Friday, May 28, 2010

Remember This: Eugenia Kim for Target Pt. 2

I'm sitting here eating a Curly Wurly aka gift from heaven (remember the WigWag my Canadian amis?) and thinking about having a cocktail at 1:30 in the afternoon.  You know what that means?  It means it's long weekend time my friends - at least for those of us in the US.  Most of you have probably already long checked out, but here in the West we're only on the verge.

Just in time for the sun (she silently dares the weather) here is my second post featuring the amazing Eugenia Kim for Target.  If you're out and about this weekend why not stop by and treat yourself to one of her amazing've gotta keep that sun out of your eyes after all.  Uncertain as to whether I'll do a post on Monday, if not I'll see you Tuesday! 

Here are some pictures of her Mint Green Straw Fedora with Black and White trim - still available online too!

The day we took these pictures was perfect for a hat.  I never really noticed until now, but the pastel contrast would have made this an ideal Easter photo.  The full outfit shot gives you an idea of just how versatile these hats are.

They are perfect for a breezy kind of day just like the one we had here.  Aside from the minty green color, the striped ribbon detailing is my favorite thing about this one.

Here it is from the side.  Just a nice little flip up in the back to add that extra pizazz.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!...and don't be afraid to treat yourself to this shoe either.  Was out doing some work for a client the other day and had a few minutes to spare, so ran into Payless Shoes and almost fell on the floor and cried when I tried these on.  So cute and virtually painless in price!  JACKPOT

Outfit Details:
Fedora - Eugenia Kim for Target, Sweeping Ruffles Shirt by J.Crew, Denim - Lucky Brand (mine are 5 years old and they don't make them anymore, but this pair looks close), Hampton Studded Clog by alice + olivia for Payless

Thursday, May 27, 2010


With Memorial Day weekend officially marking the beginning of summer comes the grim reality that it's time to start thinking about the swimsuit.  This time the actual bikini is not what's getting me down (thankfully the painful process of finding a couple happened late in the season last year - she types while wiping sweat from brow), but rather getting myself from home to beach or poolside and everywhere in between suitably clothed.  I'm just not that girl who strolls the streets and shops of my beachtown in only the bikini, and you won't find me riding a beach cruiser in one either.  So, like clockwork, every year around this time I begin to visualize a classy, fun and simple beach cover-up that will take me from home to watery tanning destination.  While combing through sites last night in search of "the one", I realized why my cover-up tends to almost always consist of a t-shirt and cut-offs...

...a lot of chic numbers that slide over swimsuits are pretty pricey!  Despite that, I did select some classic shapes we could all live with and now just have to go comb Gap, Old Navy, Target and the like to find their less expensive cousins :)  If you have found a great cover-up or two please feel free to share the details.  This is one journey I'd like to cut back on!! (but will probably fall slightly off the wallet for anyway, knowing me)


Upper Left - Roberta Roller Rabbit Tunic $77, Middle - Lemlem Lucy Patio Dress $200, Upper Right - Topshop Embroidered Smock Coverup, Lower Left - Missoni Bosforo Caftan $592, Lower Right - Forever21 Strapless Boho Dress $14.50 (JACKPOT)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shoe Kismet: Miu Miu Satin Sparrow Mary Janes

This weekend while the Chef was watching baseball (curses!) or prepping for our mini-Lost finale extravaganza, here's what I was doing:

These have been in my possession for 9 days and I have barely been able to contain myself.  In a pneumonia-like delirium, while on the search for some trinket or another at Crate & Barrel, I asked if we could stop by Miu Miu to see if there had been an act of God and one pair of the Sparrow Mary Janes had been found in the stockroom.

No such luck.  The Sales Associate did however whisper to me that another retailer had one pair left in my size.  So I busted out in a sweat and ran off like my hair was on fire weaving through crowds to see if luck was on my side...And it was because these are a size 5.5 and I normally wear a 6.

