Monday, October 31, 2011

Let it Hang

Saturday afternoon, while everyone in the east was experiencing a snowstorm, here in Southern California we got 80 degrees.  Is it so wrong to want to dress seasonally appropriate?  Apparently so.

After tossing clothes all around my room in a frenzy (think tornado) of 'wanna wear a sweater, too hot, how about jeans, tired of jeans, do we need to turn on the a/c?, where's that blazer, can't find my shorts, rinse and repeat' I emerged rather frazzled in something completely man repeller-ish.  Readying myself for the inevitable wind tunnel of guffaws, I threw on my never fail orange sunglasses (best $5 I've ever spent thanks H&M) and strolled down the hallway trying to be all casual aka hiding behind the shades.  You know that maneuver.

"Okay I'm ready," she says. *Grabs handbag and makes a point of not making eye contact* 
"We're getting a picture of that, right?" he says looking up.  
"Funny funny ha ha let's get outta here," she responds with an eye roll.
"No for real you have to get this one.  They're gonna love it.  It's all in the crotch," he says chuckling.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop I roll down to the car waiting for some comment about Depends Undergarments, but nary a one was uttered.  I do believe this blog has worn off on the Chef.  He's come to accept me wearing crotch droopers in public.  What is going on in the land?

Go big or go home:  fearlessly stand where cars can drive by and mock your pants.
No fear.
It's October.  I wore open-toe sandals. Whatever with it already.
This one's for the Repeller.  
Somewhere out there she's bent into some pose wearing a sh*tload of clothes I can't afford.
At least not all in one swoop.  Carry on Repeller, carry on.

I would just like the record to show I perfected this look in the 8th grade.  Yes friends, you read that right.  On the first day of 8th grade I wore a pair of black what we referred to as 'parachute pants', a cream colored tencel military vest with a heather grey t-shirt beneath, and a pair of leather lace-up oxfords. Not much has changed in *cough* 20 years.  Does someone have pills?  I'm feeling lightheaded thinking about my age.  

As an aside I spent Saturday afternoon wedding attire shopping for a friend.  During this time I was stopped at least 5x by random strangers who profusely complimented this outfit.  One particularly stylish lad actually said to me, 'You are so Alexander Wang right now it is killing me.'  

Who knew a tornado could produce such results? Perhaps I need to throw things around more often.

~Outfit details:  Splendid-pants, Anthropologie-Poncho, Gap-Tank, Swedish Hasbeens-Peep Toes, H&M-Sunglasses~

Friday, October 28, 2011

Haiku for the Single Girl - Giveaway

Girls it's Friday.  Let's tear this mother down! You know, have two days of guilt-free naps...yawwwwn.

I thought today would be the perfect day to kick-off a giveaway for one of the funniest books I've ever read.  About a month ago a rep at Penguin contacted me about Beth Griffenhagen's book Haiku for the Single Girl.  I usually glaze over those PR emails, but this one caught my eye.

I mean just look at it:  you know it's going to be brilliant, right??

I spent more than a few years as a single person, and a few more than that dating duds.  After awhile you become accustomed to random people in your life offering up advice on how to land 'the one'.  What they don't understand is that there are only 3 good ones left out there.  Period.   And sometimes you just aren't in the mood to bother. Okay?? *sorry flashback*

Anyway, I busted up laughing at Beth's description of how the book was born. She was returning home after a girls night out in NYC, and on her way to the train stopped to grab a bag of Cheetos.  Before she knew it half the bag was gone, her hands were covered in Cheeto dust, and she had nowhere to wipe them so just dusted them off on her bag.  In a moment of cocktail induced hilarity the following Haiku came to mind:

Mmmmkay?  Like I said, brilliant.

The book is filled to the brim with the most hilarious haikus that are totally on singledom point. Whether you're single now or just remember the days, you'll totally get a kick out of the book and want to split sides over it with a friend.

I have one copy to give away and here's how to enter:
1.  Just leave a comment with your email so I know where to reach you if you win.
2.  For extra entries you can a. tweet about the giveaway and/or b. write a haiku and leave it in the comments.
3. Leave a separate comment for each entry.
4. Winner announced on Tuesday, October 1, 2011.

