Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Brunch

When I left off on Friday I was up to my eyeballs in birthday preparations for the Chef, not exactly sure how it would all be accomplished.  Thankfully dinner that night went off without a hitch (roasted chicken - one of his faves) and a new brownie recipe will make it's debut this week - all I can say is start fasting now.  Whew!

It's been a relaxing, but cold weekend here in Southern California.  When the Chef and I rolled out of the movies on Saturday night it was 39 degrees at midnight and the temperature later went down to 35.  We rarely see the 30's at night so that's brisk for us - even me who grew up in -35 and colder temps in Canada.  Come Sunday afternoon it had warmed up some, but the wind was super brisk - so when we started to discuss brunch options I may or may not have begun to spontaneously shiver at the thought of venturing outside.  Then I remembered a wideleg velour pantsuit I haven't been able to wear much.  Seize the day!  And the fur to go along with it...

~Outfit details:  Juicy Couture Velour Puff Sleeve Jumpsuit & Fur Vest, J.Crew Denim Jacket, 
Foley + Corinna Mid-City Tote, Tom Ford Sunnies, Melinda Maria Rings~
It was great to legitimately need to wear that faux fur (last seen here
over the denim coat.  The Chef called it my "anti-man" look.  
Totally like the Man Repeller. BAHAHAHA!!
I live in fear of hemming things too short...out came the Danys.  
And the argyles.  Past the knees.  
This is as close as I was coming to showing you the puff sleeve.
Too bloody cold outside and not dragging camera into restaurant to
photograph sleeve whilst being gawked at.  They were already
staring wildly at the fur and velour combo.

I'm all about dressing up for Sunday brunch, but when it's cold I have a hard time getting motivated.  Hats off to each of you who live in the snow and pull out all the stops + bundle up in a coat.  I remember those days and the sweat inducing frenzy it took to get everything on, arrive at destination, remove the coat, scarf and gloves to find my outfit inevitably wrinkled, and then have to get it all back on by the end of the night.  No wonder I was thinner in the waist back then.

Anyway, today's the Chef's real day and we're gonna rip it up, so I'll catch up with you tomorrow.  Hope you had a great weekend! (ps-was it me or were the Oscars a total yawn fest?)

Friday, February 25, 2011

TGIF for reals

You may be saying to yourself, "what is that woman doing with wings and beer on her blog?"  The Chef's birthday is coming up next week and this is what he asked for.  Actually he also asked for Domino's pizza and several other crazy food items reminding me of more reasons I appreciate this person.  He's super talented at fancy shmancy food, but by no means a food snob - meaning Del Taco remains in our top five places at 2am.  Can you say addicted?  

Hopefully by the time Monday rolls around I will have pulled it off thanks to a handy list or 12.  In the meantime I hope you have a grand weekend.  I've got piles of work to get after in the kitchen so I'm cutting out and almost didn't post today, but due to the red alerts thought I'd let you know I'm still breathing - although I did come close to meeting my waterloo at Whole Foods this afternoon when the Brinks trunk almost ran me over.  All I could think of was all the shoes that would be purchased with the settlement, should I make it out alive from beneath the wheels.  

Priorities people, priorities.

I'm so glad this week is over.

Wait!  Bright side, bright side!! I'm on Pinterest!! I'm gonna sit down and pin my brains out later this weekend - WOO HOO!!

Oh!  And a special thank you to Katie for nominating me for the FBFF Blogger Awards over at Modly Chic in the "Real Deal (authenticity) category.  I'm a what you see is what you get kind of person, so it really made my day to be nominated especially in that category.  Mad hugs Katie!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dead In My Tracks Thursday