When the Sales guy managed to get a word in edgewise while I skipped around like a fool, he asked me what I was going to wear them with.  And in true shoe-crazed form I responded, "Uh, prolly with a dress or a skirt.  And with my boyfriend jeans.  And my skinny jeans.  And, now that I think of it, I'll probably wear them when I get up, when I go to bed and maybe even in the shower."  To which he promptly burst out laughing while my poor boyfriend shook his head.

So here they are with my boyfriend jeans.  Super cute and casual. Granted they aren't the platforms  everyone's raving about, but that doesn't matter I still love them.

I think it's very important not to over think this shoe or you run the risk of getting overwhelmed - at least I almost did.  I'm gonna just go with it.

I have a tough time sitting still whether I'm sick or not so if the pictures are a little blurry blame it on the fidget.  That aside, here they are with skinny denim at the pre-LOST partay.  I didn't have time for a fashion show before LOST started so this is all I've got...still can't believe these shoes sleep with me in my bed live in my closet.

This one's for the shoe guy...Bet he thought I was just joking around, huh? 

Morgan Freeman wasn't kidding when he said "some birds aren't meant to be caged"...I plan to let them out as often as possible.

If you have a pair of these in platform or in the style I luckily found I would love to see what you're wearing them with...and for those of you still looking:  may the shoe force be with you!

Outfit details:
Tuxedo Jacket by Zac Posen for Target 
Silk Tank by Vince
Boyfriend Jeans in High/Low by Current/Elliott
Ankle Toothpick Denim in Twilight by J.Crew
Sparrow Print Mary Janes by Miu Miu (this link is the cats at Neiman Marcus)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Brunch - Vegetable Ceviche and Kumquatinis

Isn't this perfect?  It's Monday and I'm already thinking about what I'm going to eat this weekend.  Niiiice.   

A couple of weekends ago the Chef prepared the most amazing brunch.  So in the spirit of the kick-off of Summer just a few short days away I wanted to share with you his recipes for Vegetable Ceviche and Kumquatinis.  May the weather be with us...

Vegetable Ceviche
INGREDIENTS (makes 2 servings)
1         large tomato cut in eighths
1         yellow bell pepper sliced
1         serrano chili sliced
1/4C    red onion sliced
1         clove garlic minced
1T       paprika
1t        chili flakes
1/4      bunch parsley and cilantro chopped
pinch   dried oregano, chili powder
1/4      of a lemon squeezed (you want the juice, not the squeezed lemon)
1/4      of a lime squeezed (again, for the juice, not the leftover lime)
1/4 C  extra virgin olive oil

1/2      avocado sliced
1/8      ricotta salata shaved
tortilla chips crushed

Begin by gathering the tomato, yellow pepper, serrano chili, red onion and garlic.

Cut the tomato in eighths and slice the pepper, serrano and red onion in the amounts listed above.  Mince (chop finely) a clove of garlic.  Transfer to a medium to large sized bowl.

Next, chop a bunch of each parsley and cilantro (or desired amount).

Add parsley, cilantro, paprika, chili flakes, dried oregano and chili powder, lemon juice, lime juice, and olive oil to ingredients already in bowl and toss gently.  Taste for seasoning, adjust to preferred taste if necessary.

Doesn't it look good??  Trust me, it smells even let it marinate for a minimum of a half hour.

In the meantime take half an avocado and cut it in slices.  Also thinly shave the ricotta salata - you want enough to lightly sprinkle over the salad once it is plated.

Place vegetables around plate. Arrange avocados on top of vegetables.

 Next, garnish with cheese and crushed tortillas....

As a final touch, once both salads were arranged on our plates, we took the marinade from the bottom of the mixing bowl and drizzled it by the teaspoon until we had just enough on each salad.

Ta-da!  This salad is so flavorful and super easy to make.  It would be perfect if you wanted to add grilled shrimp for a heartier dish, but you could also chop the ingredients finer and serve it as a salsa with chips on the side. 

