Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What to Get...Yourself

This year there will be no gift guides up here at the bird due in equal part to my workload, inability to complete my own shopping and, finally, lack of skills at the powerpoint.

Confession: I don't even have the tree decorated. Yep, big slippin's (not to be confused with big pimpin') going on over here. Tonight I finally turned on the outside lights and am on pins, needles and maniacal laughs waiting for the neighbors to get home and have a look. Think Griswold. If you look out your door and see a glow to the west, THAT'S ME.

In the spirit of the season of exhaustion I think it's time you got yourself something. You deserve it.

L to R: London Sole-Henrietta, Jon Josef Cat Loafer, London Sole-Henrietta Leopard

Blame it on Olivia Palermo or, better yet, Princess Kate. She's allegedly pregnant so no one'll get on her for influencing you to get some London Sole and spill your wallet all over in their stores (or online). As someone who never really viewed themselves as a flats person, I'M WEARING FLATS.

And as for the cats, well, that's pretty much self-explanatory. Meow.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and TREAT YO' SELF. 
From, Carrie and cats.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Every Little Thing

Pardon me while I just fade off into blogland and disappear for a couple weeks. This is what happens when you become 'of a certain age' and a 7 and 3 year old come to visit. EXHAUSTION SETS IN.

Allow me to take a moment and bow down to parents everywhere.

Particularly those who are plugged into the lives of their children. You know: taking them to dance classes, gymnastics, skating lessons, karate, singing lessons and all the other essons that kids partake in.  Because you know what happens before and after those things take place? THOSE KIDS STILL HAVE ENERGY. They still want to interact with you.  And you better be ready to color in coloring books (or they'll just color on your computer screen if you turn your back for a second...true story), make a game out of emptying the dishwasher, feed the cat 17x to make sure each kid gets a turn, use your listening ears so each kid gets heard, go to the beach and run in the birds, tiptoe into the water and 'accidentally' fall in, watch a movie, watch Phineas and Ferb, plant some plants, wash the cat bed, dry the cat bed, dry the cat bed again because one corner feels damp even though it's drier than a popcorn fart...I mean they mean business.

That being said, I AM SO GRATEFUL my niece and nephew came to visit. They made my failed summer come to life! We went to LegoLand and Disneyland and the beach and some pirate dinner theatre thing. We walked and walked and talked and talked and barely got any rest. It was awesome.  

I learned that I can survive on 5 hours of sleep and have 28 winds a day. I also learned that I shower way too much, a couple times a week really does suffice, and I won't get struck by lightning if I wear the same clothes 3 days in a row. Hair combing doesn't really make a difference either. A quick rake of the fingers through slept on wet hair actually produces nice waves.  Food? You don't need that much when you're trying to make sure they're eating more than 5lbs of the sour gummy candy you got puppy-dog eye'd into getting because you only see them a couple times a year (and truth be told ate 3/4's of the bag yourself anyway). I love my family. Even though I've never seen myself as a parent, they help me understand why people do become parents. Love Love Love.

Making friends with my neighbor turned new family member...more on that later.
Don't mess with pirate making. This is serious business.
Beach hopscotch, anyone?
5 second one even noticed.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Snowball to Freedom

Despite the fact that I've given away half my closet, I can't seem to stop finding more things that no longer look like they belong here. Truth? I feel pretty good (and admittedly a little scared) about it.  Before Thanksgiving I thought it was finally over, but then I got to thinking about how I have so much crap and there are so many people out there who don't have anything and really, who do I think I am with all this stuff? So out went 5 more bags.

Couple that with the fact that giving away things has somehow begun to release me from feeling so sad about getting older and set me free from clinging to the past, something I didn't even fully realize I was doing. It feels like a big weight has been lifted off my chest and I can breathe again, which is pretty rad. Even just having the realization itself has been relieving.