Please leave haikus! Don't be shy.  Here's mine (totally not dating related, but cat lady so it still counts):

Cats gallop wildly
Twisting turning through the halls
Things are looking up

Only the single woman can truly understand the companionship of the cat species...and the value of an evening spent on the couch surrounded by bags of chips, chocolate bars and Felicity episodes.  Some habits never die no matter what your relationship status...Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All Good Things

Today managed to whip by so fast I didn't even have a chance to check in and examine your thoughts on Once Upon a Time.  How dare work do that? hehe Spill! Do you love?  Did you watch yet?  Yes, I've got an issue with this show.  Here's hoping episode two doesn't disappoint.

Quick update:  I did Pilates for the first time last night in, oh, two months.  Anyone who thinks one workout can't make you scream in pain, well, I don't think they've tried a Pilates workout.  Could barely haul it out of bed this morning.  Horrified by my own lethargy, I still managed to consume Ghirardelli pumpkin spice caramel squares.  I guess this is what they call weaning oneself off?  Or something...

One of my clients is having their IT department configure my email from a remote location so that I can send emails from my personal account on their system (uh did that even make sense?).  I don't understand technology all that well--this is likely clear to you given the non-changing appearance of my blog.  Anyway, throughout the day I would periodically have to step away from my computer while the cursor zipped around all over the screen and I imagined the IT guy pilfering my bank account information.  Alarmist in the house.  To occupy myself during these times I would take on random tasks like:  load of laundry into the washing machine, cuppa tea break, hey the cat's in the closet!, trying on my new cowboy boots, squishing a spider with my cowboy boots, and taking mad instagrams of my new yoga cat.

These are the days of my life:

Inspiration for a wardrobe overhaul found in a pile of stuff on my bed.
To be continued...

Freebie just because I love this one!

New Lane boots c/o Langston's giveaway win...boho dream.  
Can't wait to wear 'em with something fringy.

Cat in the closet. Cover's blown.
Finding him in there sent me into a fit of giggles!

Is it Sunday yet?  Is Once Upon a Time on yet?  I have to run out to meet the Chef tonight, but when we get home we're watching it again.  Yep yep fairytales can come true, it can happen to you....cheeseball and don't even care.  Friday's almost here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome to Storybrooke, Maine

So many little blurby posts I'd like to spill out all in a day.  I'll start with this one and let the trailer do the talking.  Did you guys happen to catch Once Upon A Time Sunday night on ABC?  Um, it's off the hook!!

I'm a fairy tale junkie--grew up on them and they still hold a special place in my heart--this show incorporates a magical fairy tale element to it without being wishy washy or childish.  It's also kind of dark which I particularly loved.  Wasn't sure how I'd feel about Ginnifer Goodwin, but have managed to get visions of Margene out of my head (seriously still haven't recovered from the loss of Big Love).  Last night was dedicated entirely to catching up on the DVR--laundry be damned--and I found myself wanting to watch Once Upon a Time all over again as soon as it was finished.  Truth be told it was like that good book you dread completing so drag out as the pages draw closer and closer to the end.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about check the trailer here and then go catch the episode on the internet or OnDemand.  We need to discuss the brilliance!!  Giddy

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tower this is Ghost Rider Requesting a Flyby

Do you ever have moments where you feel caught between the past, present and future?  Lately I'm stuck in the vortex, pulled in all three directions, emotionally exhausted.

Am I doing all I should be?
Have I done all I could?
Is what I'm doing enough to be able to do all I want later?
Wish I had made a different choice. (new territory for me)
Maybe if I had I would be doing more of what I want now...

It can be a torturous thing this thinking thinking thinking.  It's necessary though.  I mean if you're not contemplating your life one day you'll wake up wondering how you got there.  And what if you don't like it?

Oh hell this is really turning into a melancholy one, isn't it?

Blame it on Monday, overcast skies, lack of sleep.  When in Rome.

