Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Do Unto Others: Part One

This is going to be a long one so pull up a chair, grab a cup of whatever and buckle up.  I've divided this into two parts and will put the other up tomorrow.  It's not the usual post, so I appreciate your reading along.

It was mid-morning on Monday when I finally decided to haul it up off the couch and go outside.  Opening the backdoor I shuffled to the left and let my back slide down the wall until my bottom landed on the wooden deck.  Sun on my face, eyes closed, I sat there trying to let the warmth burn away knots in my stomach left from Friday.  In the yard next door I could faintly hear my two elderly neighbors having a skiff.  Nothing abnormal, just the effects of having been together for 38 years.  As the door closed and she came outside I opened my eyes to see her look up and gesture to me.  Squinting closer, I could see her making a C with her thumb and index finger.

I gave her the "What?" sign with my face.  She's hard of hearing so we speak in gestures a lot she and I.

Again she gave the C and then pointed at her chest.  "Oh sh*t," I thought to myself "this woman is trying to tell me she has breast cancer."  I motioned I would be right down as she started to cry.  Ducking inside I quickly threw a sweat jacket over my pajama uniform of electric blue tank and matching A&F sweats before darting down the stairs.  We met outside our back gates where she broke down telling me how she had ignored a nickel size lump in her breast until it became the size of a tennis ball.  And then she showed me the tennis ball and I cried with her:  two lunatics clinging to each other bawling by the trash cans.  That lump scared me.  It's big. When I hugged her I couldn't help but think of the cancer that was literally touching my own chest from the other side of her shirt.  Strange thought, but true.

I've known her for the seven years I've lived here. She and her husband traveled the world living in Bali and Hawaii for most of their married lives before he became ill forcing them to move back to the mainland.   When I met them he was wheelchair bound; she told me in secret it was hard to look after him.  Then one day a couple years ago he went in for a random check up and doctors realized he needed a valve replacement in his heart.  That operation changed his life, their lives, -- within months he was out of that wheelchair and back to healthy living.  It was really a miracle and something they were so excited about.  They live in a meager bungalow attached to 3 others next door.  They're in their 70's.   He enjoys an afternoon cigar and she a glass of wine.  And now this.

After we pulled it together she told me her operation was Tuesday (today) and they were removing the entire breast.  Maybe she'd get reconstruction, maybe not.  "What does one boob look like after you've had two you've loved your whole life," she asked?  I didn't know what to say.  "Can I come with you?" "No can you wait here?  I'll be back on Wednesday and might need you." "Can I pray for you?" "Yes -- please do -- and tell your friends, too."  She's observant aka a little nosy this woman, but in all the ways you would want your neighbor to be.  We parted ways so she could get back inside before her husband came looking for her.  I went back upstairs calling friends I knew I could trust to pray for her.  And then sat back on the couch in a state of shock.

If you are a praying person and feel so inclined, please pray for my friend Pat.
She is brave, but scared and would appreciate it so much.  
I'll keep you updated on her progress as I learn anything.  
She is still in hospital and I may not have any news for a couple of days.

I'll be back tomorrow to give you the second half of this story which involved me ripping her neighbors a new hole.  You won't want to miss that one.

And for everyone who has been emailing and sending notes about my weekend -- I want to thank you -- It means so very much.  Friday was a major suckfest of a day that leveled me personally and professionally despite my many years in this business.  The person who did that to me was not my friend, but certainly was a candidate/executive I've known for many years.  Live and learn I tell myself.  Always go with your gut or you end up with someone's foot stuck in it. Ugh

Monday, May 30, 2011

Not So Great Expectations

If you had peeled by my place this weekend you would have found me wrapped in blanket, wearing my favorite things, spending time with my cats.  It donned on me Sunday afternoon that I was having a breakdown, subconsciously attempting to comfort myself by wearing, eating and doing things that made me feel safe.  This grand revelation occurred as I watched the ending of Planes, Trains and Automobiles where Neal is on the train on the last leg of his hellacious trip home.  He's remembering all the crazy moments with Del who went from stranger, to annoying stranger, to despised annoying stranger, to endeared stranger -- and suddenly while rewinding through the events in his mind he realizes that Del has no one.  Suddenly he could hear what the circumstances had been whispering to him all along.  