This Thanksgiving I made a commitment to myself not to bring anything into my home that is not necessary. If something comes in it must be something I love and will wear or use (read: no sporadic purchases), and with its arrival something must go out. It may not sound like much of a commitment, but I'm learning this is a big and a necessary thing for me if I'm going to keep looking to the future with positivity.

This also means I purchased zero on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Cough cough cough. Somewhere out there a retail squad is on its way to check my vitals...

With that I say, on a much lighter and less arm chair psychology note, BRING ON THE FRINGE.
~Outfit: AE-Sweater, Jen's Pirate Booty-Dress, Banana Republic-Suede Boots (old), Signature Vanessa Mooney Jewels~
Details: (L) Erin Wasson-Moonstone Ring, Vanessa Mooney- Bracelets here, here, here, Necklace
 These boots are case in point as to why it's important to buy what you love: 
6 years old and still going strong!
And finally, here's to moving forward.

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving! I've got a mean pumpkin bread recipe for you. Better late than never?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Are We There Yet?

This weekend I did the unthinkable and went back into the closet to do a round two purge. Despite having amassed a pile the weekend prior, I knew there was more that needed to go. It's confession time: I'm kind of grossed out by how much stuff I've held onto and just how much I have period. Even though I take very good care of my clothes and that's part of the reason I retain them, that should also mean I don't keep on buying new things. Key word: should.

For the past few years I've felt like things were piling up around me, literally and figuratively. Even though everything still fit within the closets, it just felt like too much. Then I'd get overwhelmed and wouldn't know where to begin, so I'd get rid of a chunk and the cycle would continue. This time I actually made time to try things on and subsequently ask myself why in the hell I still thought they looked good. 2002 is over Carrie, time to move on.

There are just a couple stragglers I'm debating on and the jacket below is one of them. Have you ever been to the Totokaelo site? It's super sleek and fabulous. Even though I usually veer to the boho side of things, their clean lines kind of have me lately (common denominator: clean, clean, clean). The only thing I've allowed myself to order is a pair of Rachel Comey boots I've eyeballed for 2 years, and I struggle not to wear them every day so I think the purchase has been justified.

Now about the jacket: it reminds me of some of the pieces on Totokaelo, but I wonder if I'll wear it more than a few times in the winter. Is that enough to warrant keeping it?
To keep or not to keep: that is the question.
Buttons to the bottom.
Exhausted, woman just wants it to be over.
But the boots? No question there. 

~Outfit details: Club Monaco-Wool S/S Jacket (old), Basic V-T by Alexander Wang, Current/Elliott-Legging Jean
Rachel Comey-Boots, Foley and Corinna-Handbag~

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Get it in Gear

This morning I had the misfortune of having to take my car into the shop due to it having recently decided that reverse is no longer in its vernacular. Apparently drive must also be under consideration for the heave-ho pile because yesterday found me jammed in front of the neighbor's garage desperately trying to escape. Funnnnnn times over here, people.

Having grown up on a farm I consider myself well-versed in phrases like, 'DAD WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH MY CAR??!?!?!'. I'm sure you city dwellers feel much the same about your situations, if you have a dad (or a mom) who understand things about flushing the transmission and so on and so forth. All I have to say is between my dad and google I was able to go in at least semi-prepared (read: not a total deer in headlights) and feel as though they could not take advantage of me. It sucks to have to distrust the car people, but they brought it on themselves.

I was also sure to arrive looking somewhat tattered, like I mean business but without a suit. Picked up off the closet floor from yesterday-chic, if you really must know. Why mess with a good thing? Another lady in there gave me a nod when I walked by. She was wearing a military jacket and a sleek ponytail. I see ya lady, I see ya. Never let 'em see you sweat!!

~Beanie (old)-Wooden Ships, Sweater-J.Crew (alternate color here), Denim-Current/Elliott, 
Belt-Old Stud Handmade, Bag-TKBags, Boots-NDC Made by Hand (here in black)~
Case in point as to why one should never look a good closet dive in the mouth.

