Monday, May 17, 2010

Double Whammy

Have you tried on or purchased the J Brand Houlihan Cargo Pant?   I have to tell you I was completely resisting this one because of its popularity.  I mean who wants to see a bunch of people wearing the same thing you are?  Well, you can officially consider those famous last words because when Saks had a 20% off deal a few weekends ago I fell off the wagon and ordered the pants online - completely thinking I'd get them, try them on, not understand what all the hype is, and promptly return them.  Right.

FedEx showed up at my door with the Houlihans on a particularly rough day, so I just tossed the box in a corner of my office basically forgetting about it for a few hours.  Then, in a fit of exhaustion, opened it and tried them on when my bf spotted the box and asked what was in it.  Does the word 'elated' mean anything to you?  How about 'dream'? Because these pants are so amazing those words are the best ones I can come up with to describe how I felt when I put them on.  Okay and two more:  cheered up!!

The Houlihans have quickly become my "Pant of the Moment' and I find myself reaching for them just as much as I'm reaching for my Current/Elliott's which is no small feat!  I love that every time I put them on I think of Major Margaret Houlihan from M*A*S*H - she was such a bad ass for her time!  Now keep in mind I'm a little vertically challenged and the pants do stretch out a bit, but you get the basic idea from the following pictures.

Cute or what??  Even better - they are the perfect match for my new Christian Louboutin espadrille wedges - two other things that are synonymous with the word 'dream'!! When I saw the Louboutin wedges I couldn't get them out of my mind for 2 weeks.  Fearing sell out I took the Chef (my bf) with me to the Christian Louboutin store, as a voice of reason, to try them on (and so I wouldn't be uncomfortable around a bunch of people who can probably afford to buy multiples of those shoes while I carefully ponder one pair). 

It was finished before it started.  I put on one shoe and he said, "they're perfect. Get them."  Actually I strolled around in them in the store for a bit, but the proof is in the pictures.  These things really ARE perfection!  Notice I have used that word a lot in this post...

Be still my heart.

In the upcoming months temperatures are going to rise as we go into summer.  If you're contemplating the pants I would say go for it.  The fabric is an olive color (although they also come in several others) and it's not so heavy that you couldn't wear them on a breezy afternoon or cool evening.  With a heel, a flat, or a little flip-flop sandal the Houlihan is a major score!

If you have them or get them let me know.  I'd love to see what they look like on you and find out if you are loving them as much as I am.  Welcome to the bandwagon!

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Jessica said...

Oh I'm so happy for your two perfect purchases! You know, this just shows that some things are popular for a reason. The pants fit you like a dream! And the shoes are lovely.

Anna Jane said...

Wow, what a boyfriend! He's a definite keeper :) Those shoes really are fantastic and they look great with your cargo pants! I honestly like them better on you than on the model--glad you're keeping them!

Anna Jane

this free bird said...

Jessica - thanks so much. I was in shell shock when I left the CL store! Thought I might have momentary buyer's remorse aka fear, but the first time I wore the shoes it all went away and I haven't thought about it again - there's a reason some woman out there owns 6000 pairs of his shoes.

Anna Jane - you are so kind with the comments on the pants! That model has abs for days!! It actually made me laugh when I put the picture up. Hope you had a great time this weekend!

Corey said...

OMG That picture of you is Gorgeous!!!!

CC said...

You look gorgeous! Love the ruffle top. :)

this free bird said...

CC - thanks so much for the compliments (blush) ...turns out I should have bought every color in that ruffle top - it's J.Crew from last fall and people stop and ask me about it all the time. Gotta love the $38 show stoppers!!

She Wore It Well said...

Absolutely love love love the whole outfit, and your blog!


this free bird said...

oh my gosh - thx so much for the kind compliment!!

Alicia said...

OH MY GOSH i love love the wedges!!! and i had to come back to check out your post on the jbrand jeans! :) i absolutely love the cargos they are surprisingly super comfortable! xoxo


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