Kumquatinis - this one's for Cindy and Denny :)
2oz vodka ketel one or your favorite
1 oz lime juice
1 oz simple syrup
5 kumquats sliced

-First, you need to make your own simple syrup for this drink.  At first we didn't and while the drink was okay, it was not as good as when the simple syrup was homemade.

So to make simple syrup add equal parts by volume (1cup and 1cup) water and sugar. Add to pot on stove and bring to boil for 1 minute, remove from heat and cool.  It's that simple and can be stored in the fridge in an airtight container basically forever.

While this is going on, gather up all your ingredients for the drink:


-Next, slice kumquats, place in shaker and muddle (if you don't have a muddler just gently mash them with the back of a spoon) cover with ice. Combine all ingredients and shake.  It'll be kind of fizzy when you take the lid of the shaker off.

-From here you can strain and serve "up" (that's the term for shaken or stirred then strained - I didn't know this before I met him, so thought I'd share with you in case you didn't know either) in a traditional martini glass garnished with slice kumquats for a classic martini.

We just pour all of the ingredients from the shaker into a regular rocks glass (or let's face it - whatever glass you have) and enjoy.


I don't consider myself to be much of a drinker (hence not knowing what served "up" meant), but this drink has become a favorite of mine.  I order it whenever it's in season at The Hungry Cat and now enjoy it at home every once in awhile too.

As an alternate option you could also substitute tequila and salt the rim for a Kumquat Margarita. mmmmmm

Let me know if/when you try either of these and if you enjoy them!  Would love to hear your thoughts...the Chef is looking to open his own restaurant soon so I have to seize the moment and enjoy the time he spends in my kitchen because it could be short-lived!

p.s. if you like salads then you might want to try this one too (it's my FAVORITE) - The Heirloom Tomato and Watermelon Salad

Saturday, May 22, 2010

You Can Leave Your Hat On: Eugenia Kim for Target Pt. 1

I've been sick for 6 weeks and I'm basically over it.  I don't mean I'm over it as in getting healthy over it; I mean my patience has worn thin over it.

I've been on lockdown in my house all week with the exception of one handbag extravaganza outing Thursday night so after a day of tying up loose ends at work, last night we decided to get out for a little while to get some fresh air.  To say I'm in no mood to mess with the hair is an understatement.  Making every effort to hurry before wandering back under the covers, I slapped on one of the new Eugenia Kim hats I snagged at Target shortly after the line launched.  Snagged is a word I use nonchalantly here because the truth is I basically stalked those hats down in multiple Targets early in the morning for days on end until the right ones were entered into my collection.  At one point I think I owned all but one in the entire collection - it was a mess - but Eugenia Kim is no joke.  She makes a mean hat.

When we left the house the Chef got a picture of me in front of my crazy neighbor's truck.  That guy loves his truck and now I'm kinda starting to love it too.  He glued little skulls on either side of the rear license plate - not decals, but actual 2 inch little skulls with green eyes - and hand-painted the back in red white and black stripes with one of those little paint brushes you use in 4th grade art class.  No jokes.  I seriously wish I could show you the skulls, but for privacy's sake I don't want to show the guy's plate.

Anyway, here's shot one of EK's Plaid Straw Fedora with blue trim.  Can you see the giddy in my eyes?  I'm not sure if it's because I'm standing in such close proximity to the truck or because I'm so thrilled with the hat.  Maybe both.  Oh, and I'm also a hypocrite (confession cleanses the soul?) because I've been ripping on the fedora as dead in the water and overused and overdone for the past 2 years.  Now I'm eating a foot sandwich as one (the hat not the foot) that I love and plan to wear all summer appears on my head.

 Before my neighbor could come out and rip me a new one for standing by/touching his baby aka the truck, we drove over to the beach.  Now you will get the full magnitude of fun this little chapeau can bring to an outfit...