What do you suppose it is about some people?  That dishonesty can reign supreme with little to no effect on them?  On Friday I had someone I've known for years decline a very good job offer with one of my favorite clients --- just days after having accepted that offer.  And it gets better (or is that worse?) after having been treated so respectfully by my client this person took their offer and waved it in the face of a company she really wanted to work with to force them to accelerate their process on the job she really wanted.  Are you disgusted yet?

Pardon me while I go gag.  I might be gone for awhile.

I am genuinely deflated by the lack of character I keep coming across in people.  Users, manipulaters, climbers, people who will align themselves with whomever they need to in order to get where they want only to then turn on those people and glom onto a new group who will help them get a little higher.  I see it every day.  I avoid these people like the plague and can pick them out a mile away.  But this time this person swore she had learned her lesson and like a fool I gave her a second chance.  I ignored the whisper and it screamed in my face. 

Well thanks to 72 hours of John Hughes movies, my weekend uniform of James Perse + ripped jeans + vintage belt, copious amounts of Vietnamese food, a taste of lemon meringue waffle sandwiches and being smothered in blanket for not nearly enough time I would like to formally announce that I am done dealing with asses.  Pardon me while I assume the position until tomorrow morning when I have to get back on the treadmill yet again.  I'm nowhere near ready. 

At the very least it happened when I had three days to recover instead of just two.  Silver lining.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bottoms Up!

Holy mother of Friday it's finally here....loooooooong weeeeeekend!! To say it's been a hell of a week is an understatement.  On top of mad work drama late yesterday afternoon I overheard the bbq'ing neighbor beller out, "Heroin is not a lifestyle!"  Well.  I'm glad we got that settled.  And you were moving out, when?

To cap it off I came in moments ago (it's 1:30am Friday morn) after almost drowning in my car when the cap popped off my 5 gallon glass water bottle as I was wheeling down the freeway.  Can you say screech the car over to the right?  As I pull off into a parking lot to stop the gusher I get out of the car and hear the most insanely loud singing.  Looking up I see a person go pedaling on by, potentially lit out of their gourd, singing Bible songs at the top of their lungs.  How do I know I heard a Bible song you ask?  All I could make out was Jeeeee-suuuuus as they sailed on by bike weaving in the evening breeze.  Hey at least the guy was happy.

More insanity occurred outside my garage as the next door neighbors were convened outside their garage partaking in a smoke of some sort.  Briskly hightailing it up the stairs I heard, "Be careful in those heels" as I shut the door behind me.  Nighty-night metal heads (see here).

Can't believe it's taken this long to plop them up here on the blog seeing as I wear 'em daily.
Well, when I'm not wearing these ones.  Oh yes.  Pass the pink heels.  New addiction.

See why I'm ready for the weekend?  Oh friends I could tell you much, much more but will spare the deets.  Let's just say for the first time in 15 years I've got hives on the palms of my hands.  Carrie needs a nap.  And a cocktail.  Speaking of which Anna Jane is getting married in Mexico today so the Chef and I werked (spelled incorrectly on purpose btw) a little magic signature cocktail concoction for the event.  Get your tequila and let's get a toast ready.  What's that?  You don't know Anna?  No worries.  You know me, it's the weekend, someone's getting married, we have 3 days off -- CHEERS!

The Anjerita (Anna Jane + Eric + Margarita)
for one serving

1oz Silver Tequila (Don Julio is my fave, but Patron or Jose Cuervo work too)
1/2oz Patron Citron
1 Grapefruit wedge removed from skin
Squeeze of Lime
A pinch of Sugar
A sprig of Mint
A splash of Pom Juice
Club Soda to cover

1. Place grapefruit wedge, lime juice, sugar, and mint in a glass or cocktail shaker.  Muddle it with the back of a spoon.
2. Add all remaining ingredients except Club Soda and cover with ice.
3. Stir or shake until chilled.
4. Strain liquid into a martini glass.
5. Top with Club Soda.
6. Garnish with a sprig of mint.
7. Enjoy :)

Anna and Eric - the Chef and I hope your wedding is everything you ever imagined it to be and more.  Here's wishing you many happy years together.  Congratulations!

