Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Next Person To Host the Cupcake Challenge Is...

The next person who will be welcoming Cuppie with open arms

Heather from A Measure of...

The challenge required readers to leave a
comment regarding what they thought
Cuppie said to the girl in the photo
resulting in that look on her face.
I just want everyone to know 
how tough it was for me
to pick a new host.

I literally labored over this daily as your
amazingly hilarious comments were coming in, 
wondering how I could ever choose.
Tonight I've been sitting here in 
quiet deliberations with Cuppie who
has successfully woo'd the Chef into
making cocktails for her.

I highly encourage each of you to enter a
comment at Heather's blog when she 
posts the next Challenge upon Cuppie's 
arrival and visit with her.
Each of you left such excellent and
thoughtful comments and you could be next to host Cuppie!!
I wish I had 40 little Cuppies to send off to each of you!
Thank you so much for participating - xoxo, Carrie:)

p.s. - Ebelskiver pan giveaways start later TODAY!


Krystal said...

maybe next time cuppie!

kirstyb said...

fabulous x

this free bird said...

omg it was so freaking painful to choose a winner. i wanted to send cuppie all over the country and the WORLD. oh krystal! you have to enter when heather's finished with her...I just think cuppie deserves a trip to switzerland too. ugh!

ps - posting the ebelskiver giveaway today in just a couple hours. xoxo

Krystal said...

i already added her to my reader so it's on for next time :) and glad you liked my rant, oh my gosh...it was not all rainbows and ponies at all! and i'm totally not hating on harley davidson because my grandpa drives one but MAN they do not create a nice atmosphere when you're already cranky :) BUT the the women walking around in nothing but black leather bras and tight pants was kind of fun to see!
ciao dahhhling

jemina said...

Congrats to the WINNER !!!!!! xoxo

TASHA B said...

cant wait for the giveaway!! ha ha!


Anonymous said...

I hope Heather has a much fun with Cuppie as we did! xo

Jammer said...

hahaha - tell the chef not to worry!! I was just so heartbroken over Ali giving up everything to be in Tahiti without Frankie baby that I felt it was ok to sleep through 1/2 the day haha! And, I was dying over Heather's comment too :D I feel good knowing that Cuppie is in good hands!

Josie said...

Ooooh, can't wait to hear about her adventures with Cuppie!
xo Josie

Style Attic said...

Yeah, I'm sure you chose wisely & Cuppie will have a great time :)


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