady invited me onto the property to take a look around.  I think she was in love with my dress - no jokes.  Maybe we can do a trade?  Nah.

See what I mean?  She's in love with the dress - as am I, so no deal lady - 
and I'm in love with the property - as is she, so no deal Carrie.
I scooped this dress on Gilt a few weeks ago and have been waiting for the weather to warm up just a bit so I could break it out.  Yesterday was the perfect day for fearless bright prints all mixed together.
Key word:  Fearless 
Remember last year when I scored these Miu Miu babies? Probably not I had 30 followers then.
Last pair on the West Coast in a 36 purchased in a Walking Pneumonia delirium.
I jumped up and down in store, went home, and passed out for 3 days.
They slept with me - see here.

At the last minute I tossed on the belt that the Tucker team sent over (post here) and loved the wild
punch it gave to the dress.  This lace vest was hanging on the back of the door so I swung it over and
off we went. The Chef even loved the combo.  No Man Repeller action going on over here today, ladies.
ps-and no that is not my stomach - I am shredding.  It's day 6 and going strong. Woot!
Even though the dress got a little wrinkly in back (inevitable) and the picture's not totally clear
I still wanted you to see the back of the vest.  Look at all the amazing detail and how
well it fits around the arm.  Big thanks to Carey for the heads up on this one.

Isabel is featuring me as her girl of the Blogosphere today - hop on over and check it out.  Anyone new to the Shred Crew? If you don't know what that is there are a group of us working our way through Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred dvd and encouraging/commiserating on twitter.  We're at varying stages so feel free to jump in at any time.  Toning the calves and arms has never felt so good.  Have a great Monday everyone!

*Update* - Holy mother of pearl Roots featured me and Blanket over at The Buzz.  Check it here!

Outfit Details:  Tucker by Gaby Basora - Wrap Dress & Belt, H&M - Vest, Miu Miu - Bird Print Shoes, Free People - Necklace, J.Crew - Ring, Kate Spade - Bangle, Target - Sunnies

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Beginnings

Isn't it interesting how on Monday morning Friday seems so far away?  On Tuesday it's almost even worse.  Yet here we are at Friday and I caught myself thinking, "bugger only 3 more days and it's Monday again."  I'm really trying to change that mentality and be content in the moment, whatever the day is and whatever I'm facing, including Jillian Michaels and her 30 Day Shred.  Day 3 down only 27 more to go. *hobble hobble*

It seems like only a short time ago that the Chef stopped working in LA and set out full-time to find/start a restaurant of his own, but the truth is it's been about a year.  A year of looking, getting close, having locations get purchased just as he was ready to make an offer, getting discouraged and then starting all over again.  This week, after months of jumping through hoops, he took possession of his restaurant in Huntington Beach and the demolition began.  It's pretty exhilarating yet overwhelming to think that in 5 or 6 weeks he will be open for business.  I'll  be sharing more details in the upcoming days and weeks ahead, but for now here are a couple of pictures of the interior that will be undergoing a drastic change.

Here's a picture taken before they started removing the interior and prepping for the re-design.  It's been a Chinese restaurant for over 40 years - almost a historical site in the community - and will now be something much different, yet hopefully something the community will embrace.  Not to worry I will be pilfering through all the artifacts and seizing the goods...including hand-embroidered pictures from the Orient. 

And here is a picture he sent over from his iphone yesterday afternoon.  Whoa.  Who knew tearing out carpet to prep for concrete floors could be so brutal?

In  two words?  Holy cow. 
Note to self:  Inquire about turquoise foo dogs.  No foo left behind.

For all of you who have followed my blog and tested his recipes since the early days last year, you know he comes up with some pretty creative food combos.  I hope you'll stick with us as I keep up the updates throughout the process - I'll keep posting pictures on facebook too, if you'd like to see the play by play.  I started this blog to keep a running record of my life - clothing finds, outfit loves, zany stories, and of course - food.  I'll still be doing the same only now you might be seeing more of my outfit pictures from the inside of the restaurant or out in the parking lot since hauling a tripod is not something I see myself doing.  Read:  recipe for disaster given my coordination.  The best part is hopefully we'll be able to share some of his cool food posts like in the beginning.  