I managed to haul it out mid-afternoon yesterday.  Just in time to catch 15 minutes of sunshine amidst what's turned out to be a full week of foggy days.  No complaining here.  Tossed on the usual jeans, boots, jacket and t--and then slung my Low Luv Thunderbird necklace on at the last second.

Chef took a few pictures before we hopped in the car and when he passed the camera over we had the quietest exchange.  Me: 'Something about this is very Goose and Maverick.  Man look at my hair.  I need a comb.'  Him: 'Your hair has never looked better.'  Tell me sweet little lies.  More 80's flashbacks.
Tossed up hair, J.Crew Jacket, James Perse Tunic, Martin+Osa Jeans, Mike&Chris Boots, Anthro Sunglasses
Low Luv x Erin Wasson Necklace, Seventh Door Bracelet, Melinda Maria Silver Ring
Worn sparingly.  Company now defunct.  
Um, as I was saying...bird + military green + aviators.  
Mind like a steel trap.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


The other day I was over at Whoorl when they hit me between the eyes:  Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Somewhere along the line I think I've done a version of this recipe (pumpkin choc chip? anyone remember?), but Sarah's looked better.  Add the work stress combined with procrastination and suddenly I heard them  whispering to me 'try those muffinsssss you'll like 'em!' So there I was at 12:30 this morning when it hits me:  I need those muffins.  Forget going to bed.

Cut to scene and I'm thawing butter (coincidentally her recipe did not call for butter, but butter rules in my world so I just,well, you get the point), rifling through the cupboards and hoping against all for enough baking soda and gluten-free flour mix.  Thankfully everything was in the pantry and I whipped off a batch of these just before crawling into bed with fingers crossed that they'd retain their height come morning.  Sometimes gluten-free cakes, uh, not so much.

All I have to say is: wow.  These things are hazardous.  Gluten-free or not, these muffins are di-vine.  Just enough crumble, not too sweet and the perfect size.  Around noon I had to hide them or they were at risk of becoming endangered.  You guys.  Try them.  So easy and so good.  Wave buh-bye to cereal. They'll only last a day anyway.  She sprinkled chocolate chips on hers....lethal!

Slipshod image taken at the urging of Nicole aka bad influence who strongly encourages hooky 
to partake in muffin baking and consumption.   Do you feel like you're in a forest having tea and muffin?


  • 1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour or gluten-free blend (listed here)
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 cup mashed ripe bananas
  • 3/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips


  1. In a large bowl, combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt. In another bowl, combine the egg, oil, yogurt and vanilla. Stir into dry ingredients just until moistened. Fold in bananas and chocolate chips. Fill greased or paper-lined muffin cups two-thirds full. Bake at 350 degrees F for 22-25 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool for 5 minutes before removing from pans to wire racks.

Recipe source here and I adjusted to gluten-free flour, butter vs. oil, milk vs. yogurt and added brown sugar to reduce white sugar.  

Oh. And this is how I feel after this week:

Is it over yet?  It's almost 7pm and I'm still working with no end in sight.  Happy for the work though! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lights Flicker, Closet's Empty

That's exactly how I feel.  Work all day, into the evening (whiner at 6 o'clock), light candles to close the day, try to find something on tv, pass out in front of the tv, get up and go to bed.  Rinse (including a shower) and repeat.  Right now I'm super glad I work at home because when I think of my closet I feel like slipping into a coma.  All that calls out is most of my jeans and approximately 5 tops.  That's it.  Oh, did I mention most of them are only fit for either the heat of summer or the dead of winter?  Nothing in between.  Yeah, that's effective.

So the other day we're going out for brunch and I sat like this for half an hour in front of the closet, staring into the abyss completely unmotivated, contemplating something to wear.  Buzzkill.

Go-to Current/Elliott jeans, James Perse sweatshirt dress, cowboy belt, some striped cashmere sweater there's no way in hell I could wear in 78 degrees and, of course, my happy place:  socks.

