Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weather Woes

I looked forward to this past weekend with much delight.  In my mind I saw warm weather, morning strolls for tea, days lying out at the beach, late afternoons spent grilling and mixing up cocktails, evenings spent wandering the main street of our little beach town, only to end up at the movies with an equally warm breeze to greet us on our way out.  What-ever Norma Rockwell (that's me - Norman's sister).  That nonsense was nowhere to be found. 

Instead what follows is just one example of what went down several times throughout the weekend.

Delusional woman ignores overcast skies and puts on shorts only to go outside 
                                          and say to self, "Wait.  Is that a breeze?"

Refusing to be conquered by weather this same woman goes to other gate to see 
                                                   if the breeze is, in fact, breezy. 

         Woman moves quickly realizing warmer clothing is necessary.  In July.

                   Woman re-emerges, weather dreams shattered, wearing pants. 
                   Eases disappointment by wearing "the ones that almost got away" -
                                                    You can run but you can't hide.

Woman pauses hearing cuckoo-bird neighbor say he's moving out the next day!

      Devoted boyfriend whispers, "turn around so I can get one happy picture".
        Woman tries not to burst out laughing and get busted for eavesdropping
     whilst boyfriend captures the look of inward elation despite pants in summer.

Here's how the weekend looked:  bundled under covers in mornings while heat clicked on by itself, opened curtains to fog, fog gave way to overcast, overcast gave way to 1 or 2 hours of sun while the breeze blew killing any heat that might have been trying to get through.  The Chef and I ate hearty breakfasts and he grilled some greatness - while wearing a full sweatsuit.  We went to movies - having donned winter garments.  We used the heater in our cars.  We ate ebelskivers and drank cocktails to our hearts' content.  It was fourth of July in December!

Outfit details:  Brandy & Melville vest, Gap favorite camis, Current/Elliott denim shorts, Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans, Foley + Corinna handbag, Cynthia Vincent Wedges, Melinda Maria rings, Martin+Osa necklace, Old Stud Handmade belt.


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Ah, winter garments in the heart of summer; not very nice might I add. You poor sweetie, but your chef made you a delicious hearty breakfast and you both went to the cinema.

So that's lovely I think, no? Indeed, sunhine would have been better, but your survived. Here's wishing you sunshine today and for the rest of the week;)

this free bird said...

FAOF - yes - it was still a great weekend. I learned, once again, not to plan things in my mind unless I'm prepared to let them live and die peacefully there!! Thanks for your kind words. Grilled cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate after the movies aren't bad either :)

Anonymous said...

Funny post, I like the way you wrote that :-) If your husband's a chef, I suppose you never ever eat fast food? or do you secretly?

Jessica said...

Ugh - it really was cold, wasn't it?! I was chattering on the beach Saturday morning and we had to throw in the beach towel in favor of shopping for a few hours, waiting for the sun to peek out!

You look fabulous in both outfits - those shoes are lovely! And congrats on the bonker neighbor's upcoming exit!

Susan said...

If there's one thing I've learned you can count on.... it's never being able to count on the weather. You defined that perfectly and brought a smile to my face reading about your change of outfit.

Both outfits were awesome, particularly the shoes and the necklace.

It's hot and muggy here... a balmy 28.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Uh, hello casual yet completely chic ensemble. I heart you. Espesh you, long drapey vest, you little minx you. And YOU, Cynthia Vincent shoes. I die. Or as they might say in southwest Missouri, I done died. Or in the south, I'm fixin to die. I think you catch my drift.

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh I am sorry it was cold...but you still look beautiful:) Great shoes:)
Kisses darling and have a wonderful and sunny day:)
Ps: Love this post...hahahahha

Krystal said...

hahaha......well at least you looked hawt while all this was going down!

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Haha you are too cute. It sounds like the both of you made the best of it, despite the temps. And you did get to wear those fantastic wedges =)

Closet Fashionista said...

Haha I love this post!! The shoes you are wearing after the change are GORGEOUS!!! I found similar ones at TJ Maxx the other day but didn't try them on because I was in a hurry...they were just black though XD

{ I V Y } said...

those are some cool shoes :D
oh haha nah i didn't use my mum's credit card, i'm too chicken !

Fashion Meets Food said...

absolutely gorgeous as always. I love your shoes! I wish I had your body you look crazy amazing!


Jammer said...

haha that story about your neighbor is too funny! Ahhh... the little things that can make us smile on a blah day :)

PS - those wedges are awesome and I'm a little bit jealous of your perfectly painted toe nails - I usually paint the whole toe haha.

fashion clocked said...

oooh sounds chilly with you.. and warm with me in the UK... whats going on!? Love both of these looks so so chic and simple- the oversized sunglasses, and wedges to die for- gorgeous!
thanks so much for your sweet words- pleased you enjoyed my post too!xxxx
fashion clocked call by sometime.x
kisses, katie.xxxxx

PhotoPuddle said...

You still look warm and summery to me! You still have your arms out!!

Anna Jane said...

I love full sweatsuits (seriously). Love that vest on you!!

CA weather can be kooky...sort of like your neighbor.

Anna Jane

nadia said...

Haha, this made me laugh. And I can relate somewhat as the weather in Vancouver has been very inconsistent (and often gloomy) these past few months. The sunshine has finally come though! Hang in there!

Ps. Love that necklace!

kirstyb said...

love this look that waist coat is gorge xxxx

Fifth Sparrow said...