Oh and ps--I'm going to see the new Twilight tonight. FOURTEEN YEAR OLD STYLE!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lighten the Load

Some glorious things happened this weekend: I cleaned my closet AND partook in Sephora's 20% off for VIB's. And I watched The Lost Boys twice, but that's another story for another time.

Now when I say I cleaned my closet I mean I cleaned that mother GOOD. We're talking a third of my clothes are in bags on their way to Goodwill, consignment or eBay. All that's left is to go through the winter crawl space (call 911 if you don't hear from me by Friday) and release a bunch of coats. Buh-bye! Feels pretty awesome to let things go and look forward. Sadly, I've proven to be that person who can't get rid of a t-shirt due to the memories it invokes from that one time...uh, yeah. Therapy much? Who's with me? I know you're out there.

I guess what I learned again this weekend is that belongings do not equal safety and security. They equal piles of crap from days gone by and, at least in my case, do their part to hold me in the past.

Armchair psychology on hoarding aside, let's move onto the good stuff.  THE CLARISONIC.  I've used it twice since Thursday's Sephora stampede. Do I look three years old yet? Goals people, you've gotta have goals.

You may be asking yourself, what's the link between a clean closet and 20% off? Well let me tell you: HELMUT LANG.  I got this thing of beauty for 50% off after months of lamentations on price and don't think I've ever worn it on here before so ta-da! I love it. I want to wear it every day and, sometimes, I actually do.

The moral of the story is only buy things you love, don't despair if you have to wait for them to go on sale because it's a sweeter victory AND DON'T FILL YOUR LIFE UP WITH CRAP YOU DON'T EVEN REALLY WANT.

The end.
~Jacket: Helmut Lang, T: James Perse, Lace Vest (old): H&M, Denim (old): Free People, Shoes: Julian LouiexAldo~
~Necklaces: LowLuv by Erin Wasson and Vanessa Mooney, Rings: Erin Wasson and Vanessa Mooney
Bracelets: Vanessa Mooney (here, here, here, here) and Motif56~
Look hard: two eyebrows! Kinda...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Live On Your Own Edge

So here's the thing: I'm having a mid-life crisis.

Unfortunately my body appears to be breaking down at the same time.

Here's hoping my mind stays intact?

Or I can always do like the elderly couple I saw at the beach yesterday.  Sitting there feeling pretty sorry for myself I caught a car drive by out of the corner of my eye. ON THE SAND.

Not sure about their newfound freedom they stop at the sign?
Before veering left and charting their course...
as two bikes come wheeling out of nowhere screaming laughing.

Who am I kidding, I AM GOING TO DO LIKE THESE PEOPLE. Live on the edge! Take it out onto the sand! Off road down the bike path into the fog until Beach Patrol chases me down, lights flashing,  screaming with the blow horn out the window: AUTOMOBILES ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE BIKE PATH. TURN YOUR CAR AROUND IMMEDIATELY. STOP THE CAR, I REPEAT STOP THE CAR.

Like that was going to work on two people who methodically pulled up onto the sidewalk, cased the situation and sped off down the beach? Uh-uh. They could barely see above the steering wheel and nothing was stopping them.

Maybe they had just received the paperwork for license revocation. Maybe they escaped from the home. Maybe they were just tired of doing the same old responsible thing and wanted to cut loose like the youngster days. Whatever the case they reminded me I'm not dead yet. MY FOOT CAN STILL HIT THE GAS.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

There's A New Kid In Town

A couple weeks ago I was driving down my street one night when I spotted the sickest lowrider parked up the block. Glancing in my rearview to make sure no one was behind me I screeched to a halt, took a quick look around and hopped out to examine it. Glossy white and resting just above the ground, this meant only one thing: hydraulics. Now I'm no car aficionado, but I am kind of a 90's rap buff *hangs head in bewilderment* so I snapped a quick pic before jumping in my car and going inside.

I've always wanted a ride in one of those things. Bouncing cars are the jam!