Everyone else - bottoms up and let's get going on our weeeeeekends!! 

p.s. - Don't forget to enter the $150 Perricone Skin Care Giveaway 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

$150 Perricone Giveaway: Sulforaphane and So Much More

I am super excited to offer this Perricone skin care giveaway to all of you - the winner will get to select one item of $150 or less.  Bring.it.on.  Ever since I started blogging last year I've entered these Perricone giveaways to no avail.  The irony in all of this is I literally, just today as I'm typing this up, learned I finally won one!!  So it's even more fun to see what one of you might choose when you win.  I've been perusing products trying to figure out what to get and a couple caught my eye.  Anyone try either of these yet?

The Detox Elixir (sounds magical!) containing sulforaphane (not to be confused with profane) got my attention because it's a hydrating mist you can lightly spray throughout the day for a glow.  Now I don't know about you, but I'm all about a healthy glow that doesn't come purely from the sun's rays.  As much as I love that warmth from the sun I do not love the idea of premature fine lines and wrinkles, so this one could be a great solution.

The area around my eyes is one I give special attention to.  I've managed to avoid crow's feet for many years, and fully intend to ward them off as long as possible.  Anything to aid in this battle is welcome in my daily routine.  Enter Bright Eyed:  it contains antioxidant melon fruit benefits to keep your eye area firm and bright.  Side note:  could have seriously used this every day this week thus far as 'bags under eyes central' have taken up residence.  Not pretty.

Giveaway Details:
*One winner will be chosen at random to receive one Perricone product valued at $150 or less.

1.This giveaway is open to US and Canadian readers (sorry International peeps - will have something for you soon!) so just make sure you're signed up to follow on the upper right and then leave a comment sharing which Perricone product valued at $150 or less you would want or need and why.
2. For an extra entry or two tweet about this giveaway and/or follow this free bird on facebook.
3. Winner will be announced on Thursday, June 9, 2011.

Good luck everyone!

Wayuu Mochila Bag Winner

Winner of the fabulous and beautiful Wayuu Mochila Bag is Taylor from Curly in the City
Congrats Taylor - stay tuned for details.

And thanks to everyone who entered!!
*winner selected via random number generator*
image via we heart it

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do You Believe in Magic?

There I was:  all dressed up and nowhere to go aka on my way to get more Ben & Jerry's Boston Cream Pie ice cream groceries when I found myself in the most random of random neighborhoods.  You know, the one 10 blocks from my house that I've never ventured into because I work from home and barely leave the house except on weekends? Anyway suddenly I could barely contain the 70's fever of it all.  Shaun Cassidy and K.C. and the Sunshine Band came out on blast through the speakers as I drove up and down the block super slow to see if anything, anything was for sale.  In my mind I packed my stuff, grabbed a disco ball and went back in time.  Long wavy hair, high-waisted wide leg denim for days, big ol' platform shoes, billowy maxi skirts, culottes with blouses tied at the waist, arms piled high with bangles, a patchwork suede handbag, dreams of the huge afro I'll never have -- and neighbors that are actually neighborly.

When I think summer in the 70's my mind floods with images of a home with a big cream colored stone fireplace and a rainbow VW bus parked in the driveway, block parties, kids on skateboards playing in the streets while sprinklers wave in the breeze, parents on front lawns drinking Pilsener from cans while charcoal bbq's send smoke plumes into the warm air.  Hot damn if I haven't found my ideal block and house.  I wonder if the neighbors are included in this transaction? A girl can dream...
Complete with Corvette
Note:  Tabletop BBQ next to crazy plastic lawn chair in back.
FP bag (seen here) + H&M Caftan + Wide Leg Denim + Infamous Danys
Quite possibly my fave pic of all time.  Looks like it came straight out of the 
parents' old photo albums.
See what I mean?  Uncanny -- from my mind to my neighborhood. 
Look for me driving by 3x/week to see if they're moving out yet.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's a Big Mesh Egg. No, It's a Chair.

Confession:  I have spent far too much time this morning trying to justify purchasing one of these chairs.

It would provide serenity in the garden.  
Wait.  I don't have a garden.
But it matches Blanket!
It would be perfect hanging in the stone courtyard.
Wait.  I don't have a stone courtyard.
It would be so inviting below my treehouse
Wait.  I don't have a treehouse.  Or a tree.
Awesome!  We'll hang it down where we dock the boat.
Okay now I'm just delusional.