I do believe that's a cat on her head
Thank you Anna Sui

I thought Wednesday was supposed to be the easy day - the one where we go over the hump and down the hill to the weekend.  Well here's the bird to this week's Wednesday!  It sucked big time.  
  • Phone rings at 7am when I don't have to be up until 8:30.  Bad sign.
  • Wake up to find it's bloody freezing in the house yet again. 
  • Go to quickly wash some dishes and I'm out of dish soap.  Isn't that special?  Not
  • Lacking time to go to the store to purchase more.  Will a bar of Fresh soap work? Um no.
  • Forgot to buy anything for lunch so resort to eating peanut butter out of the jar.
  • So much for that diet and workout schedule.
  • Dallas Raines (the local weather guy for new followers) comes on this afternoon to say we have a cold week ahead of us.  In the 40's at night and highs of around 60.  Pass the peanut butter.
I do believe I've got a case of the winter blues.  Sigh.  The last thing I want to be thinking about is cold weather clothing (I'm seriously over it), but when I spotted this picture from Anna Sui's Fall 2011 RTW Show there was a long pause.  Think deer in the headlights.  Does this mean I get to wear fake cat heads on my head next fall?  It's like an upscale - and sane - version of that episode of TLC's My Strange Addiction (have you seen cigarette butt eating girl?!  how about couch cushion eating girl?!?  i'm sorry but that ain't right) where the girl prefers meandering around in public daily wearing elaborate animal costumes.  Only this is just a head, but the head of my favorite animal ever.  CAT.  Talk about brightening my day - what I would've done to be at this show!!  I do think this may be cause for a DIY.  

Picture care of New York Magazine

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome Home Isabel

I know you're all probably thinking I scored the Red Poppy Pumps from last week's post.  Alas they still evade me, but I am tracking down a couple leads.  They don't call me Inspector Shoeseau for nothing (remember that one?).  In the meantime, however, I must reveal how it is that I reapproached the search with new vigor.  About a month ago, after once again professing my undying love for Isabel Marant's designs, I received an invite to a private sale where none other than some of you know what was being featured.

Confession:  I almost declined.  What if I got there and even the sale price was just too far out of reach causing me to spiral out of control into a mad depression?  I mean a girl's gotta weigh the odds.

Thankfully common sense took hold and I threw caution to the wind tossing my disheveled mop into a ponytail, donning my favorite fishnet sweater (seen here), a simple tank, some leggings and a pair of military boots to brave the unknown.  Hot damn I was on my way!  However by the time I arrived there was barely anyone left.  My heart sank.  Thoughts raced through my head:  "Why hadn't I come earlier?  There are things I recognize from the runway!  *cue whimpering* Why did I drag my feet?  Thank God I'm wearing a bunch of my faves or I'd really feel like hell. Why did I initially give into fear?  Oh look at that leather vest.  Too bad it's probably too big.  Oh that dress is cute.  Crap there aren't any of the red shoes.  Or the sequin pants.  What is wrong with me?  Wait a hot minute that vest's my size."

Pause.  Retrace steps.

Wait a hot minute.  That vest is my size.

I look to my left and then right.  There's got to be something wrong with it.  It's the best thing in this room and none of these crazy women are even looking at it.  Before someone can shank me and run off with my treasure I gently remove it from the rack, saunter over to the mirror barely breathing with hope and sheer giddiness over holding a piece from a designer that is a dream of mine, slip the vest on and immediately tear up.  I'm not lying.  I could feel the waterworks coming.  You don't understand - or maybe you do - I just love her clothing and it was a moment I really didn't know would ever happen.  But it did.  And they told me a bunch of people had wanted the vest, but NO ONE could fit in it.  Hollar!! Some things are meant to be. 

There it is.  Sometimes I just open the closet to look at it.  Yep it's still there.  Close.
Look at it up close.  Okay go lie down now.  Okay look again.  Rinse and repeat.
Look at her (she's a girl) shoulder pads.
No seriously.  LOOK!  okay sorry I'm still a little worked up...
But can you blame me?  Please say no.  This is the look of elation. 
Dreams really do come true!
I almost had to send the Chef to get depends - for the car ride home.

Outfit details:  Isabel Marant-Leather Vest, James Perse-Cashmere Thermal, Martin+Osa-Skinny Denim, Ash-Boots, Tom Ford-Sunnies

Catching the Crazy

We got a late start on Sunday, but decided to head over to the local flea market to take a quick peek anyway.  Suffice it to say a couple days of pouring rain held crowds at bay, but there remained some interesting cats to see (did you catch Sunday's post?) as well as a lot of really cool finds in amongst the junk.  I'm sorry, but I have to call a spade a spade.  I mean is anyone really interested in a 25 year old faded out plastic Garfield that's missing a leg?  Anyone? Anyone?  