Whatever the case may be it's an exciting time over here and we're looking forward to sharing it with you.  I hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you back on Monday - hopefully with at least one more day of the Shred behind me.  Siwy denim shorts here I come...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stopped In My Tracks

For some reason I'm having a tough time saying 'dead in my tracks' lately.  It's the d word I just can't stomach.  So instead I'm switching it up to what's above.  Same thing, no d and I'm rambling again.  Blame it on Jillian Michaels and her 30 Day Shred.  I've successfully completed Day 2 having acquired a slight hobble due to burning thighs.  No pain no gain suckers.  That's what I tell them when they threaten collapse on the living room floor.

Onto a brighter topic.  Earlier this week Shopbop sent me yet another dirty email, this time taunting me with Opening Ceremony.  Confession:  I don't usually get overly amped up over Opening Ceremony so I opened it with ease chuckling under my breath, "Ha ha Shopbop you can't get me this time" when of course I was greeted by these:

Opening Ceremony - Chantal Lace Platform Bootie
How's that for a b*tch slap?  

Not moments before I had been scanning the closet thinking about how I needed some 60's type shoes for my Tucker dresses.  I tried to calm myself down saying, "Oh Gene Simmons from KISS would have worn a black version of those", but truthfully that only kind of made me want them more.  KISS addict here dear readers.  No shame in the admittance.  But that was only a temporary diversion because as I continued to scroll it got even better:

Hel-looo!  I'm now thinking of both pairs of these shoes pret-ty much all day long.  Can you imagine them with Tucker prints galore?  Why of course you can, and so can I, hence my daydreams.  This pair especially has me.  Cork + just feminine enough without going overboard to girlie world.  As I'm typing I'm trying to think of things I can sell to get these into my closet.  Thanks for that idea, Carey.  Anyone?  Anyone??

Opening Ceremony-Fringe Long Skirt

And never mind just the shoes.  While I was perusing I decided to go for it and hit up all of the Opening Ceremony category only to find this fringe piece of heaven.  Try not to stare at the shoes and just stay focused on the skirt.  I know, I know it's not easy but you can do it.  The skirt is gorgeous.  It is a fringe lovers dream.  I imagine wearing it with a simple t-shirt on a hot night.  You know, at the Chef's new restaurant that he finally got possession of.  HOLLAR!!  I'll hopefully have some more details to share in the upcoming days, but for now let's just have a moment of silence with the skirt.


Onward and upward.  We're almost at Friday.  I can barely still walk even though I did the Shred and Pilates (silly overachiever), and a few more people jumped onboard the workout wagon.  Can someone pay me for working out?  Is there a government stipend for keeping fit?  I'm losing it...

Shred Heads:

Ace Hotel

When the Chef and I took my parents to visit their friends in Palm Springs last weekend we were lucky enough to stay at the Ace Hotel.  It is no easy feat to find a vacancy out there at this time of year, so we were pretty happy about it to say the least.  To top it off it's a hotel we've been eyeballing for about a year so it was the perfect time to check it out.

Now I by no means consider myself a hipster.  Somehow I feel as though I have not mastered with ease the art of looking disheveled and slightly dirty while being clean.  The Chef sometimes disagrees with me - what he doesn't know is that when he rolls in here at the end of the day to find me in a moderately wrinkled dress with my hair all torn up it's because I rolled out of bed that way and never bothered to clean up.  Wait a second...

Anyway.  Prepare for an onslaught of pictures of the ultimate hipster haven.  We had a really great time staying there.  The beds are ridiculously comfortable and the atmosphere is uber laid-back.  It is the ideal place to visit if you're going with friends.  Here's a little tour...