It must have been a few days later when I went downstairs to grab the mail, opened the door and came face to face with this business:

Uh hello! It lives on my street?!  Operation Meet The Neighbor in full effect, I ran back upstairs screaming to Chris, 'LOWRIDER AT 12 O'CLOCK. I'M GETTING A RIDE IN THAT THING!!'

Chris: 'Go out there and tell him we think his car is cool. He's going to think it's cool that someone on this street doesn't mind when he starts that thing up and sets off all the alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.' Me: 'What if he thinks I'm a crazy old lady?! I can't do it. YOU DO IT.'  That didn't happen.

Every once in awhile I see the kid in the street. And I know he sees me staring at the car because it's right out my office window and let's just say I'm not shy about gawking out there. In fact we were in the street at the same time once when I was looking after the neighborhood stray cat and he was polishing the car...but I was more concerned about the PITBULL OFF THE LEASH AT HIS SIDE that day.

Maybe this wasn't going to work after all?

This past Friday I went to a local restaurant/bar that just opened by my house. It's a little upscale, great food and a pretty decent cocktail menu, too. The place was jammed so we found a spot at the bar and ordered instead of waiting for a table. Two guys pulled in next to me and my friend and, after they'd had a few more drinks, one started talking to us. Throughout the night, he got all up in her business. Not in a hitting on her kind of way, but like a nosy kind of way.

The next thing I knew he was eating off our dessert plate. Uh, what the hell? I guess I'm done then...

Before long, he starts asking me how long I've lived in the neighborhood. I tell him about 10 years and, in an act of what I'm guessing must have been neighborhood knowledge superiority, he begins ID'ing everyone around the circular bar area providing way more information than anyone needs to know. I'm talking name and history of about 90% of a place that was pretty packed with people. Can you say uncomfortable? Throughout the evening I met a bunch of people who, I come to find out, have lived around me for quite awhile. But I didn't feel good about everybody knowing everybody, many of them badmouthing each other as soon as the other's back was turned. It was stomach turning and by the end of the night I couldn't get away fast enough.

Growing up in a small town, there are some things I miss and most others I am very glad to have left behind. Gossip definitely falls in the latter category. I've realized I don't really want to be known by anyone in my neighborhood. As soon as you become familiar with people in any smaller area (even within a larger city), you become fair game for exactly what I experienced on Friday night. Not my bag, not my bag at all.

So, with that in mind, I've decided to enjoy the lowrider from afar. I'll say hi in the street, give a friendly nod of the head but that's it. If the kid offers to take us for a ride in a pitbull-free car I'll go (with glee!),  but there will be no barbecues or sharing of information. And actually, that's kind of just sad. That you have to be this careful about what you share with others. Sad but unfortunately true that adulthood has proven to be a grown-up version of childhood.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Remember the Time

Fresh off yet another run-in with the playground terrorizer (for reals is it over yet?) I thought I'd peel by and flash some of those pics I mentioned last time. You know, fondly revisit a handful of this summer's countless memories of sheer panic: stomach in a knot, blood pressure climbing, eyebrows fluttering to the floor all around me.

Enjoy! Someone might as well seeing as whenever I look at them I'm transported back to the moment each was taken and can't help but remember how depleted I felt. How can a person be so unhealthy yet not realize it? Well at least not until their hair falls out. It's interesting you know, how good life is to us. Even though I'm bummed about my hair and feeling wistful about the passing of a summer not fully maximized, I'm grateful for the wake-up call that's making me focus on striving for better balance in my life. Here's to more guilt-free and fear-free 'NO!'s' in the future.  Holler if ya year me.
Let's begin at the end: down to one eyebrow, but starting to feel better. Some color in my face.
Motivating words I happened to walk past on my birthday. A gift? A sign? I TOOK IT.
I passed my citizenship test. With a quarter of an eyebrow they still let me in!
Getting sworn in was one of the most humbling and rewarding experiences. Over too fast.
Another highlight of this summer was the discovery of Aviator Nation
The t-shirt I'm wearing here is one of theirs: super soft with a vintage 70's vibe. 