Reality:  Apparently I need to move in order to fit one of these chairs into my life.
What IS it with Anthropologie and their totally tempting treasures? (alliteration!)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bright Bag Small City

Rarely does a weekend go by when the Chef and I aren't racing the clock trying to squeeze an outfit picture in. Truth is, without him there would be no outfit pictures (yes i'm having a moment).  I'm uncomfortable enough as it is and pretty much wither up at the thought of lugging around a tripod (which coincidentally I don't even own - go figure).  When I started blogging last spring time was a luxury because he was still searching out restaurant locations - now he's mere weeks from being open and it's a completely different scenario.  To say we're stretched thin is pretty tame.

Sunday was such a treat. We spent the whole day together, had a leisurely mani-pedi - hey the guy is on his feet non-stop and has custom built so many things for his new place he deserved it - relaxed over lunch and then kicked it into high gear to get the pictures done.  After driving around aimlessly, for what seemed like forever, we haul out both kind of frazzled, and suddenly I got the giggles.  There we were on the bloody sidewalk in a hoity-toity part of the neighborhood where you know people were wondering what we were doing and I just lost it.  I was like 'what the hell was I thinking starting this thing? Look at us. I am standing here in 5 inch purple velvet heels that I never would have dreamed of wearing 18 months ago and you're laying on the sidewalk.  What is happening to us?'  We rolled.  It was the best day yet.

~Gap-Leather Jacket and Denim Trousers (first seen here), La Befana-Silk Blouse, 
J.Crew-Belt, Curly in the City-Clutch, Tom Ford-Sunnies, Melinda Maria Jewelry~
Moments earlier...not so composed.  Okay not composed at all.
How about that sassy clutch?  Taylor from Curly in the City started an Etsy shop and can't
keep them in stock. She makes an animal print version, too.  Brace.
I love the contrasting turquoise zipper.  
My purple shoes are in favor, too :)
Not sure what I was thinking when I didn't get these Jessica Simpson Dany's in tan.  
They were $39 on sale! 

Hope your weekends were bright and cheery.  I don't know about you, but I am so excited for the upcoming long weekend.  Only four days to go!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Row Fall 2011 via Bergdorf Goodman

I just.  I love it.
Visionary is the perfect word to describe it, too.  
Head to Bergdorf's for this and so much more.
Yes I realize we haven't even gotten to summer yet, but how could I not share?  
Would you take a look at those boots.
~note to self:  wallet requires monetary infusion~

Friday, May 20, 2011

Double Chocolate Crumble Bars

Here's a tale for you:  for three days I have been unable to get these dessert bars out of my mind.  At Christmas (yes it's been raining so every morning I wake up feeling like I should plug in the Christmas tree.  In May) these are amongst the first things I request from my mom.  The reason I ask her to make them rather than making on my own?  Taste them for yourself and realize how difficult it is to keep from devouring the entire pan...within a day.  Guilty pleasure!

Yesterday afternoon, after much internal struggle, I fall off the wagon and decide come hell or high water I'm making these things, tasting a row and then giving the remainder away.  Just enough to satisfy the craving - you know how it is, right?.  There I was in the kitchen up to my elbows in chocolate, peanut butter and rice krispies.  It was Thursday, one work day left and all was right in the world.  I set the tray out to cool, laid down on the couch and prepared to relax for 15 minutes.  Cut to scene where I wake up an hour later to find the cat has decided she wouldn't mind giving these a sample either.  True story.  Have you ever seen a cat try to swallow peanut butter and chocolate?  Think "licking chops" for 2 hours. It's a lot more amusing today than it was last night - although I did have a giggle or two.

Let's just say this morning involved a re-do.  And so without any further ado I present to you - The Double Chocolate Crumble Bar.  Prepare for greatness and keep away from cats.

Double Chocolate Crumble Bar
1/2 C  margarine
3/4 C  sugar
2         eggs
1t        vanilla
3/4 C   flour (gluten-free blend listed here if you need it)
1/2 C   pecans, chopped
2T      cocoa
1/4t     baking powder
1/4t     salt
1 - 6oz. pkg. chocolate chips
1 C      peanut butter
1 1/2 C rice krispies
2 C      mini marshmallows

Cream margarine and sugar; beat in eggs and vanilla.
Stir together nuts and dry ingredients.
Stir into egg mixture.
Spread into bottom of greased 13x9x2'' pan.
Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.
Remove from oven and sprinkle mini marshmallows evenly on top.  Bake for 3 minutes.
Melt peanut butter and chocolate chips over low heat.
Stir in rice krispies.
Spread on top of cooled bars.  Chill and serve.  Keep away from cats.

