Friday, July 2, 2010

Calling Sean Penn. And Later - An Outfit To Keep It Classy & Casual on the 4th

Well, well, well.  Now isn't that the longest blogger title you ever did see?  I never was one for coloring inside the lines.  Except when I was 5.

So without further ado, let me tell you this is NOT the post I had planned as we head into the 4th of July weekend here in the US.  I was just going to give you a sample of what I might wear on the day and meander off.  Instead I spent this week becoming increasingly more agitated by the Oil Spill Crisis on the Mississippi Gulf Coast (amongst other far less original, basically banal irritations, but I'll stick to the course for this post). 

                                                            image via Bumpkin on a Swing

The past two days, in particular, I have spent a good portion of time on the telephone explaining to close friends and colleagues why they should go check out Bumpkin on a Swing's blog to really see the devastation and hear the heartwrenching stories of people living and working amidst this disaster.  It's been shocking to me.  I grew up on the Prairies in Canada where oil and gas is a healthy chunk of local business.  I know what it's like to have those rigs on our land, and know the people working on them.  It's a high risk job.  But if there was a gusher - because it would be open air - they would be able to cap it much more quickly.  I understand that.

Now that I live in California and see the oil rigs off the coast, and know what has happened in the South - I somehow feel very connected to this tragedy.  Maybe because the industry and the people are so very familiar to me.

Whatever the case for once I literally want to see more of Hollywood get involved.  I WANT TO SEE SEAN PENN WEARING A BASEBALL CAP AND MANNING A DINGY THROUGH OIL RIDDEN WATERS GOING OFF ON HIS CAMERAMAN ABOUT WHY THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.  I can't believe I am actually saying this, but it's true.  I want to see Anderson Cooper diving into the water in some crazy lifegear retrieving sick wildlife in nets and bringing them to safety (they'd be calm for him because he's Anderson and he's got a magic touch).  I want Brad and Angie to come running out and shake their heads in dismay from the sickness that's spreading through the Gulf because of the oil spill and the toxins in the air.  I want them to melodramatically be handing out gas masks for all of the world to see - making the powers that be look inefficient in comparison to two actors.  I just want more of a spotlight on the situation.  To see more outrage.  To see the people helped more quickly.  For everyone to work together to get on the same page.  I couldn't just stroll off into the long weekend without saying anything.  Because the people who have to live with the effects of that spill probably won't have the most pleasant 4th of July, and that makes me very, very sad.  After Katrina a lot of the people in the South thought that a lot of the rest of us had forgotten them.  So even though I can't do much and have no real power, I just wanted to do my little part to say  "hey, we do see and we are with you in spirit"- even though that doesn't feel like much.

By the way, did you see that FEMA pulled in the formaldehyde ridden trailers for workers to stay in?  What is up with that??  When Anderson Cooper reported on that tonight I almost snapped.  Actually I think he almost did too.  We learned (or so I thought) from Katrina that those things are poisonous and unlivable.  Why are they now being used again??  And for people who are working in completely toxic situations as it is to come in to rest in those things is even more crazy.  My head is sore from thinking about all of this.

So because I feel like I've been breathing in oil fumes for weeks here's that outfit I promised.  It seems crazy to even include it after my soapbox, but it is still the 4th, it's still going to happen, and I'm gonna make myself get out in style with the mob.  I'll be taking in those fireworks displays in the name of every person in the South who won't be able to enjoy it firsthand.  Style on!

4th outfit

Outfit details:  Ray-Ban Metro Wayfarer, Eugenia Kim Toyo Braid Fedora, Alex and Ani Expandable Wire Bracelets, Rebecca Minkoff Lovespell Crossbody Bag, Gorjana Large Horseshoe Necklace, Matt Bernson KM Gladiator Zip Sandal,  Vionnet Leather Self-Tie Belt, Stella McCartney Cashmere and Silk Blend Cardigan, and finally the Forever 21 romper pictured here is sold out - at $22 I can see why - J.Crew has a similar one that is more expensive, but super gorgeous and here's the link J.Crew Stripe Silk Romper. 


Anonymous said...

I think it's good that you wrote about it (and got it out of your system!), it really is very, very sad and I wish I could help, too. I don't understand either why Hollywood's not interested. Hollywood stars would get so much more respect (from me at least) if they used their visibility and popularity for good causes. Sigh. Enjoy your weekend anyway.

kirstyb said...

love the jumpsuit that you picked xxxx

Emilie said...

Love the jumpsuit, the hat and the shoes!

Jess said...

Um - I want that ENTIRE outfit now. Especially that romper!!