View from the street as you drive up on the property.
Immediate vintage feel when you see the sign as you check in.
What I didn't have the guts to get was a picture of a shirtless guy in skintight
denim shorts wearing a royal blue sweatband around his head as he strolled out
of the pool area.  It took me straight back to 1981.
Speaking of pool - here's one of them.  See what I mean about laid back and friend driven?
Not that you couldn't lay out by yourself, but certainly more of a community type place.
Now for the goods:
The room.  The quality of this picture doesn't even nearly do it justice.
Canvas bed covers atop feather duvets, canvas draperies, denim upholstered headboards,
built in loungers that can double as twin beds, and all the extra little touches.
Yes that is Blanket who came along on the trip.
But the walking stick on the wall?  Not mine.  Wish it could've been though.
Might need it by the time the 30 Day Shred is over.  Anyway.

If you were following me on twitter that weekend you know I was all kinds
of fixated on the robe.  I had a tough time leaving it behind...
And how about these cool desert pics.  Totally set the old school mood
that is so Palm Springs.
Outdoor lounge areas fill up in the evenings as people hang out around outdoor
built in firepit/fire places.  So relaxing and possibly my favorite feature.
After the robe.  And the bed.
I had a tough time leaving and look forward to visiting again.

Now even though this has nothing to do with this particular post, except summer weather is coming and I need to drop 10 to feel more comfortable wearing sheer, I just wanted to say day one of the 30 Day Shred is over and we are now on Day 2.  I already have a surge in energy and am thinking about quitting.  No jokes.  How can these two opposite reactions occur simultaneously?  Of course I will be sticking with it thanks to fellow Shredders.  Please let me know if you are throwing in with us and I'll post a formal list here tomorrow that we can all share, as well as add you to the list on twitter so that we can keep each other going.  My twitter account links to facebook so you can stay updated/in communication if you don't have twitter.  Hollar!! I feel thinner and healthier already!!

So far:  Katie - Fashion's Maven, Taylor - Curly in the City, Kristin - Skinny Jeans & a Chai Latte, Torrie - A Place to Share, Kayla - Ramblings of a Small Town Girl, Danielle - Elleinadspir, J - Oh Hey It's J.  I know there are 7 or 8 others who mentioned doing it too - if you're in just leave a note in the comments and I'll add you ASAP - wanted to make sure.  You can start anytime.  Will have proper links later today.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jump on the Shred Mill

It happened so fast I'm not even exactly sure how it went down.  Monday was barreling by:  I finished up an email to a colleague, started packing up for class, glanced at twitter and saw Katie mention she'd started the 30 Day Shred.  The next thing I knew Monday must have run off with my sanity because I offered to partner with her for the sake of motivation aka whining.  Cut to twitter scene and there are 5 of us in the game planning not to 'phone it in'.  What have I done?  I mean aside from thrown myself on the altar of summer's around the corner and the saddle bags have got to go...

Even though I've done the Shred twice before with excellent results, for some reason I can't seem to get back on the wagon and stick to it.  On Friday I got the sickest package from Free People.  Prepare.  Are you sitting down?

Mmmmmkay?  It's sold out so I can't even give you a link.  Sowee.

How in the sam hockey stick am I supposed to pull this thing off with a slight bit of muffin top left over from Christmas?  Really people.  How?  Truth:  I don't want to.  I want to lose 10 and feel healthy again.  Boho is on the verge of in full swing.  I can't have a muffin of any sort except for the occasional breakfast one or I'll never be able to pull this sheer romper off.  And may I just note that it is even more fantastic in person?  Think Moroccan dancing on the rooftop deck should my landlord ever cooperate and throw me the upper space.  Doesn't he know I have dreams??  Dreams!!