Cute or what??  It's straw so it's really breathable and your head doesn't feel like a sweat fest under the hat.

Here's a close-up...see that funky little parrot on the side?  People LOVE him!  So do I!!

There, that's a clearer picture for you to see both the parrot and a side view of the hat.  I'm really happy I jumped off the fedora hating wagon because this hat is saving me from many a bad hair day right now.  I'm giving all the credit to Eugenia Kim because I was a hater until I saw her line.

I'm still pretty sick so don't know if I'll get to Pt.2 of Ms. Kim til next week, but I'll do my best for tomorrow or Sunday before the Lost Season Finale (pins and needles people!).  Is anyone going to get off that damn island alive??

Hope you have a great weekend!  And no I'm not flicking the bird...some sand got stuck on my lip - oops!

Outfit details:  Fedora - Eugenia Kim for Target, Button down tunic - Converse One Star, Denim - Siwy Hannah (these ones aren't the cropped style, but I have that pair also and they're basically the same only differing in length), Sandals - Matt Bernson Barracuda

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On Birthdays and Handbags and Tragedies

I was going to save this one for my birthday in August, but when I was emptying some pictures out of the camera tonight I came across this picture from the weekend.

And it reminded me of how the bf was very kind to me in my sickness on Saturday; encouraging me to get out of the house for just a little while to clear my head of sickville.  And then I got to staring at the Alexander Wang handbag he got me for my birthday this past year.  The Coco Duffel.

Pretty little thing, isn't it?  And it builds a mean arm muscle too.  Those studs are not for the faint at heart.

Whenever I carry the bag, see it in its little dust bag in my closet, or notice someone else carrying one it brings back this memory:

That's one of my cats - Sister Lil; I just call her Lil or the Liller :)  Look at her with her crazy cast and her little pain patch that was supposed to stay on for 2 days, but got chewed off in 20 minutes. 

When I moved to my second place in LA I was pretty much dying of loneliness, hating my job, and wishing for a pet....then I found my cats living under the house.  From my mouth to God's ears!!  They had been abandoned and were feral cats, but I was determined to tame them.  So I fed them every day and soon they would wander into the house and sit for awhile. Eventually I got to pet the big one (Monkey Boy), but Lil just wasn't ready yet.

Cut to present:  These cats have lived with me for 7 years and they are great, loyal companions.  Until last year I let them come and go as they please.  Until my birthday.

The Chef planned a great, low-key day.  He made an awesome breakfast, we went to the spa, we wandered around afterward, we had a great dinner - the whole 9 yards.  But he was disappointed because the "main gift" hadn't shown up yet.  No biggie.  It's on the way, I said.  That night we talked about how we should celebrate my birthday all year because it was such a relaxing day.

The next day we were heading out to separate appointments.  Lil was under my bed (not uncommon).  When I ran back into my bedroom to grab something I saw her leaning up against the wall unable to stand and clearly badly injured.  Hence the photo of her in the cast.  Picture it:  semi-wild cat on death's doorstep, but clearly wanting me to know so I could help her.   

She scooted under the bed.

I panicked.  I called one vet.  And another vet.  And a pet ambulance.  You know people are not that helpful if you're cat's not entirely tame.

Finally a vet from another cat rescue we had done (found a kitten on the center median of the 110 Freeway that had been thrown out of a moving car in rush hour traffic - now THERE'S another story for you)...well, the rescue vet agreed to do a housecall.  They got Lil into a carrier; and x-rays and tests and screens and hours later we found out she had been hit by a car, had a torn ACL at least, and would need major surgery.  I was just glad she was alive.  Poor thing got the surgery a few days later - again, see the above picture - and was decked out in the season's latest neon for 2 weeks.  It was crazy because she had to live in that crate for 6 WEEKS.  Can you say drama??

I think I lost 10 lbs.