Thanks to brisk temperatures there were very few people perusing the racks, so I was able to take my time.  Somewhere in there I think I caught it:  the flea market bug.  The thrifting fever (not to be mistaken with Bieber fever just to be clear).  Second, third and fourth hand mania.  Whatever you want to call it there was a moment of clarity where I realized I'm finally getting the hang of this, and could actually select and get excited about picking up a couple things.  Okay one thing, but there were almost 5.  And 2 days later I'm actually regretting the 4 things I left behind.  Can you imagine??
The bridge into I Get It Land.
Seriously though - that's how much rain we got in SoCal - it was nuts.
Piles of amazing vintage Asian treasures.
I'm not sure what this look/stance combo is.  
Consider it the look of barely able to contain myself + don't want fabric to hit ground. 
If you could only see how sick trick it truly is!!
This falls into the 'not sorry I left it behind' category.
While this one falls into the 'what was I thinking leaving that mother behind?!' pile.

And of course it was cold enough to bring out the Technicolor Dreamcoat again (last seen here).  I never tire of it and apparently neither does anyone else.  I've been stopped in the street, touched by random passersby who can't control themselves - that makes for interesting conversation -, and a woman at the flea proclaimed, "this is so you!  I mean you're wearing your rug and everything!"  Come to think of it I hope she wasn't referring to my hair.  Maybe I'll see her next time so I can ask - I can hardly wait! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

SoCal Street Style

Today while perusing the local Flea Market I spotted, quite possibly, 
the most chicly dressed man examining antique telephones with his girlfriend.
I was so happy he was kind enough to let me take his picture.
Gah!  I don't know where to begin - the amazing color of the sweater, 
the silhouette of the pants, the hat, the glasses, the socks, the shoes...
it's all of it.  Perfection!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Coming Up Neutral

With spring around the corner - or at times it feels like 10 corners thanks to rain appearing yet again tonight - I find myself thinking about what's to come and how to freshen up my closet.  Does anyone else feel like heaving a bunch out and starting new? There is something about this time of year where days seem to drag by holding the next season just out of reach.  Spring?  I'll sure be glad when you get here.

Life would be so easy if only I could just toss everything into a crate at the end of each season and purchase a whole new line-up for what was coming next.  But the reality is it's not that easy, so I have to spend time thinking about what trends are on the horizon, what I already own that can be incorporated and what the budget will allow for additions here and there.  Ahhhh the life of an adult with bills.  Bills.  What a dirty word.  Tonight I spent some time looking over another one of my faves - Chloe - and the Spring 2011 RTW images.  Clearly neutrals are going to be big in the months ahead, so here are just some of the things that caught my attention and got me excited to start clearing space in the closet.

Nude ballet flats and sheer skirts.
High waisted leather shorts and wrap blouses.
(and skinny legs, but at the rate I'm going...)
Sleek lines and stark contrasts - there's that red again.
Slimming tops inside flowing pleated skirts.
Dual purpose here - look at the open back on the top walking away -
how beautiful is that?? 
Now how about this leather top buttoned to the skirt? 
I love the lines on it - probably couldn't carry it off, but hats off to those who can.

I'm beyond thrilled that I picked up those faux leather high waist shorts at Aritzia in the fall (seen here).  They're most def going to be getting some more play time so that's great for my pocketbook.  One thing I've been looking at and holding off on is this skirt from Free People.  

It looks pretty darn sheer and that kind of freaks me out, but after looking at the Chloe show I'm feeling a little more convinced.  I mean can you just imagine this with a tucked in thin, fitted black t and a pair of J.Simpson black Dany's on foot? (both of which I already own btw - werk that closet!)  What do you think?  

Are any of you even thinking of coordinating for spring yet or are you still content with your winter wardrobes?  I could seriously use a boost to get me through...maybe I'll get some spring cleaning done this weekend.  Nah!  Who am I kidding?  Hope you have a great couple or few days off for those not working Monday!

Chloe images care of New York Magazine

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dead In My Tracks Thursday

This is a new thing I'm thinking about doing:  what's stopping me in my tracks.  You know how it is, right?  Every once in awhile there is that certain something that catches your eye and you just can't get it out of your mind.  Like that one time I met...oh forget it.

One would think I'd have learned my lesson by now, but no that would be too easy.  I let these slip by this past fall - only to see a woman wearing them a couple weeks ago.  You probably heard me screaming.  All around the world.

Isabel Marant - Red Poppy Pumps
forever to be known as 'salt in the wound'

To make matters worse they were even better in person AND she stopped to talk to me during which time I confessed I was considering ripping them off her feet - was she a 36 by chance?  She said she wasn't, although looking back now I think she may have fibbed out of fear.  Smart girl.  I was most definitely sporting the eye of the tiger that day.