And as you see I fell back on my usual--jeans, grey, suede and fringe.  Look at the last
three posts.  It's like some kind of subliminal dress code.  Safety blanket minus the socks.
That look on my face is the, 'Huh? What'd you say?'
I'll be honest:  even though my pants might bring out the Fashion Police at least I didn't fall prey 
to trend and put on some sort of 80's atrocity.  Is it over yet?  
I really can't take anymore whack mixtures 
of prints, sequins, oversized cuckoo sweaters and a pair of bedroom slippers all in one outfit.
(even though I could embrace the sequins, slippers and sweaters separately)
Instead I'll just stick to my James Perse t's, cowboy belt and jeans.  
It's safer for all of us.
And fringe.  As long as there's fringe somewhere I can find something to wear with it.

Conclusion:  80's trend (yep I'm still b*tching about it) + warm fall weather in SoCal = no can do.
Instead I revert to jeans, t-shirts and a soft pink dress.  Not necessarily at the same time.  Yawwwn.
And I only just bought the dress yesterday afternoon so it should get here just in time for it to be too cold to wear it.  Sounds about right.

Right now I envision a velvet blazer + denim shorts + booties.  Make that a soft peach velvet blazer...that J.Crew made two years ago.  Send reinforcements. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fogged In

So yesterday I played hooky (hence MIA status here) and did my part in catsitting while the Chef's parents are out of town.  Conclusion:  Mondays spent doing approximately nothing are even better than weekends.  The only thing that could have made it sweeter was if Sonic delivered a couple of Chicago dogs as I sat wrapped in blankets surrounded by cats while soupy fog swirled around outside.

A girl can dream.

When I left in late afternoon (still too lazy to drive to Sonic) I pulled over to grab a couple pictures of the socked in harbor.  As I stood there looking out it didn't even remotely feel like Orange County, but more like wherever it is that Kevin Costner's character lived in Message In A Bottle.  Am I the only one who's seen that movie about, oh, 10 times?  Sap in the house.

Anyway:  examine the foggy evidence.   It was glorious.  And I think the OC could use a few more days like this to slow things down a little.  Like I said, a girl can dream.

Normally you can see straight across the water.  
Instagram rules.
Where that fog is? Uh, on a clear day there is an unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean.
Clearly I was a bit taken with the fog.  Crazy old fave scary movie, too, btw.
Closer to my house the sun managed to peek out for a bit.  
*Crosses fingers for more fog tomorrow*

Oh and p.s. on the lion tamer front:

Hope you had a great weekend.  
I wish today was Friday.  
I need a nap.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Scenes on the Side

Oftentimes I find myself thinking of alternate names for the blog.  Yesterday I came up with 'Me and my Jean Jackets'.  I love a jean jacket.  I have 5 or 6 of them.  A couple denim vests too. It's a sickness that I blame entirely on my years working for the Gap.  If I'm not in jeans, I'm carrying or wearing a denim jacket.  Safety blanket, I guess.

Anyway so we're out wandering about the other day during Adventures in Catsitting and it hits me:  I look like a cowboy.  Well a cowboy that's thinking about defecting to the other side (not that side. the indians it pc to say indians anymore?) to partake in the fringe boot action.  So I mention to the Chef who proceeds to collapse in half laughing.  'It's the look on your face,' he says 'you're dead serious.' I'm all 'I do look like a cowboy, don't I?!?' Of course he reassures me I don't, but secretly I kind of don't even care if I do.  That's what lazy days are for:  tossed up hair, disheveled outfits, fringe boots and cowboy attire.  Whatevs.  You only live once. Go fringe-y cowboy or go home.

I was scanning through the pictures the other day busting up at the goodies he captured.  I can't wait for the weekend:   home of the no comb zone.  Bring it.

I have no idea.  All I want to know is where was the jean jacket.
Look out for that kid:  he wants his two dollars!
(please tell me you've seen better off dead)
I might need two pairs.  These are going to go down in the Fringe Files Hall of Fame.
Beam me up
I miss my long bangs.  Grow hair grow.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lost at Sea

That's how I feel on the wardrobe front.  Half the time I feel like that about the overall state of my life.  I mean do you ever really know what you're supposed to be doing with your life?  Another post for another day, I guess.