My body must be in a full on panic.  After class I found myself at the conventional grocery store that I rarely go to standing in front of the Ben & Jerry section.  It's all Valerie's fault (just like an addict to blame everyone else-haha!).  She mentioned that ice cream with the chunks of potato chips in it.  Even though it wasn't in the grocer's freezer I somehow managed to leave with a family size bag of Ruffles potato chips and a pint of Chocolate Covered Macadamia Chocolate Ice Cream.  I need an intervention.  Jillian tweeted me once.  I hope she's not reading this or I'll race into the living room, turn that video on STAT, and proceed to do it repeatedly until collapse.  Or infinity.  Whichever comes first.  Don't mess with Jillian - she does not play.  I'm rambling.

So here we go.  Anyone else up for the Shred Mill? (really I don't know where I come up with this stuff) The more the merrier.  Think toned legs and a lifted butt for summer.  Oh yeah and abs.  I'm getting out a picture of Carrie Bradshaw's skinny legs and pinning it next to my computer.  

Monday, March 21, 2011

Take Me To A Desert Place

This weekend was filled with wind, rain, wind and more rain mixed with the occasional pounding of hail.  It's hard to believe that only one week ago I was in Palm Springs (yes I'm still harping on that) enjoying 86 degrees well into the evening.  In order to avoid slipping into a major depression due to gloomy weather, broken heater, and derelict landlord I basked in the glow of photos from last weekend when I wore a maxi skirt I recently picked up at Anthropologie.

I've never really seen myself as a maxi skirt person and would like to take this moment to thank Carey from Corks & Caftans for what I think may become an addiction.  At first I felt as though I'd conjured up Laura, Mary and Ma Ingalls all in one, but once I hit the desert it was straight up Dances with Wolves (or as my friend Andy would say - Dances with Wool- when blanket is present.) only I opted to pull on a long ribbed tank over top to mix it up.  Suffice it to say a fave new outfit has been born.  

  Blanket and I wanted to build a fire.  We're considering relo to a tee pee.
~Winter Kate-Gypsy Rose Vest, James Perse-Ribbed Tank Dress, Odille-Maxi Skirt~
Can we take a moment to discuss this vest?  I've been stalking it since last year and 
picked it up on sale just after Christmas.  Remember I first mentioned it here?  
When I opened the package and swung it over my t-shirt and sweats it was game over.
I may or may not have even worn it to bed once.  Okay maybe twice.
True Love 
~Brandy and Melville-Fringe Bag (seen here and here), Motif56 and PANYC-Bracelets,
Melinda Maria-Link Oxidized Ring, Nordstrom-Green Ring, Anthropologie-Belt~
Details on skirt = magic.  I can't stop wearing it around the house.
Head over to Facebook to catch more pictures of blanket from this post -
all taken in Hipstamatic and totally ridic.

Anyway here's to brighter and warmer days ahead.  My heat's back on just in time for the work week, and Blanket is on standby.  Friday are you out there?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Japan With Love

This week has gone by in a slow flowing daze.  The disaster in Japan has been at the forefront of my mind all day every day no matter what I'm doing.  If I stop for just a second the images are right there, and I can't help thinking about what the Japanese people are going through and how badly they need our help.  This could happen to any of us living on the coast.  

Tomorrow I've decided to pitch in with many others in the blogosphere and not post as an act of solidarity and moment of silence paying tribute to Japan.  Many thanks to Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged for putting this together.  In addition to a day of silence, they have coordinated fundraising efforts.  Would you consider giving to ShelterBox?  One of the first organizations asked by Japan to assist, ShelterBox was on hand the Saturday after the quake.  Each large, green ShelterBox is tailored to a disaster, but typically contains a disaster relief tent for an extended family, blankets, water storage, purification equipment, cooking utensils, a stove, a basic took kit, a children's activity pack and other vital items. I can't imagine how much I would appreciate one of these if I were in their shoes.

You can also contribute to the Red Cross here.  Let's do all we can to let the people of Japan know they have our support.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


As it turns out Michael Jackson is not the only one with a child named Blanket.  I now have one, too.  Only mine really is a blanket.  But I'm still thinking of it kind of like my child and have not left it unattended since it arrived last week.  You know - a similar set up to the high school kids who have to look after an egg like their baby and not let it smash.  Only I'm not giving this one back to my bio, er, home economics teacher.