Two days ago I saw this skirt and for a moment my heart stopped.  I then proceeded to think about it all day yesterday, look it up on the internet 392847529x, imagine the warm summer day I'd wear it on.  Seriously - I do all this romanticizing of a garment, a shoe, you name it on a regular basis.  

Feast your eyeballs.

Despite the fact that she is 3lbs and I am, okay, not 3lbs I'm not letting this mother pass me by.  I've got my wallet out and I'm ready to take action.  Here's hoping it works on someone who is 5'3'' after extreme Pilates stretching.  Warm summer days here I come.

If you happen to be out there possessing information on where I can get my hands on those Isabel Marant pumps in a 36 - well by all means, please do fire away in the comments section!  Save a life, free up a brain cell.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Denim on Denim: The Call of the Peacock

As a self-professed lover of denim it pains me to admit I don't believe I've donned it in combination for at least 5 years.  While some of you are wildly cheering, all I can think of is outfits lost to days gone by.  Somewhere along the way the mere expression began to conjure images of Hee-Haw and cowboys and, well, not much that's attractive.  Epic fail for the denim aficionado.

While out on Saturday I spotted the prettiest chambray, ruffled sleeve blouse ever.  Quite naturally I immediately envisioned the top with my new favorite pintucked wide leg denim (last seen here) - those things have been getting mad play around here lately.  That being said, there was still a moment of hesitation...denim on denim?  Wth am I thinking?  I'll tell you what I'm thinking - brilliance, that's what!  Apparently this pairing is a bird call of sorts as well because when I threw on the outfit for a Sunday drive in a not-yet-explored neighborhood suffice it to say flocks of peacocks came out of nowhere.  And no I am not high!  Examine it for yourselves.

Imagine driving down the street, glancing out the window and randomly seeing
this bird perched on the side of a house?
Me:  What the hell?  Take a look at that thing!  Is that a real peacock??
Chef:  (laughing while looking straight ahead)
Me:  (smack on arm) Brake, BRAKE! 
Chef:  (glancing over) hehehaWHOA!!  It IS!
Look at them - roaming about rooftops.  Unbelievable!
So is my top by the way...
There's no denying denim on denim can be brilliant...
It's all in how you mix the washes and textures.
 The birds agreed...never take your eyes off one or it could
end up in your hair.  Not good.
Outfit details:  Gap - Tie Neck Blouse and Wide Leg Trouser Jeans, Old Stud Handmade - Belt, 
Brooklyn Thread - Trio of Wood Bracelet, Motif 56 - Bracelet, Melinda Maria - Rings, Target - Sunnies, Cynthia Vincent Wedges

Okay so how are you feeling about the denim on denim?  I was thinking this could be an upcoming challenge...what do you think?  As far as the blouse - it was discovered at Gap and correct me if I'm wrong, but they seem to have gotten some of their old mojo back.  I noticed this long sleeve version online and am picking it up to wear with a pair of cream colored wide leg flowy pants, a strappy sandal and an up-do.  Oh spring - are you out there?  

Before I go, can you imagine these peacocks?  It was like a day at the zoo without the boundaries of the zoo walls, and only cool until we went to drive away and there were about 25 of them roosting in one yard.  A little too Alfred Hitchcocky for this girl thank you very much.  All things in moderation.  Speaking of which we did get more pictures, but I'll upload them to facebook later today when I get the page up.  Caving in to yet more social media.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Confessions of the Heart

It's late in the day, but I wanted to get this one up before too many days slip by and the magic wears off.  My kinda magic anyway.  I'll be honest:  I'm not much of a valentine-r.  We usually don't do much but wander around in public sarcastically calling one another 'Valentine' all day long (and sometimes for a few days in advance) much to the chagrin of anyone within ear shot.  It's actually mildly hilarious.  And of course there's always the chocolate, but let's face it - there's always the chocolate.

This year the Chef didn't work and this was all he said:  
'Be here at 7.  You're going to pee your pants.  And don't bother asking - I'm not telling you.  Oh, and don't bother guessing because you've never had it before.'
I knew it would be food, but what could it be?  A chocolate covered chicken?  And on top of that something weird started to happen.  I started to get nervous.  Like it was a real date in the old days.  I mean we still go on dates, but they're usually pre-discussed types of dates so this was kind of fun. To get even palm sweatier, when I called to ask what I could bring he said nothing...that he had the menus printed up.  He printed menus.

