Thursday, June 17, 2010


Just a quick post today.  Kind of an information gathering one.

I'm pretty sensitive about my hair.  After having lost a LOT of it while on the road to being diagnosed with Celiac disease, I try to take good care of it.  I'm in the middle of growing out yet another ill-fated haircut and haven't cut my hair more than a little trim since January.  So far so good.  But with summer here, I want to seize the moment and get in maximum growth - which can occur if I can steer clear of the iron and the blow dryer as much as possible.  And that means channeling my inner hippie in the hair department.

This Free People model has, for years now, been the epitome of boho-chic summer hair to me.

I can't seem to drum up any of her older, more hippie-ish photos so this will have to do for now.  Despite the fact that she's clearly had some sort of iron used to curl here, she is the queen of a natural wave under most other circumstances and effectively captures the essence of the summer hair I am trying to achieve.  I'm a pretty loyal user of Kerastase products, but have recently been alternating with Sebastian Drench shampoo and conditioner.

I'm surprised at how much I like it so far.  Neither one is excessively heavy and the conditioner is leave-in, but doesn't leave me with a flop mop of hair.  I suspect the leave-in part is good for protection from the sun which I am also a fan of.

What it doesn't do, however, is bring out much of my natural wave.  And I don't want to glom on more product at the risk of ending up with that plastic-y feeling hair that's weighed down by noon and feels like it needs to be washed.

So here's my question to you:  What do you use for products to bring out a wash and go type style for summer?  I'm talking be able to wash, style, dry naturally and go - something that will inspire my natural curls, but not create a fuzz mop or a greaseball.

I just want to be a hippie for the summer.

                                                                    image via te quiero

Is it so much to ask to wanna walk in fields of gold with a dreamy head of locks? Hair experts unite!


Venus Flower said...

Wow the model looks like you! I had to look at your profile picture again to be sure! Lol
Anyway .. I use herbal gro mane N tail by straight arrow.... Its amazing. After I had my third child my hair fell out in clumps probably not only from losing the fullness from pregnancy but lack of sleep and intense stress. My hair had also been cut quite short (about chin length). In like 3 or 4 months my hair has grown TWICE as long (shoulder length) and is shiny and silky. Its EXCELLENT! It also made my nails long and strong (I'm a nail biter) after they had grown out I didn't bite so much, but last week I went on another biting spree and shockingly within a few days they had grown back again!!! I love that stuff!!! Plus its not all that expensive, and its all natural!! Check it out!

fashion clocked said...

Aw gorgeous lovely post! My hair is forever malting- but thank god i have a lot of it... a bad effect of the starch free existance that is my life! However i must say it some weeks/months are better than others! I use kerastase too and also some fly away hair serum before it's dry. Very easy going- to achieve the boho look i just screw my damp hair into a bun and when i take it down it's all wavy!!xxx ( Sounds so simple- maybe my hair is the type that does this- fine but tons of it!)
call by
fashion clocked

She Wore It Well said...

my big tip for hair is to wash it once a week with some shampoo and a tea spoon of bicarb soda mixed with it. it removes all the product build up so if you do use products, it's not so bad.

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

This really hits home for me as I have been LOSING MY HAIR! It isn't so noticeable (yet) other than a thinning part and a huge bald spot being hidden on the side of my head.... I too have grown sensitive about my hair.
With the humid temps I have such a hard time getting my hair dry and I don't want to spend that much time under a dryer anyway. I put in, whie it is wet, an anti frizz serum (my favorite is Bain de Terre). I never apply it to the roots, just from about the ear down. To get my waves, I only partially blow dry my hair. I dry basically the roots to give some body. Not even 5 minutes total. Then I put the rest in a loose braid for half the day. Towards the end of the day I let it free.

Anna Jane said...

That model does look like you...seriously!

My advice is futile--I have ZERO wave to my hair. It's straight as an arrow. I would recommend washing it less if you can. I sort of want to try the shampoo that Venus Flower recommended though...

Anna Jane

mel said...

wow, gorgeous, i love wavy flowy hair:)

Valerie said...

I totally went through a similar experience where I lost a TON of hair in the past year and it was so traumatic. I've been grasping at straw to try to get it back to normal and debated cutting it because I don't want to be that girl who's still trying to pretend she has long pretty hair when I actually have 5 strands hanging down looking stringy and frazzled. And I just started the Sebastian Drench shampoo and conditioner too!!! Go figure! My hairdresser recommended it and I really like it so far.

I recently bought this product called Maui Wowie Beach Mist and it does a pretty good job of creating beachy waves without weighing down my hair. Here's a link if you're interested:

Let me know what you find! I'm always looking for these kind of products too.


Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

girl, if you figure it out, you call me right away, ok? i'm growing out my hair after having chemically straightened it for a few years and it's damaged goods, let me tell you. i've been taking biotin supplements for faster hair growth but it's a little soon to tell a difference. good luck with your hair conundrum — i feel ya!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I wish I could help! I would love a wash my hair and go style. My hair is way way to straight and flat if I just leave it. I use Aussie shampoo that is supposed to add volume, but it doesn't really seem to add volume. I always have to curl my hair. Sorry I am no help here :(

LouBoo said...

Hi Carrie - firstly thank you for the wonderful observational comment you made on my blog today - others commented on it too - how you completely captured the thoughts of many. So that's very cool. On the hair front - I too am growing out a bad cut! I use Redken - it works best for me. Take care, Lou x

Krystal said...

I'm trying to grow out my hair from a dumb haircut and it's this awkward middle phase...I hate it...i just wear it on the top of my head in a bun with bangs

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous locks!
I want to be a hippie for the summer too :)


Kayla said...

I need my hair to grow faster. I've had a bob style haircut for 2 years and I've been growing it out since October. It's barely shoulder length. I'm tired of not being able to do anything with it!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Closet Fashionista said...

Yea...I love wavy hair! So pretty :D I can only get mine to be wavy if I have it in a bun all night after a shower, haha

this free bird said...

Girls - thanks so much for all of your comments/thoughts/sharing of hair stories so far.

I feel for all of us because your hair is really your crown and if it's falling out just remember your halo!! And know this: mine grew back and it was almost a done deal. took about a year and a half and has fallen out partially a couple times since. Going to do a post on this next week to follow up. xoxoxox

Wavy hair girls unite!!

amy said...

I too dream of being in a field with long thick hair. mine is still making a come back its been 3 years and now at least the top half is thicker. Washing less seems to help, i also rotate products every few weeks.

Josie said...

I actually don't use any styling products -- I have pretty thick hair but still feel like it gets weighed down when I use anything in it. My flat iron is my savior, though... Terrible for my hair but I try to keep it healthy!
xo Josie

Samm said...

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Sarah said...

My hair girl just told me about Sebastian Drench. And I thanked her for giving me yet another thing to spend my hard earned money on. And since I'm a sucker, I will drive the 45 minutes to Trade Secret to buy it, knowing full well that I will not be able to tell the diff between that and the cheapy stuff from the grocery store.

Sarah said...

Ok, I'm sold on the Sebastian. And here's my unexpectedly easy hippie hair solution: Pravana conditioner. AFTER you shampoo and condition (with the sebastian, duh) towel off your locks so they're not drippy and run a good palmful off this conditioner into your hair, then mix it/shake it up a bit. NO SCRUNCHING! Then let it dry and voila. Hippie chic. I like to do it at night, think it looks better in the morning. Especially if your hair tends to frizz, like mine.

cindy said...

Well, unlike the other gals, I do the scrunch.
My method is to wash and condition hair as usual, comb, then with a hand towel, scrunch your hair in the towel. Too much handling ruins the waves, so the less you handle it the better. I like to spray Tigi Foxxxy Curls and use a diffuser to blow dry, placing the diffuser at the ends, then pushing up the dryer with the diffuser end.

If I'm going to bed, the next day all I have to do to refresh it, is spritz my hair with a little water,
scrunch up the ends, and I'm ready to roll.

Ms Sublime said...

Carrie, I have very thick, curly (tousled) hair and I have stopped using straighteners. I literally just wash and condition it and go! I have learned to embrace the inner curl as I used to do everything to straighten it. I think great hair care starts from the scalp, if that is healthy the rest tends to follow. I am not using any styling products simply because it doesn't need it just now.

There is a brand in England called Philip Kingsley and I first used his scalp tonic 10 years ago when there was nothing of the sort around. I wanted something that nourished the scalp gently. The products were only available in limited salons back then but now they are in all major department stores (UK) but can be bought online. I am currently using the Moisturising Balance Shampoo and conditioner. He does a Body Building range too and if you click on 'Approach' they help you identify your hair needs and select the correct products!

Check it out - i think your dreamy locks are closer that you think!! xx

Mo Pie, Please said...

I have the straightest, thinnest hair ever (it used to be thicker and shinier, I miss it so) so I really don't like my hair with the air dry look. I want to though. I recently bought Fekkai Summer Waves - the orange bottle. It smells HEAVENLY and works well for me when I do curl my hair. It lasts for days and looks like beach waves! I would go for it if I were you!


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