The night she got her surgery I was a tore up wreck.  The Chef came into my room as I was getting ready for bed and handed me a box.  I was completely confused and short-fused.  I had forgotten about my birthday.  When I opened the box there she was:  Coco.

I was speechless - which is a rarity.  Seriously.  I brought new meaning to the term "loss for words" because I was utterly stunned.  I mean I have few nice handbags, but nothing of that caliber.  And  I never expected a fat gift like THAT.  And I didn't recall even mentioning the bag more than once except to say something along the lines of I can't believe the likes of Kristen Cavallari is carrying that bag and does nothing while I work my a** off and the closest I'll ever get to it is staring at it through some glass. 

Receiving this gift is a moment I will never forget. So every time I see the bag I am filled with memories of everything - both good and tragic - that was happening around the time it was given to me.  Makes carrying it quite interesting!

Here's a final close up.  Thanks for listening to my story...x

ps - how about those shoes??  Damn that Mike & Chris for losing control of the company!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


There is one word to describe the current weather in Southern California:  damp.  When weather conditions are overcast and cool my mind immediately goes to impeccable outerwear because there are few things I hate worse than being cold and bundling up in bulky layers.  Ugh.  One of my favorite pieces of outerwear is a Club Monaco trench coat I bought a few years back.  It cuts the cold and allows me to dress simply and comfortably while still keeping warm.  This afternoon when I pulled it out of the closet to wear on an errand it got me wondering what's currently out there in Trench.

After pouring over sites here are some of my favorites.  It's great to see the classics as well as the patterns, prints and hardware that make each piece unique.  Of course Burberry is still out there killing it, but I actually tried on the Gryphon Chain Trench yesterday and, despite a bit of weight around the neck, it is amazing.  If I found $700 worth of change in the couch cushions it is exactly what I would be spending it on.  How about you?

Trench Coats

1. Forever21 Twill Trench - $39.80
2. Topshop Spotty Double Bow Trench - $160
3. Burberry Two-Tone Taffeta Trench - $995
4. BB Dakota Aubree Trench - $55
5. ModCloth Sunny Disposition Trench - $84.99
6. Gryphon Chain Trench - $645

Monday, May 17, 2010

Double Whammy

Have you tried on or purchased the J Brand Houlihan Cargo Pant?   I have to tell you I was completely resisting this one because of its popularity.  I mean who wants to see a bunch of people wearing the same thing you are?  Well, you can officially consider those famous last words because when Saks had a 20% off deal a few weekends ago I fell off the wagon and ordered the pants online - completely thinking I'd get them, try them on, not understand what all the hype is, and promptly return them.  Right.

FedEx showed up at my door with the Houlihans on a particularly rough day, so I just tossed the box in a corner of my office basically forgetting about it for a few hours.  Then, in a fit of exhaustion, opened it and tried them on when my bf spotted the box and asked what was in it.  Does the word 'elated' mean anything to you?  How about 'dream'? Because these pants are so amazing those words are the best ones I can come up with to describe how I felt when I put them on.  Okay and two more:  cheered up!!

The Houlihans have quickly become my "Pant of the Moment' and I find myself reaching for them just as much as I'm reaching for my Current/Elliott's which is no small feat!  I love that every time I put them on I think of Major Margaret Houlihan from M*A*S*H - she was such a bad ass for her time!  Now keep in mind I'm a little vertically challenged and the pants do stretch out a bit, but you get the basic idea from the following pictures.

Cute or what??  Even better - they are the perfect match for my new Christian Louboutin espadrille wedges - two other things that are synonymous with the word 'dream'!! When I saw the Louboutin wedges I couldn't get them out of my mind for 2 weeks.  Fearing sell out I took the Chef (my bf) with me to the Christian Louboutin store, as a voice of reason, to try them on (and so I wouldn't be uncomfortable around a bunch of people who can probably afford to buy multiples of those shoes while I carefully ponder one pair). 