Have a great weekend everyone!  What's on your agenda?  I'm going to try to conquer the closets.  If you don't hear from me on Monday send a search and rescue team.  Lord knows the Chef won't be checking in...all the booths are installed in the restaurant and it's full steam ahead.  Woo Hoo!! Will try to sneak in there and get some pictures to share for next week.  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

All Roads Lead to Morocco

I find myself in quite the conundrum.  I would really like to own this chair.  It is, however, $1898.00 + tax + shipping.  Then comes conundrum #2:  I would like to own a pair of them.  For some reason I have developed rag rug fever (not to be confused with Bieber fever and Flea Market Fever although I have combed the latter in an attempt to satisfy the current).  Sometimes I swear Anthropologie is reading my mind.  I think things up and the next thing you know they magically appear in their shop.  It's kind of uncanny.

About 6 months ago I saw this rug (and subsequently sought out 50 more like it):

It's a Boucherouite rug straight out of Morocco 
--(not to be mistaken for Mariah Carey's kid).  

Immediately I thought of my grandma who used to be able to make a rag rug like no other.  The rug lived in my mind.  Okay it lives in my mind.  I thought about hanging it on the wall, putting it on the floor in my living room, swaddling up in it at bedtime...covering a chair.  And then there was Anthropologie - having swooped into me ol' noggin they went on to produce the very item I've been dreaming of.

I have now convinced myself that if the closets can ever get purged and organized I think I am going to try and make a version of this rug.  Check back in 5 years to see if I've actually succeeded.  On a serious note though - I think I could do it if I could find enough of the right fabric colors.  


Oh!  And one of my fave reads Eat, Sleep, Denim featured me today in their
I am super flattered to be next to Jennine (founder of The Coveted and IFB) and Jessica who works
closely with her on all things denim.  Would love for you to stop by and check out their looks!

Shopbop Winner!

image via we heart it

The winner of the $100 Shopbop Gift Card is Summer from Athena in the Middle
Congrats Summer - the Shopbop giveaway person will be contacting you with your code!

And thanks to everyone who entered!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fly Away Pants

Where to begin, where to begin.  I realize I spend an incredible amount of time waxing on about Free People, but I honestly just can't help it.  There is rarely a time when I glance at their online shop or visit a store and don't find something that is truly unique and a blast from the past.  If you get their catalogues then you know firsthand how well they capture a moment, an item, and your wallet.  Which is exactly what happened when I saw their Extreme Vintage Flares.

It all started while I was prepping for my tax appointment aka tax showdown 2011.  In order to get myself through the paper sorting process I do not allow for lollygagging of any sort including internet browsing, catalogue shopping or cookie baking.  If there is one thing I know about myself it is procrastination rules at tax time.  Just prior to t-day I happened to get an email from Free People bearing no other than the Extreme Vintage Flares.  Unable to contain myself as images of Gene Simmons and the Bay City Rollers flooded my mind I found myself clicking over completely disobeying my own rules.  

pause. stare. pause.

*internal struggle ensues as disobedience to rules carries on*

'the papers aren't sorted and the appointment is tomorrow.  but what if they sell out? they're not going to sell out.  they might sell out! (said in pleading voice to self)' rinse and repeat.

Long story short I purchased the pants immediately after the appointment.  We'll skip the part where they ran out of inventory and I had to track them down at a store.  Victory was mine and that's all that matters.  
~H&M Blazer, TuckerxTarget Butterfly Cami, Free People Extreme Vintage Flares, 
Old Stud Handmade Belt, Sorial Handbag, can't remember the sunnies~
Up Close
Note swooshing pant legs.
Not my car.  Just loved this shot.  And the pants.

I've been staring at them in my closet for a month which provided ample time to think of different ways to wear them.  It would be predictable for me to roll out in the Winter Kate fringe vest, which I'll do later anyway, so given the brisk air I dressed them up a little with a soft pink linen blazer (the one I stalked down at H&M's from here to kingdom come) and ta-da.  Gotta say I love the look and random passersby did, too.  One of the few times I wasn't self-conscious taking the pictures.  It was all about the pants.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wayuu Mochila Bag Giveaway

As much as I love an expensive handbag, come the warmer months I am full swing embracing my inner hippie and searching for ways to express that to the fullest - especially in the accessory department.  Does it have fringe?  Is it made of burlap?  Any tassels on it?  Okay I'm in.  About a month ago I was in Barneys making mad attempts to avoid scoping out the the Isabel Marant selection when lo and behold I spotted the most insane bag out of the corner of my eye.  Leaving Isabel behind (no small feat to divert my attention from her) I darted over to discover the coolest Wayuu Mochila bucket bags.