Anyway.  I've been going through my clothes and trying to come up with some sort of plan for Fall/Winter.  It's not been that successful.  Wardrobe schizophrenia has struck and the conclusion is as follows:  I can't find anything I'm interested in adding to my existing closet (even though I'm a little bored most of my stuff except the fringe) because everything in-store reminds me of the 80's.  I lived through the 80's.  I lived it to the fullest:  neon, lace, jeggings, crotch-drooping pants, military vests, moto jackets, oversized sweaters, shaker knit.  Only when it was over did I realize the scar that was left behind.  Clearly all wounds don't heal because I'm still tossed up (only the mad love for military boots remains).  And then came the 90's.  Still had more military boots than the closet could contain.  Oxfords?  Another left over guilty pleasure from the 80's.

What are my options?  Still trying to figure that out.  Yesterday I attacked a stack of mail and uncovered the October Free People catalogue.  Pretty sure I couldn't wear any of it for work, but there's something about bag lady chic that's always called out to me.  Bag lady it is.

Like the motto on this one.  
Might even bring back my Kurt Cobain stage and wear the plaid.
But everything else is a win for sure.
Love this entire idea.  
Not sure I'd wanna work those boots, but a similar substitute and ta-da.
I don't want what everyone else has either.  Just the jacket.
Long sweater dress.  Food for thought.  
Sans rainbow boots for me, but they are cute on her.
I don't know.  There's a part of me that's still back in the September catalogue
where I found this one.  The dress is wonderful and would be 
superb with a chunky grey sweater over top, no?

Anyone else in 80's denial?
*images via Free People*

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Winner of the Dessert Plates Is...

image via we heart it

Congrats Josie--please send me an email with your mailing address and I will
get these shipped out right away.  Yippee!!

And thanks to everyone who entered.  I will be announcing the winner of the Facebook
Ghirardelli giveaway later today.  

*winner selected via random number generator*

Monday, October 10, 2011

Lion Tamer

Fringe, mane, cats.  All of these things belong here.  (as opposed to one of these things just doesn't belong here)

About a month ago, the Chef's mom opened her garage and two Abyssinian kittens strolled in.  Well actually one darted straight into the house and the other followed soon after.  She hollered to the Chef as she pulled away, 'A cat's in the house.  Keep an eye out for it.'

You know the best part of the story?  This is totally normal dialogue in their world because these are cat people.  They don't question or freak out when cats find them, they just accept them into the fold.  The past few cats their family has had all either rolled up to their house or his dad's office and never left.  It's in the DNA of cat people.  We're cat seeking devices.  I was secretly ecstatic when I met his parents for the first time and saw cat paraphernalia littered throughout the house:  cat rug, cat thermometer, cat doorstop, cat figures in the planter outside, iron cat statues on the bookshelf, pillow stating 'The Cat's the Boss in this house'.  I made mental notes with glee.  All my cats have found me too.  Same with my parents.  I come from a long line of cat lovers...goes back generations.  No jokes.  We have the photos.

*Cue 'We are Family'*

His parents are out of town and he's catsitting.  This basically means all I did this weekend was play with kittens.  Well, one kitten and one cat.  The other kitten just stares at me and runs by...but I'll win him over.  He sniffed my hand on the way out the door yesterday and just 48 hours ago I won over his brother.  Victory is on the horizon, friends.  Stay tuned.

It starts like so:  locate your subject.  In this case hiding on the other side of the chair.
Speak softly.  Avoid direct eye contact. No sudden movements.
Pull out the big guns:  fringe.  This confirms you are of the same kind:  cats.
Draw 'em in with a a little jingle jangle.  
(Chef's mom keeps tinfoil on her couch to keep cats off...not these two.  
Tinfoil = toy as evidenced from random piece strewn here.)
Curiosity takes over!
Moments later:  friends for life.  
When they start chewing your fingers and let you grab their teeth you're officially in.
Next up:  Socks.  
One day they're sniffing your hand, the next they're sleeping on your head.
Can't wait.