Before I jet I just want to say thank you to everyone who commented on the last post or emailed to say what's up. Even though I haven't been around all that much, I still read blogs every now and then so it was nice to be remembered and I appreciate all of your kind (and hilarious) words. Here's hoping things are looking up.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Laughter? Not Really.

Last week I was cleaning some summer pictures from the camera when I came across this one. For some reason it really bothered me and I couldn't stop looking at it. Rire aux ├ęclats: to roar with laughter.

This summer was pretty much everything but that.

When I look at this I see someone who is tired, exhausted actually, in despair with too much on her plate and trying to keep everyone happy while forgetting how to properly administer the word NO for her own bloody good.

Remember when I got that cockamamie idea to take the summer off and read books, have bonfires at the beach, and visit a theme park? Those were the my mind. Instead I applied for citizenship, studied my brains out for the test, jumped through more hoops than I knew existed, sat here helpless while my mother suffered two broken arms after a bad fall opening an entirely new can of parental worms I have been avoiding since birth, watched the DMV refuse to renew my license when my green card expired while I was in process--even though they were given all the requisite extension forms and lost them 5 times (ever try to run a business and try to survive in California without a car? uh yeah not pretty), all while working my ass off for the playground terrorizer I mentioned in what I think was the last post.

I guess it was too much for me because sometime around mid-July I looked in the mirror and realized my left eyebrow looked kind of thin. By the time I took the citizenship test in late-August it was barely there and come early September it was g-o-n-e.

It's official: I've redefined the unibrow.

Even though you can't tell in the picture, I am firing on one eyebrow and, just to reinforce it, have mentioned it three times in the past 10 seconds. It doesn't sound like much this losing your hair thing, but it's pretty jarring to have something happening to your body that you cannot control in any way whatsoever. Helpless. I tried not to give it much thought, refused to color that mother in and just went on about my business. As my niece so kindly said to me, 'You mean YOU GO OUT LIKE THAT WHERE PEOPLE CAN SEE YOU??' Um, yes dear I do. At least when I have a driver's license to take me somewhere.

I'll share some summer pics later this week and look for one that shows the brow--you know just for freaking you out's sake because Halloween is coming, after all.

In the meantime I'd like to kiss the ground and my brow, the acupuncture needles and infrared light treatments (and my acupuncturist, but I can't risk scaring her off) because my left eyebrow has grown back in just a month. The dermatologist doesn't quite know what to say about it so I keep on reminding her via screaming in her face, 'ACUPUNCTURE SAVED MY LIFE. THERE'S THIS INFRARED LIGHT THING I'M GETTING ON MY FACE AND IT GOES ZZ ZZ ZZZ. DO I LOOK ANY YOUNGER??' That last part is kind of irrelevant, but the way I see it I'm paying for the visit so I might as well get an expert opinion while I'm there.

The verdict is out on the right eyebrow which has now decided thin is in, but I think (read: hope to God Almighty) we've caught it in time. And just last week I found a big ass bald patch the size of a silver dollar on the left side of my head just by my ear.

Why am I telling you all this? Because THREE PEOPLE EMAILED to say they still follow my blog and no matter what the hell kind of nonsense I'm talking about over here they still want to read about it.  Bless you people, you have no idea how much that means to me. So here you have it: alopecia areata, how to set (or in this case forget to set) a boundary, acupuncture is akin to nectar of the gods and I've got an internal wind. How's that for something to think about?

I'm ba-aaack! (and have no sh*t clue on how this new blogger interface works.)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What Goes Around, Comes Around.


When I was a kid I was given the crappy task of being the captain of my 5th grade Intramurals team. To say I was not a sports fan is a gross underestimation. I was skinny and little and didn't like to get pushed around. When they made me captain of that team I shook in my boots. And then, out of a fear of inadequacy and coming in last place amongst all the other teams, I turned into a tyrant.