I went home that day with the bag locked in my mind.  After doing some digging I learned the Mochila is a traditional, hand-woven bag that originates in Colombia.  One of my favorite things about these bags is that they are made by indigenous people groups that each have their own style.  The bag up for grabs was crafted by the Wayuu - a tribe native to the peninsula of La Guajira, Colombia.

This is the very Mochila (size large) that Wayuu Mochila Bags will gift to one lucky winner.
Truth:  I wish I could keep it seeing as I'm in love with the straps and fringy tassles.
Imagine it with denim shorts, a t and a vest...or a maxi dress, light fringy sweater and a pair of strappy flats. 

Wayuu women handcraft these bags as a way to support their families and community (now that's my fave part).  Each mochila is crocheted with cotton by a member of the tribe and takes around 40 hours to complete.  Incredible, huh?  The variety of colors and patterns used in the bags represent the creative ideas of the Wayuu - and the straps are known to be tightly crocheted and colorful.  When you look closely at the each mochila you can see patterns like wind, rays of sun, love - a vast array of personal expression.

Giveaway Details:  2 simple steps - 
1.  Make sure you're signed up to follow the blog on GFC.  
2. Visit Wayuu Mochila Bags  and peruse their one of a kind bags then come back and leave a comment including your fave bag and email address where I can contact you if you win.  Simple!  

*For an extra entry or two you can tweet about the giveaway (Enter to win a one of a kind Wayuu Mochila Bag @birdgirlc:  http://bit.ly/lziZhH) or follow This Free Bird on facebook.

*This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian readers only (So sorry everyone else - I'll have something for you soon).  The winner will be announced next Wednesday May 24, 2011.  Good luck everyone!  And a special thanks to Wayuu Mochila for this beautiful one-of-a-kind bag.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

Beach Stop

Living close to the water has to be my favorite thing about living in Southern California.  As much as I miss home on the prairies in Canada, there is something glorious about being able to walk onto warm sand and have salty ocean breezes tousle up your hair.  Truth is I somehow always knew, even as a kid, that I would end up in SoCal.  I realize that sounds crazy, but it's true.  As a result I never really settled anywhere after I left home in my late teens - and even more bizarre is my flip flop pile consistently predominated all other shoe collections as my nomadic lifestyle carried out.  One of my best friends in Seattle told me from the time she met me she was always learning to slowly let me go.  Isn't that kind of sad, but poignant?

Speaking of sad it's Monday.  The past two days have officially been declared "Weekend of the Spontaneous Purchase" as a Saturday toothpaste run somehow resulted in 3 pairs of shoes - each the last or only pair in size 36 meaning it was a sign right?, a tunic that I'm pretty sure Carey is going to tell me is a caftan (I think I've crossed over to the dark side aka caftan-lover-in-training), $15 worth of dark chocolate at See's Candies, and a random pitstop at the beach.  To be fair I left the chocolate with the Chef at his restaurant and actually zeroed in on the tunic Friday night at, oh, 8:59pm after randomly spotting -and then immediately purchasing- the very last blush linen blazer at H&M after stalking location after location for three weeks.  Should have seen the signs coming...

Every time I see the ocean, it stops me in my tracks.
Kind of like the fringy tassels on this tunic...I didn't stand a chance against them.
~Club Monaco-Tunic (caftan?), James Perse-Ribbed Dress, Lucky Brand-Denim,
Dulce-Clogs, PANYC&Motif 56-Bracelets, Melinda Maria-Rings, Foley&Corinna-Bag~
This Free People necklace, from what has to be a year ago, turned out to
be a mad show stopper.  Got stopped at least 5x that day.  Who knew?
Had to slip this picture in, too...how cool is that surfer running out of the water?
And, in picture overload, I leave you with a full body.  Despite the fact that I'm 
pretty sure this is a bikini cover-up it will be in daily outfit rotation.  
As I sit in my pj's in the home office. Ha!