Well you look lovely, despite the weather. Which, by the way.... What's up with that?!? Seriously. I've been wearing jeans and sweaters too... it's JULY!

I love love love the shoes, so I guess thats the silver lining... :)

Alicia said...

haha carrie your commentary cracks me up!! :) you look great in both the shorts and rolled up jeans. xoxo

Anna Walker said...

Oh my gosh I know what you mean! today, just to wear a dress, I may have to wear tights underneath!
This California weather, is NOT California weather!!!

Leia said...

This process sounds JUST like me! Haha. Silly weather. So uncooperative.

You look great nonetheless!

Leia's Delights

Phuong said...

you look lovely, the vest is great!

Valerie said...

Haha, this is so funny Carrie. I've been feeling the same way the majority of this entire YEAR! And this week? What's going on with the rainy mornings??? I literally had to use an umbrella. It it doesn't get blazing hot soon, I'm moving to the tropics. But those shoes you have on would brighten anyone's day!


Piper (DailyDivaDish) said...

Too cute! The shoes in the second outfit are amazing. Our weather was a bit disappointing this weekend too. It rained. :( Now if only I had those shoes to cheer me up...
XO Piper

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I hate when I do this...dress for warm weather and it ends up being cold! Well either way, your outfit is amazing! Love the vest. And those shoes! Wow!

Annie said...

awww still a fun weekend, but I know how you feel - SO not what you expected! As you saw, I expected sunny skies and days on the beach in Florida this weekend and instead we got nothing but rain the entire time. We made the best of it too though :) p.s. great shoes!

Kristen said...

Nobody likes cold weather in the summer! That just sucks.. atleast you look smokin' hot though! Those heels are amazing, unfortunately the problem with where I live; in a small excruciating hot town is.. you can't wear amazing heels like those!

And I haven't seen the movie Cryus, but it looks really good!!!

The Zhush said... least you look "The Sartorialist" careful what you wish for as we are in the throes of a major Heat Wave here...its like an oven and we are all over done!

this free bird said...

Honey (Zhush) - truer words were never spoken. When everyone else is running around in a scarf in fall I'll be whining that I'm burning alive! Ugh. Just drinking my hot chocolate and trying to be content! xoxo - Carrie :)

Anna Walker said...

who was that B list actor?!?!?! Write a post about it or something!? Ha I am so curious! :)

Mo Pie, Please said...

4th of July in December!? That is no fair for you! We had perfect summer weather at the lake. At least you're not melting in the heat wave that the east coast is facing. Silver lining, right? Regardless, you look fabulous in your outfits!

Fuji Files said...

That necklace reminds me of Erin Wasson's that I posted on! And I fully support being in denial of weather conditions.

xx Cristina

shari @ little blue deer said...

Ebelskivers! Yum! Don't you hate that, when it's cold on a holiday when it's supposed to be hot? Or, what happens down here in the South a lot, it's hot on Christmas, so annoying! You look gorgeous! XO!

Becca said...

hahahah! I love your progression of pictures. I hate when the weather doesn't cooperate with my outfit plans, but in shorts or jeans you look fantastic! Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend.

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

haha, you are so funny! I absolutely adore the ones that almost got away! Still sounds like you made the best of the chilly breezes. Big yummy breakfasts, cozying up under the covers, cocktails to your heart's content. Sounds perfect!

pixelhazard said...

Lol. I do that all the time. I once went through a phase where everytime I wore my silk and leather ballet flats, it would rain = fail

La Boheme said...

I love this post! You are funny. But hey you DID look great! xoxo

Josie said...

Ohhh, this sounds like a fabulous weekend! I love your vest and of COURSE your Luella wedges are simply to die for -- I have a sick obsession with those shoes, honestly.
xo Josie

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

i love the knot detail on the back of your vest!

alli/hooray said...

I really feel for you guys. We're over here complaining about the 90+ degree heat, but to be honest, I'm just thankful we have sun and it feels like summer. Sending sunny thoughts your way!

Irene's Beautyblog said...

I really do love the whole outfit, particularly those shoes are amazing! :)

Btw dear, I do live in Canada but I am of greek/italian/german origin hehe :) Cali must be amazing, but I love Canada!


charmaine said...

Hey Carrie!

How you doing (in a low toned Wendy Williams voice)? I hope you know who she is. So what's been going on hot stuff? I see you are still keeping it fabulous. I love this look too. I know what your saying, this 4th of July was pretty cold. Especially by the beach. Girl, I'm just getting over a little cold attack. We were by the water and I'm feeling it. Maybe I should have changed my clothes like you.

Carrie, I'm sitting over here laughing at this post. I know where to come to get a good laugh. You always put a smile on my face. Okay, how funny are you talking about "Wait Is that a breeze?" Girl you are too funny! LoL! Oh my heavens! and this part, "Woman pauses hearing cuckoo-bird neighbor say he's moving out the next day!" (Thank God for cut and paste) LoL! Cute! Carrie, you are a hoot! The Chefs happy picture of you, is just too cute. You look like you are doing just that in the photo,listening. I'm loving both outfits and the vest is adorable, love the knot in the back. you work it girl, you know what your doing!!

I got your post on Olivia. I responded back. Check it out. I missed talking to you. Out of all my comments I've ever posted, for some reason you get paragraphs out of me girl. Heck, I don't write this much on my own blog. LoL!! Hope you had a beautiful week! Talk more my friend! :)

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Haha this is too funny! Love the wedges and the rolled up jeans. Perfect compromise.


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