My team had the nicest girls on it. Why, why, why did they have to make me the captain of a team that didn't have the most athletic girls? (she said in a whiny, high-pitched voice) Why did it seem like all the other teams had all the athletes? (turns out they did) WHY ME? AND WHY THIS POOR GROUP OF GIRLS WHO WERE STUCK WITH ME?

That experience will forever be burned into my brain. I was an asshole. I yelled at those girls who actually looked up to me for having made the same mistakes just one year earlier--kicking the soccer ball toward my own net because my then 10 year old coach was screaming at my scrawny 9 year old self to 'GET IN THE GAME'.  Instead of being understanding and kind and encouraging, especially because I had lived through the same, I modeled my former coach. It was terrible. After our horrendous lunchtime losses (who ever thought a group of children should sacrifice their lunch hour to team sports anyway? Duh) I would haul my team into a classroom and rip them a new hole based on my own insecurities (read: cluelessness) surrounding how to coach or guide my friends to any sort of anything resembling a victory.  I was horrible.

I feel like an asshole just thinking about it. Because I was one. The biggest of ones. And even felt like one then but, due to pride and lack of experience at coaching and fear of inflated sports balls and grassy fields and whistles and striped jerseys--and that anyone would see me for the scared kid I really was, seemed unable to stop. What if they REALLY saw me?? Meanwhile they totally already did.

At one of these ridiculous gatherings I looked over and saw one of the girls crying. And suddenly I just completely deflated. Whether or not it showed externally I can't remember, but I do recall thinking, 'this crap is not worth it' and sheepishly apologizing and admitting we were probably never going to come in first place or even second, but we could at least just try to have fun and do our best as a team. And I changed from then on. Or at least I think I did, because I don't recall anymore yelling and we would high five after the games and no one else cried. Not even when we came in last in a league of 4 teams. We were probably wearing the best friendship bracelets though. Just making a point that the brutes can't always represent in the wrist-age department like we less athletic types.

Why am I even writing this after a hiatus of God only knows how long?

Because I have been buried under a pile of work after promising myself I would take it slow this summer. Instead I went against my own better judgment and took a project that probably did not belong to me in the grand scheme of the universe. Everything was moving fast, fast, fast (more to come on that later) when the requests started coming in from the client. That is usually when I've learned in the past to decline, take a step back, not worry about disappointing anyone, and take care of what needs to be taken care of. Everything will work itself out. Instead I took the project after weeks of pressure and have been paying the price ever since.

It has turned out to be a pretty dreadful experience. Even though the other things got quiet and I have been able to focus intensely on the project, it hasn't been enough. And I realized today, no matter what I do and how much I perform it will likely never be enough for them because I am reporting into my 10 year old self. An insecure person who overpromises out of fear, holds me responsible for results that have proven to be very difficult to produce, and then manages down HARD when things don't go as hoped.

I wasn't good at sports then and I'm not good at it now. Games just don't work for me and I am not a fan of making anyone feel small so I can feel big. What does that really accomplish, anyway?

Ever notice how you keep going around and around the same problem in different situations until you FINALLY learn your lesson?

Let's hope this is my last time on the soccer field with a maniac.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Cat Face

Image taken from Wildfox email, so due to my ineptness in the technology department 
you cannot click the picture to purchase. Link here.
Do you ever ask yourself, 'HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH?'
One from your right. Cat Face Lennon Sweater. Wildfox is at it again.
Answer: When it comes to cats (at least on shirts and not in tiny one bedroom apartments or in a scene out of Hoarders or piled up in various tchotchke like piles), THERE IS NO SUCH THING
Examine the evidence. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bacon Wrapped Dates: An All-Time Favorite

When we first started blogging a couple of years ago, Chris included food posts on a pretty regular basis.  One of the recipes people love and still revisit to this day is the bacon wrapped dates. These things are so good.  They are on the menu at The Corner and definitely a customer favorite.  