Hope your weekends were relaxing after Blogger meltdown 2011!  Can I get a Tuesday?

Friday, May 13, 2011

I've Got a Fever

...and it's not from Blogger.  Holy shazam was that a gong show or what?  Bloggers far and wide lose marbles over site being down for what seemed like an eternity.  Can someone give me the 411 on the miraculous upgrades we're supposed to be experiencing because all I've got is about 35 missing comments?  Uh, yeah.

Onward and upward to the weekend dear readers.  This has been the week from Friday the 13th and I, for one, am relieved to see it end.  On the agenda for this weekend is the local flea market.  Count back to a year ago and there is no way you would have heard me waxing on for a flea market find.  Every time I went all I could see was bobblehead Garfields and more dirty old cups than I'd care to count.  Then about 6 months ago I started meandering through without an agenda to see what I could see.  Low and behold it all began to make sense.  I began to actually see the goods that were there.  Somewhere out there my mother weeps with glory.  Her daughter has caught the frugal find bug.  But even more than that I began to see the value in the vintage treasure.  Just last month I choked up over missing out on a pair of vintage leather disco boots circa 1975.  Verklempt doesn't even begin to cover it.

I did however stroll out with a seriously old leather concho bracelet from an authentic dealer, a crazy maxi skirt to carry on the craze and an off.the.hook. detailed leather belt that the Chef swears came off the pants of some tiny man in Mexico.  I'll take the man's belt and give him $9.  Yes - $9.  I later saw a similar belt in a very "cool" hipster hangout for...wait for it...$140.

Can you imagine that little hint of tiger/leopard at bottom??
Ran off with this baby for about $10.  Coupled with a tank, mad beaded necklaces, 
belt, and my studded sandals (seen here) it'll be off the hippie chain on a hot summer night.
Check the sunrise detail - it's a horizon shot all around the belt, and the
 leather/concho bracelet came straight off a Native American reserve in New Mexico.

Cut to Sunday and you will find me with the concho bracelet dealer and his wife.  They are the absolute best of the best and have been scoping things out for me for the past month.  It's been too long and I can't wait to see them *insert flea market fever*.  My wallet is ready, I'm thoroughly stressed out from work and the mail stealing neighbor (see twitter), and it's time for a flea market find.  Wish me luck people!!  

If you have yet to take in a flea market or pull the trigger and make a purchase I couldn't encourage you more. Set a spending limit you won't regret and dive in.  I've worn this belt almost every day for the past month...best $9 I've ever spent.

Here's to a slow moving, relaxing weekend.  I think we could all use one of those.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Polka Dots and Orange

Sometimes I have a brutal time coming up with post titles.  What's up with that?  It probably doesn't help that I've been burning the candle at both ends at work meaning by end of day I can barely speak much less form a cohesive thought.  It does feel great to be productive though - being idle is not my thing.  In any event I stared at the pictures and blurted out the title so here we are.

I was so happy to score these orange pumps at Zara a couple weeks ago.  How cute are they??  I'll admit I'm not usually one for overly bright colors, but these just called out to me - it also helped that they were the last size 36 in Southern California.  How could I leave them behind?  They have a ton of potential and probably only need an insert in the left foot which appears to have gotten a bit smaller than the right. Erm freak of nature much? No worries Inspector Shoeseau's on the case so it will handled in a timely manner.  Much like the time we were in Palm Springs with the parents when the Go International Target line was released and I stampeded on over there (inspector shoeseau style) to claim this polka dot dress.  It was the only thing that really caught my eye and, though I wavered at the time, am really happy to have picked it up.  Can be worn baby doll or belted and totally worth the less than $40 it cost at the time.

~Dress: Jovovich-Hawk for Target, Vest: J.Crew, Belt: Anthro, Shoes: Zara, 
Bag: Alexander Wang Coco~
I love the swirly fabric and mix of large and small polka dots.  So feminine and 
really a different look than I usually go for, but the vest made it mine.
Coco - still very sentimental to me, despite her backbreaking studs.
She always takes an outfit up a notch.
View from the back.  Have to say I'm not usually one for the shorter dress, but
this one got to me.  I was done at "polka dots".
The week's kinda been going like this...a blur.
As of yesterday I am officially out of Cadbury Mini Eggs
so prepare for a breakdown in the west.  Work's been grueling and I've lost my crutch!


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