Disclaimer:  I have no excuse for my rambling except I may or may not have eaten approximately 20 (okay probably more) sour gummy cherry coke bottles prior to typing this post.  Oh, and I'm deliriously in love with my blanket, too - rendering me unable to think or speak coherently.  

Examine it for yourselves, but exercise caution if you are in the work environment as you may find yourself incapable of performing employment duties such as articulating thoughts, forming sentences and/or completing simple tasks upon viewing.

It came along to Palm Springs
and was very well-behaved in the car.
Sometimes it rested on the desk
other times opting for quiet time on the deck lounge off our room.
It also may have played part in a ridic outfit post I can't wait to share next week.

Talk about an item exceeding your expectations.  When I first saw the blanket in the Roots Spring Campaign I took to the phone lines and tracked this mother down thinking it may not be as good in person.  Nothing like being wrong and loving every minute of it.  When I removed the blanket from the box even my mom gasped.  Sign of a family heirloom...hope my niece retains a bit of the hippie as she gets older :)

ps-have you checked out the facebook page I put up for the blog?  if not, be sure to stop by and examine the picture of the chef, the blanket and a crystal he found at the hotel.  secure depends prior to arrival.  just saying.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pause. Rewind. Reflect

I'm back, I'm alive and I'm grateful.  If you've been keeping up on twitter or facebook then you've heard brief blurbs here and there, but this is the first real moment I've had to sit down and put a post together since my parents left this morning.  So much and yet so little has gone on in the six brief days they spent with me in Southern California.  I guess I'll start at the beginning.

Last wednesday evening I rolled into my usual hair salon for a color job.  Three hours later I rolled out with orange roots...think not far off the "publish post" button on blogger.  Can you say gong show?  My scalp was on fire and I was spent.  What was supposed to be a routine touch up ended up a total sh*t show when someone decided to inject their two cents into my INOA treatment.  Suffice it to say I went home, finished cleaning until 3am and returned to the salon by 10am for correction.  By noon I was at LAX chasing down some poor woman who had half a mile of toilet paper trailing behind her shoe as she exited the restroom while I waited for my mom.  All in a day's work, I guess.

After dropping bags and still being a mite bit stunned and somewhat choked up that my parents were actually visiting me in SoCal (it's been over 10 years and my dad's never been) we headed over to the Chef's new restaurant so they could take a peek through the doors.  

He's just waiting on the final papers to begin construction...exciting!
My family loves food so it's tough to actually tell who is more excited.  hehe
From there we indulged in mad amounts of Mexican food - this is only one stop -, and took in a few
 sights before heading back to my place to get some rest.  Famous last words.

For whatever reason I stayed up late that night.  Just as I was about to turn off the television I slipped quickly past the news and learned about the tsunami.  It took my breath away as I sat for over two hours in a total state of shock.  By 2am they had listed my neighborhood with a potential arrival time should it hit the west coast, and they were recommending evacuation.  

My parents live on a farm.  My dad has only been to California a handful of times in his life and doesn't like the idea of earthquakes.  Now I had to tell him about Japan, as well as the possibility of backlash in the west?  Jesus take the wheel.  I'll keep it brief and say a bit of panic swept through my home.  Thankfully I have the best of friends a bit inland who are really like my family here.  Their daughter goes to UH and they already had been texting me about her evacuation plans, so we were able to go to their place and wait it out.  Thankfully nothing rolled in, but to say it was a nerve wracking experience is an underestimation - only exacerbated by footage of the all out devastation in Japan.  

It was here that this visit changed.  I had been wound up wanting them to have a boat load of fun and really like it here.  My focus shifted to sheer gratitude that we were together period.  The next few days consisted of more food, a wonderful trip to Palm Springs to visit some of my parents' friends who winter there, a great stay in a fun hotel, and getting some rad pics of my dad standing on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.  Here's a photo montage if you're still reading along.