When OC Weekly asked for a recipe for their blog, Chris wanted it to be something simple people could make at home so he went with the dates.  Even though we've done them here before, I wanted to include their link and the original link in case you wanted step by step photos to go along with the recipe.  Ironically we first posted about them on July 13, 2010 and Stick a Fork In It included them on July 12, 2012.  The more things change, the more they stay the same?  This time in a good way! Hope you enjoy :)
Photo by LP Hastings

A special thank you to Anne Marie at Stick a Fork In It for such a fun feature. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

'Stick A Fork In It' Features The Corner

OC Weekly is a local paper here in Southern California with a very cool food blog entitled 'Stick A Fork In It'. This week they did a three part feature on Chris (The Chef) and The Corner asking some great questions making for a spirited read. No pun intended seeing as they do reference the cocktails.
photo by Ian Perreira
Pardon me while I get all gushy girlfriend, but it's pretty awesome to see how far Chris and the restaurant have come in just a year since opening. He has opened other restaurants before, but this is the first of his own and, as you may recall (post from way back here), it had been a FULL ON Chinese restaurant for 40 years prior to purchase.  The local community has been so warm and welcoming to a business that is in sharp contrast to what was in its place prior--something that has made running The Corner every day even more rewarding for Chris and his employees.
Photo by LP Hastings and via Stick A Fork In It

The readers of this blog have been extremely gracious to us since I first mentioned he was even considering opening a restaurant. You have no idea how it warms my heart to see his prior food posts being visited on repeat, and how much he appreciates that support.  To everyone who has emailed to check how it's going and to those who have visited from near and far, THANK YOU!!  We are both still more than a little (pleasantly) surprised and very touched when one of you asks for either of us, or mentions you stopped by. Here's to many years ahead and, hopefully, getting to see you soon. Many, many thanks for all of your support.

Click here to read Part 1 and here to read Part 2 of OC Weekly's feature. Some interesting and funny stuff. As an FYI tomorrow will be Part 3--a recipe--so I'll be sure to include the link when the post goes live.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Out of Pocket

It's been two days without television, internet or landline. NO MAN'S LAND.

Blog? With only words? WITHOUT PICTURES??

But who would read?

Confession: The past 24 hours have revealed that I get nervous energy feeling disconnected. Cell phone and ipad only get you so far. I should be happy about having legit downtime, but caught myself wondering if I was missing out.

ON WHAT? Who knows because most other times I long for genuine quiet time without demands.

Is it a case of you want what you can't have?

Do you think blogs can be successful without pictures? Are compelling words enough? For me the answer would be yes, but I increasingly wonder if this generation really cares about what is being said, or just the way it looks. Thoughts?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Denial, It Can Work.

Late last week I almost missed the bloody hopped on a plane to visit my family for Canada day. It was one of the best trips ever: days at the zoo, parades, fireworks, and most of all just having quality time with each other. Coming back is never easy, so I made the return trip in time for the 4th of July to ease the pain. More fireworks! Barbecues! Hot days! Uh, cancel that last part.

Instead it was totally cloudy and cool so we loaded up on groceries, grilled and spent 5 hours watching the Dallas marathon.  JR Ewing always did know how to get my mind off things. 

Cut to scene and I spent yesterday in the fetal feeling kind of sad. Homesick. Stuffing my mouth with ketchup chips. God bless the Old Dutch brand and very large carry on bags. 

In an effort to lift my spirits and not be a total buzzkill SEEING AS IT IS FRIDAY AND ALL,  I spent this morning outside lying around reading a book helping Chris build a planter. Seeing as the only thing I failed to bring back from Canada was the camera charger, here are some bright and sunny instagram lunch pics from a couple weeks ago instead of other instagram pics of a presently empty raised planter. 