It was finished before it started.  I put on one shoe and he said, "they're perfect. Get them."  Actually I strolled around in them in the store for a bit, but the proof is in the pictures.  These things really ARE perfection!  Notice I have used that word a lot in this post...

Be still my heart.

In the upcoming months temperatures are going to rise as we go into summer.  If you're contemplating the pants I would say go for it.  The fabric is an olive color (although they also come in several others) and it's not so heavy that you couldn't wear them on a breezy afternoon or cool evening.  With a heel, a flat, or a little flip-flop sandal the Houlihan is a major score!

If you have them or get them let me know.  I'd love to see what they look like on you and find out if you are loving them as much as I am.  Welcome to the bandwagon!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Misery Loves Company

To say I've been under the weather this weekend is a bit of an understatement.  By the time Friday at 2pm hit I was pretty much delirious and going down fast.  All I remember is mumbling something about chicken fried rice before passing out in bed.  Not pretty.

Since I'm far away from my mom and can only whine by telephone (not nearly the same as in person although I do give it my best effort) I find myself seeking comfort in things that are within arm's reach whenever I get sick.  If you were a fly on the wall in my home this weekend you would find me decked out in head-to-toe James Perse (trust me there's nothing that says safe and warm like a pair of $200 cashmere blend sweats while lying in the best bedding in all the land - the man is lethal), drinking a blend of green and white tea for maximum antioxidants, eating gluten-free peanut butter cookies with a bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips close at hand while episodes of Felicity played softly in the background.

If you want the truth I would probably be content with just the Felicity.  Okay maybe while also lying in the Perse bedding.  Seriously though, did you ever watch that show?  In my opinion it is, bar none, the most well-written television program of our time.  Even though my college days are long over, there is something about Felicity that still speaks to me.  The characters are real, the dialogue and stories are believable and the overall theme is easy to relate to.  When I hear either of its opening theme songs I am transported to a happy place. 

Don't be surprised if you hear me in my delirium muttering, "yeah! i wanna become a new version of me" - a healthy one thank you very much.

BTW - I met Scott Speedman once through friends and, well, let's just say I now understand why Felicity followed Ben across the country.

Hope you're all having a fun and healthy weekend!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Channeling the 80's

Last summer when it became apparent that 80's fashion was definitely going to make a full comeback I started to consider how I could incorporate a potentially scary fashion time period (death to the half shirt and all the neon atrocities) back into my wardrobe.  Naturally it caused me to skip down memory lane to what my favorites had been then.  

Channeling the 80's 
Clockwise from upper left:  Shopbop - Victorialand Safari Vest, Gap - Denim Biker Jacket, Net-a-Porter - Splendid Jersey Harem Pant, Shopbop - Juicy Couture Camo Slim Cargo Pants

-I remembered the harem pants, t-shirt and safari vest I wore on the first day of 8th grade - and how my dad asked me if I was really going to leave the house looking like that.  Har!  Thanks Dad!

- Then I suddenly recalled my favorite camouflage cargo pants found at the dreaded Army & Navy store (Canada) my mom insisted we go to "just to take a look".  Mom knows best because I remember leaving there with not only the pants, but also a very cool pair of oxfords that got more than their fair share of love that Fall.  Those pants were a mad hit and my little brother was mortified to be related to me. :)

-I also remembered the Michael Jackson craze we were in then.  How he took biker and military jackets to a whole new level - and how I wore my grey leather biker jacket until it was worn thin. 

Ahhhhh - the good old days; funny how they can come back around.  When I looked in my closet today I realized that each of those pieces is there once again in varying forms, and can honestly say I love wearing them just as much now as I did then.  Only with a much higher and more expensive heel.

What are your former favorites?  Are you finding ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe...or have you left them all in the past?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Farmer's Finds

I don't think I've ever anticipated Summer more than I have this year.  I don't know what's going on with the weather where you live, but here in Southern California cool weather and breezy days have seemed to surface again and again this past month.  Yesterday, however, was a welcome change.