Winter Kate
Road Trip
Palm Springs
My Dad and the Chef
I said "act lively" - um, okay Chef - hahaha!
Feet in sand
The Original Cat Whisperer

I swear my dad wore all kinds of clothes, but I never seemed to catch him in anything other than this.  Woops!  Anyway I'll cut it short with the pictures, but am so tempted to post the one of him darting off in a jog across the sand calling out, "get one of me doing the fitness thing like everyone else around here."  I swear I almost peed my pants laughing - it was so awesome. 

Here's to getting back into the swing of things, although I'm not sure how any of us can do that with all of the trauma and chaos in Japan.  My heart bleeds for the country and its people.  This trip with my parents was quick, but it seemed to go by in a slow haze because we can't stop thinking about it - this could happen to any of us.  Have you helped out?  I'm going to give to the Red Cross here and here, but would also like to hear if you know of other ways we could help out.  Thanks everyone - hope you're all hanging in there.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Military Goes to the Beach

Call it wardrobe schizophrenia, call it what you want - but be sure to know I realize the pendulum is in full swing here at the bird.  One minute I'm ordering a Navajo blanket and waxing on about pink platforms and hippies, and the next I'm dressed for a day at the academy.  All I can say is what the hockey stick (throw back to the Canadian parental units soon to be on arrival) is up with the weather?  Je ne sais pas.  As you recall merely 4 days ago I was standing on the beach soaking up every minute of the sun (read:  basking in the glory of maxi dress dreams) only to find myself less than 24 hours later in an overcast cold mess.  The wind started whipping around and I seriously thought there was going to be a remake of Dorothy twirling around in her house off to crash in Munchkinland - only instead of Toto it would be me and two cats.  Far more interesting me thinks, thank you very much. 

This is my least favorite part of this time of year.  One minute I'm riding high on boho dreams and the next minute I'm back in the closet, heat on 75 seeking out layers of some sort.  As of Sunday afternoon it turned to military.  Pardon bags beneath eyes.

I know what you're saying...wasn't that the same beach from Monday's post.  True dat.
What a difference a day makes.  Has my Navajo blanket arrived?  Do I smell the UPS truck?
~Outfit Details:  Zara Military Blazer (seen here), Ever Net Sweater (seen here), James Perse Ribbed Dress, 
American Apparel Leggings, Joie Refugee Boots (seen here and here) , Alexander Wang Coco.  
Even though I wasn't exactly in the mood for layers these are light and the mix of
texture has to be my favorite quality about putting the pieces together.
Case in point.  Net on sweater + rib on dress beneath + studs on bag +
gold buttons on jacket + brass on boots = all kinds of interesting.
Note wind whipping about little strands of hair and cold hands gripping each other.
Within moments I was racing off to fulfill warm weather shopping dreams
with the heat on blast.  Spring, spring wherefore art thou?

I'm on the countdown to Parents Visit 2011.  I've got bedding and draperies to launder, floors to wash, bathroom to scrub down and groceries to purchase.  My dad told me to take a chill pill.  I was all, "um dad? I need to distract you from the traffic" - seriously friends I grew up in a very remote area and it's going to be a lit-tle overwhelming.  Last time my mom leaned her seat back in the car and we busted up laughing.  I'm hoping the blinding white walls and sparkly tile will ease the trauma...that or the bags beneath my eyes.  Whatever works!

p.s.- I put the blog up on facebook - 'like' it here.  Someday I'll learn how to put up a facebook tab on the side.  Technology = enemy.

*Update Friday afternoon:  safe from Tsunami (live at beach in SoCal and evacuated, but back home and leaving again though warning has lifted).  Parents are still here and I think we're heading to Palm dad has a hankering for dry land.  Imagine that?? hehe  See you next week if I don't sneak a post in sooner.  Thank you so much for all your kind words and checking in on me. xoxo - C*


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