Speaking of bright and sunny, if you're in the Huntington Beach area we'd love to see you this Sunday July 8th at The Corner for the Painted Bird Trunk Show. Personally, I cannot wait to pick up a couple pairs of these rad crochet shoes. They're handmade in India and the epitome of summer chic! Details are one post back or click hereMimosas will be served. 
~Outfit: M2F-denim vest (back in stock and seriously the best summer layering piece), J.Crew-tank and sunwashed skirt (old), Dolce Vita-shoes (on sale!), Brandy & Melville-bag~
Semi-scandalous mermaid on the wall outside Roe Fish Market.
Orange crush--my idea of the perfect summer drink. 
Well, after the Don Julio margarita.

And, of course, a quick Painted Bird enlightener. Seriously, how to choose?? Hope to see you Sunday!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

You Are Invited: Painted Bird Trunk Show

Chris and I are super excited to be hosting a trunk show for Painted Bird shoes at The Corner next Sunday. The Owners of Painted Bird will be on hand, and mimosas will be served, as you peruse the full Summer 2012 Collection contemplating one pair or multiple pairs (that really is the question). If you live near Huntington Beach or are planning to be in the area, we would love to meet you!

This is the first time the new line will be on display and available for try-on, so bring a friend and hope to see you there!  I'll be the one with the shoes on my feet and filling my arms.

Details below...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why Didn't Someone Wake Me Up?

A couple of weeks ago the garbage truck rumbled through the alley behind my house making all sorts of mad noise and beeps. When I woke up I could have sworn was at home, in my parents' house, with the school bus waiting in the driveway. As in 20 years ago. 

I'm homesick. And I can't help thinking it's compounded by the 80's and 90's stuff floating around everywhere. Neon, moto, studs, cropped boots, lace--it's out in full force and I wore a piece of all of it back in the day. Jeggings? Can't remember what we called them, but I had more pairs of ribbed jeans than I knew what to do with. Floral denim? Let's just say I swore NEVER AGAIN to anything bright when it was all over and the fog lifted.

Cut to scene and somehow a pair of neon pink pants has found its way into my closet. Perhaps I can blame it on angst over aging and missing my family? Something's gotta give because I'm actually starting to like neon and it's scaring the hell out of me.  In an effort to test for a cure, this weekend I'm taking a quick zip home to Canada. My sanity is on the line and, quite frankly, I'm not sure how much more Home Depot and the local thrift store can take of my wardrobe.
I told ya: it's crazy time up in here.
Compounded by the back and forth of 'to ferris wheel or not to ferris wheel?'
But I did not cat, thereby proving I've entered risky waters.
Even my gymnastics skills are coming back.

~Outfit: Gap-Tank, M2F-Vest (similar), Current/Elliott-Jeans, Rebecca Minkoff-Bag (old), Swedish Hasbeens-Shoes (here in soft pink since I'm on a roll), Anthropologie-Sunglasses~

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On the Fly

On occasion I've been known to pull together a pretty sweet outfit without even trying. Case in point: yesterday. The screen door place called to say it was ready for pick-up (as you may recall it flew off the hinges Beverly Hillbillies style over the long weekend and...uh, yeah we'll just leave it at that) so I pulled on a skirt, hiked it up as a dress, added a belt and a little lace vest and ta-da!

Why have I never tried this before? Mysteries of the universe.
~Details: Dress/Skirt-Mossimo, Vest-H&M (old, but here's a similar one), Sandals-Matt Bernson(old), 
Fringe Bag-Brandy & Melville (similar), Sunglasses-Anthropologie~

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Must: Painted Bird Shoes

I am perched by my computer waiting for July 1st.  That's when the online shop for Painted Bird is supposed to go live, releasing all of these fabulous crochet shoes into our summer wardrobes.
Not even remotely sure how I'm supposed to select only one or two pairs, but my inner free bird can BARELY wait. Visit their site and examine the collection by clicking either of the pink links. Summer chic at its finest!

*all photos from Painted Bird*


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