One of the best things about warmer weather and seasons is the produce!  While in between appointments yesterday afternoon my bf (who is a chef) and I took a walk through the Farmer's Market.  Although it is still a little early for some things, we managed to hit the jackpot on a few favorites:

Just seeing these things on the counter this morning made me happy.  Ever since I was a little kid the sight of cherries at the fruit stand has meant Summer is right around the corner.!

The Chef pointed out the kumquats and mentioned that they might be the last of the season.  Uh, have you ever had a Kumquatini?  If not, I suggest you stop what you're doing immediately and go have one.  The Hungry Cat is synonymous for the BEST Kumquatini you've ever had in your life.  Hearing that this particular fruit is close to end of season made it a must-have, and I foresee an evening of homemade Kumquatinis in our near future.  I'm ready right now, thank you very much.

For the past 2 months I have repeatedly walked by raspberries, viewed the $6 - $8 price tag per basket and kept right on walking.  Yesterday when that sign said $5 it was a done deal.

Do you know what this fruit is?  Bergamot.  Maybe you knew that , but I didn't.  I've never actually eaten Bergamot; at least not to my knowledge anyway.  I do, however, drink a lot of tea and it can be found in Earl Grey.  I decided to get one and give it a try.  It smells amazing - citrusy, but also kind of an exotic scent that you will recognize right away if you drink Earl Grey.

Seeing as I got diagnosed with a bronchial infection yesterday it looks like there might be a little more tea than Kumquatinis in my immediate future.  Ugh!  I'm going back to bed. :(

Cliggity Clogs

I was at an amazing trunk show for Gaby Basora (blog to come soon) a couple weeks ago when a sassy little shoe on another woman's foot caught the corner of my eye.  Ever have that happen? It was a quick glance followed by a head whip and a hiss to the chef, "did you see that shoe??"  He's all "which shoe are you talking about now?"  Uh-oh.  And in the time this exchange went on said shoe DISAPPEARED.  Emblazoned in my mind forever was a pale heeled mid-height clog with black leather peep-toe and ankle strap.

I tried to put the shoe out of my mind.

It didn't work.

I set out to the internet.

Was it this one?

No.  Heel's too dark and platform's too thick.

Was it this one?
No.  Heel's too high and I don't recall silver studs.
Discouragement begins to set in...and suddenly, THERE THEY WERE.  And now, here they are!  Swedish Hasbeens.  Prepare yourself for a barrage of photos.  These shoes are that good.

At first you might be thinking to yourself, "what's the big deal?" But I swear when you see them in person they make your heart skip a beat.  I have heard about these shoes off and on for at least a year.  I've even looked them up before, but clearly it did not register when I saw them in person.  They're incognito like that!

I wore them all day and they are seriously like walking around barefoot.  You forget you have shoes on.  Even though my toe is hanging over the edge in this picture that does not happen when I'm walking around.  They fit like a charm. Or a glove.  However that goes again.

The shoes received a lot of compliments and sideways glances today.  From this tres blurry photo the chef took of me you can see it was not because I was dressed to the height of fashion (shoes and Martin + Osa being the exception) or feeling well.  We're not professional photographers by any means; he's just doing his part to bring the shoes to the people!  Gotta love him for it, too!

I can't resist.  I have to show you one more.  It was like a scene out of a book.  We were pulling up to the house after a hellish all-day at the doctor's office where I was tested for all kinds of mayhem in the chest.  We decide to stop at the beach.  We park the car and get out, and there is some type of tree that has shed all the red flowers you see beneath my feet!  They match my toes!  He grabbed the camera as the sun was going down and here's the best one yet!

I might even sleep in them tonight.  Okay that's exaggerating.  BUT.  If I DID have to sleep in them sometime it wouldn't even be uncomfortable.  Every girl should have one (pair).  Just a suggestion. :)


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