Exhibit A:  The Menu

Without going on and on like a sentimental fool (and for the record I don't think those could possibly even exist) he came up with a menu that consisted of twists on several of our favorite dishes from some of the restaurants we've been visiting since even before we started dating.  Because we did dinner and a movie every Sunday night for about a year before he finally got the nerve to tell me he liked me.  The whole thing was really special and suddenly I feel like I understand Valentine's Day.

I'm not here to throw sand in anyone's eyes.  Believe me I've spent many of these alone - and while it really didn't bother me, some of my close friends did get kind of down so I do understand.  All I can say is consider this evidence that there are normal, good, decent guys still left out there...and some of them can cook!!  

Tangerineade - made with tangerines from the backyard.
A version of my absolute favorite Luke's lemonade.
Grilled shrimp - we ate it with a curry aioli.
This one is a twist on curry infused shrimp tempura that is a total contraband weakness of mine.
I'd been requesting salmon so he did a version of one of my favorite salads:
heirloom tomato and watermelon, but placed the various ingredients 
atop smoked salmon.  I may or may not have teared up.
Kale - I basically love kale in any form or fashion.  
Here's the kale and gnocchi recipe from last year that people still send emails about.
Here it is sans the gnocchi.
And there's the Chef.  Yes 2 days in a row and I promised him I'd stop it now.
Midway through I said, "hey you're wearing the shirt from the first time you tried
to tell me you liked me."  He nodded and we both kind of laughed.  
He's so sentimental-it's really kind of wonderful!  
Oh and fyi - he's housesitting for his parents.  He does not have pink walls.

So that's about where the pictures ended because let's face it:  enough is enough and we had to get down to watching The Bachelor and laughing our heads off while continuing to consume course after course.  At the end of the day, Valentine's Day is really about doing something special with the person you love - even if it's your cat :).  Oh and p.s. - to anyone who thinks we have a kum bah yah...uh, we totally work each other's nerves on a regular basis.  It's the real world over here baby!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Never Say Neverrrr

Fresh on (and no not off because it's not entirely gone) the heels of Head Cold 2011 more recently referred to as Bieber Fever, the Chef talked me into going out on Friday afternoon for some fresh air.  After being cooped up for a week I was relieved to be in the warm sun. Next thing I knew what was supposed to be a late lunch turned into me standing in line for an impromptu viewing of Black Swan.  I can't lie:  seeing some chick rip the skin off her hands in order to don the noir tutu was not high on my list of priorities (don't judge).  So as we walked away I mumbled, "Gee I kinda wanted to see Justin Bieber's movie.  I bet it's pretty good...".  To my shock the Chef stopped, spun on his heel and exchanged the tickets.  True love.

Cue the crazy pills because I really do have Bieber Fever now.  No jokes.

There was only one person under 25 in an almost full theatre, and we sat in front of the team who made the trailers for his movie...all decked out in purple 3D glasses.  Yes, I'm 14 again (and couldn't be happier) - and was so buzzed out off the movie that I almost forgot I was sick - so on Saturday I ventured outside yet again for a little more Vitamin D down at the docks.

Melinda Maria - Mademoiselle Pod Ring
It only seemed right to don something with at least a little purple in it.
I mean Justin wears it...good grief I've lost it.
Except I think my 5 year old niece is going to think I'm pretty cool.
Close-up on the Super High Hasbeens - you will never regret.  
I was stopped 3x on Saturday afternoon alone.  Totally comfortable, cute staple.
Speaking of never regretting (and never saying neverrrrr) this was my first Tucker piece and
it remains a favorite.  The vibrant color and flow of the blouse make it
a total go-to.  As long as I'm wearing it I'm sure I'll stay One Less Lonely Girl.
 Long live the Chef (in my sunnnies ha!)...who clearly knew that only Bieber Fever could mend a fever?
Ba-by, ba-by, ba-by oooooooooooh!  Oops wrong song.

I'll be back tomorrow with more tales because shortly after this I went to fill up on dark chocolate at See's (any excuse seeing as Jillian's on hiatus due to fever and it is Valentine's Day weekend mmmkay?) and some crazy woman felt the need to haul me over mid-mall to school me on the finer points of "skinny denim's out ya know.  It's really all about a wide leg these days."  Excuse me eyeliner sister?  Can't you see I have Bieber Fever and don't really care?? I about fell over in my tracks.  Can you imagine if I'd been wearing my whites?