~Details:  Current/Elliott-Shorts, James Perse-Cashmere Sweater (last year), Gap-Camis, Low Luv x Erin Wasson-Necklace, Zara-Boots, Anthropologie-Sunglasses~

P.S. --Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day with family, turkey and naps.  I've had a bunch of searches for the White Pumpkin
Ganache and Caramel Tart recipe the past few days.  If you need dessert here's the recipe.
Please have some for me :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Giveaway! Dessert Plates

Seeing as you guys always give mad love to these dessert plates when they're used in posts I tracked a set down and am giving them away to one lucky reader.  Woot!  My work has hit a supremely busy roll and I've been unable to keep up with reading blogs and returning comments, so wanted you to know how much I appreciate you hanging in there with me (aka not leaving me swinging in the wind like a loner on the playground. open wound).

The giveaway rules will stay the same:
  • Have to be a follower (click on the right to join if you haven't already)
  • You can tweet for an extra entry-- my twitter handle is @birdgirlc
  • The winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 11th.
I'll try to get a better picture of the plates up tomorrow.  They've become dear friends and encouragers on my cake eating journey, and I trust they will do the same for you.

In between calls and meetings this week I was able to do more posting on the blog's Facebook page and it was fun to interact with readers on there.  If you're haven't 'liked' the page yet consider checking it out...I'm feeling an extra little giveaway coming up over there too.  Yahoo weeeeeekend!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

I'm a relatively new person to Apple products.  I mean I've had an iPod for years, but only started using an iMac early this year and just recently converted to an iPhone.  I regret letting my fear of not being able to learn to use a Mac hold me back for so long--it's the best computer I've ever had and, as a result, has caused me to consider Steve Jobs' mind a lot since purchasing.  Just like the guy in-store told me, all you need is intuition to use it.  On top of that it's just beautiful to look at.  We lost a true innovator yesterday.

I wasn't going to say anything about his passing, but then came across Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address.  After watching a couple times and getting a lot of encouragement following a particularly tough day at work, it seemed fitting and timely to share with you.  If you haven't already heard his speech I highly recommend finding a quiet spot to take it in.  As someone who has taken an unorthodox career path and made more than a few 'road less traveled' life decisions, his words really spoke to and encouraged me.  I hope they do the same for you--especially if you're having one of those 'what the hell am I doing with my life?' moments.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pizza, Wine, Doing Nothing Much

Why is it so tough to achieve balance?  When things are really busy I adjust to the pace and go, go, go.  But when it slows and there's downtime it can be tough to relax and simply be.  I'm that person still looking for something to do, and then when it's time to speed back up you'll find me feeling sorry for myself for having not taken advantage of the downtime.  The pendulum swings from one extreme to the next and it's something I'm working on changing.

Yesterday the Chef had some free time so we decided to grab lunch at Pizzeria Mozza.  It just opened in Newport and the line's usually out the door, but we were in luck and got right in.  On the way there I fought feelings of guilt--that I should be doing something.  You know I used to have a good grip on this, but with the unpredictability in the economy it's made me feel like downtime is negative time and that's just not true.  Suddenly I said to myself, 'You are doing something.  You're going for lunch."  Seems simple enough, right? *shakes head*

I don't fall off the gluten wagon for much, but this is one of Mario Batali's spots.  Suffice it to say it did not disappoint...and I do believe I was once again able to get a handle on the fine art of doing nothing.  Just in time to get some work this morning.  Figures.

Fried Squash Blossoms with Ricotta.
In a word:  d-i-e.  They were just incredible!
Wine.  Don't have lunch without it.
I'm not much of a wine connoisseur, but the one I tried was great.
And they have a whole wall to choose from.
But the pizza was the motherlode.  The crust was perfect.  
Perfectly perfect, in fact - if there is such a thing.
We had the Fennel Sausage and Bianca (cheesy goodness).
As I said the other day--it's still hot in Southern Cal.  Yesterday was 80 degrees
at noon.  Niiiiice.  So back on with the shorts, lace blazer and booties.
(And no I don't drive hunched over the wheel despite what this suggests.)
Thankfully I don't get sick of this combo...although it did rain today for a brief stint.
By the time I got my sweater on the sun came out. So goes it!

And yes--I am still living it out on Instagram.  Weak sauce or not, it's better than hauling out a camera in a restaurant--the phone was bad enough. Cringe


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