Before I go, and I mean this sincerely, you should totally go see Bieber's movie.  He can dance and sing - we're talking natural ability - and is 16, almost 17, year old charming.  The story is told documentary style and is an incredibly inspiring journey about a small town Canadian kid from humble beginnings.  You may not know this if you're a newer follower, but I grew up in a small town on the Canadian prairies, so to see how far this young person has come is remarkable.  At the risk of sounding like a swoony cuckoo bird, I'm just going to admit it:  I've become a Belieber.

Just in time for Valentine's Day....One Less Lonely Girl

Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Friday - Let Us Collect Our Winnings and Run Away

image via we heart it

Usually I would have a funny or sarcastic story, perhaps a yummy recipe or sassy shoe, but not today friends.  No instead today I have, for the 40948473653th time, a head cold that has rendered me exhausted.  So I simply leave you with a heartfelt thanks for such a great white denim-filled week.   

What's on your agenda this weekend?  My customary Friday evening margaritas have been replaced with cold medicine, more green tea, and movies on the couch - it could be worse, right?  I mean on The Young and the Restless (guilty pleasure) Ronan could have perished during his liver transplant rather than disappearing moments after the organ was placed in his body.  Now I can hang in suspense wondering where he's gone off to in less than optimal soap opera health - just in case I'm still on the ol' couch come Monday - can you say couch sores?  In dim news Dallas Raines, the local weather guy, just sent up a red flag that we have approximately 2 weeks of rain coming our way starting Wednesday.  Isn't that special? Not really.  See?  This is what it's come to.  Delirium has set in and I'm just rambling on about nothing.  House arrest is not the new black.  

Thankfully Valentine's Day is on Monday so there should be a truckload of dark chocolate in my future - hopefully yours, too.  Until then I wish you a relaxing and fun couple of days off.  

Before I run, I mean go lay down yet again, a special congrats to Taylor from Curly in the City - she won the Brooklyn Thread giveaway!! Yay!  Thanks to all of you who took the time to enter.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

White Denim: Whispers to Cats

Here we are on the last day of the White Denim Challenge.  The good news is I managed to get it together and make it outside for some outfit pics.  The bad news is I came back home, fell out and am still sick.  Is it Friday yet? Even though I've been under the weather, it's been mad fun to see how everyone has brought a different spin to styling their whites.  A big rah-rah to the girls in the's a hot mess dealing with slush, but the outfits were awesome!

Confession:  I'm not much of a rule follower - probably because I spent half my life rigorously following them.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still my same nerd - trying to get the right amount of rest, eat my veggies, pay my bills on time and all the important stuff - but in areas such as fashion...I mean really, what's going to happen?  I'm going to wear white after Labor Day and the Fashion Police are going to haul me over?

If anything I find white denim to be particularly wonderful in fall and winter - simply because it can both brighten and soften an ensemble.  The outfit I put together is one of my go-to's.  It blends cashmere, suede and leather with white denim to create a Calvin Klein-esque appeal (at least in my mind).  Cue the horses...I mean the cats.
 ~Outfit details:  Club Monaco-Sweater (seen here and here), J.Crew-Belt, 
Martin+Osa(RIP)-Denim, Banana Republic-Suede Boots (seen here), 
Foley + Corinna-Mid-City Tote, Melinda Maria-Rings, Anthro-Sunnies~
 It's tough to shoot in the sun so here's a better side view.
I've worn each of these pieces before and consider them staples in my closet.
Close-up:  Despite the bunch in the knee, I still like the pants in boots.

Apparently cats find white denim appealing, too.  
Remember in the summer when I was cat whispering 
in the canals?  What was I wearing?? White denim shorts + grey poncho!
It's no mystery that I love cats and they love me.  I've been a cat homing
device ever since I was a little kid.  Today we walked up and they
almost immediately started coming out.
Hollar!! It got soooooo close.  The wild ones are always my besties!
I realize you're thinking, 'wth lady isn't this about white denim??'
Sowee!  I couldn't resist...(dear carey:  also purchased food and returned)
Truth:  I got winded and had to sit down before I passed out.
Thus is the price of maintaining a blog. 

Don't forget to check out everyone else who's up today - stop by more than once if you don't see their posts right away.  They've all confirmed and I'm not sure what their regular post times are:

  • And thanks again to everyone who participated and all the readers who came around and visited each of us.  It's been fab!


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