Mo Pie, Please said...

What a cute outfit. And I'm right there with you on the oil spill crisis. I can't believe it's gone on this long and it just seems to be getting worse. It breaks my heart so much.

Lori said...

Well said Carrie ~ I am with you 100%. I go on and on about Lisa and her Captain all the time. When you are far away from it people become detached and some just don't care. It isn't until you say what if it happened here?? What if you could never go to the beach again? Only then does it make them stop and think if only for a moment how devastating this situation really is.

We had a fabulous Canada Day here ~ I raised my glass to you last night ~ toasting my transplanted friend. Have a wonderful long week-end in the good ole US of A!!

Anna Walker said...

I Am glad that you wrote about it! I would love to see Anderson Cooper out there as well, and maybe Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will get involved because it is near where they like to help out (New Orleans)

I love the outfit as well!

Jammer said...

OH - I'm right with you! I think it's so frusturating that all of these big A-list celebrities who tell us who to vote for and make public statements about going green are no where to be found when we are actually dealing with a serious crisis! I mean, the dude from vampire diaries even called Hollywood out.

They need to have another telethon like they did for Haiti - that was on every channel!

Rachel said...

Loving the outfit you put together! I definitely need those sandals!

Hope you have a great weekend! :)

Valerie said...

Very well said, Carrie! It's so tragic, I'm glad you got that out. Where are Brad and Angie now? I feel like Hollywood's only interested if the spotlight is on THEM at THEIR convenience. :(

On a separate note, I'm loving that romper you posted. I hope you have a great holiday weekend! I'm hoping for sunshine!


grayce said...

This is a bigger tradgedy than most understand. Sea life relies on every detail of it's resourses in the food chain. We think about swimming things, and rarely realize all the planktin and plants they live on are being killed. It will take a decade or more for that to grow just to bring the fish back to the area. Also the fact that our "concerned" President is now sending the VP in his place tells us how much he really cares. Sorry for the long comment, but I am passionate about this too.

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I love you Carrie, thanks for sticking up for this Mississippi Bumpkin. You are all I inspire to be! A blessing that I have received amongst this negativity. This Captain's Lady loves this outfit. Those biatches at The Yacht Club could kiss my bumpkin in this one!

this free bird said...

Thanks to everyone who was brave enough and kind enough to comment on this post. I have been so troubled by the disaster and really love Bumpkin who is staying so positive, but is also SO BRAVE to bring us the truth!! Bravo!!

Bumpkin that dress was only $46!! Yes - $46. It's not available online though...some random brand from God only knows where. Ugh. I would love to get you one so you could wear it and snap a picture of the ladies at the club kissin' your bumpkin when you strolled on by. Now THERE'S a photo op!! xoxo and have the best weekend you possibly can - Carrie

this free bird said...

P.S. Hope everyone has a great 4th of July Weekend!! xoxo - Carrie

we might be back with a little cocktail post on Sunday...(just for you Shan!!)

Marcie said...

Have a wonderful weekend Carrie! I can't wait to hear/see all about it. If you get a great 4th photo, email it to me so I can post it next week. I want to do a post on fellow bloggers 4th of July.

xox Marcie

charmaine said...

Hi Carrie!

Amen, Amen and Amen! I just want to say thank you for your courage and for caring about what's going on with this tragic oil spill.

I can't stand it every time I see some sea life washed up on the beach covered in oil or birds just drenched in oil it makes me angry. It is out of control and not enough is being done about it. I'm outraged for not only the sea life and the plants but for those who make their living in the seafood industry. My heart goes out to them and their families. I pray for them daily. It's close to home for me because I have family on the Coast of Mississippi and Louisiana. They wont have the luxury of enjoying an oil free beach this Summer.

So now I'm wondering, like you, where are the green living, organic eating, global warming preaching, hybrid car driving celebrities? Huh? I just want to know. When will they have a telethon for the coast? I want to call and have Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Al Gore or Oprah Winfrey answer the phone when I call to give a donation too. If they did it for Haiti, they can do it for us. That was a good thing what they did for Haiti, but now we need it too.this has been going on too long and I have not seen or heard of a telethon yet. But I want them and us to think about those who are suffering in the coast this weekend as they celebrate for the 4th of July. When your in your boats on the lake, think about the coast, when your children are swimming in oil free water, think about the coast, when your eating your non toxic fresh water fish, lobster, crab etc. think about the coast, when you see a dolphin or two dancing in the water, think about the coast, when your able to walk along an oil free beach and sand isn't clumped with black gook between your toes and sea life isn't washed up on your beaches, think about the coast. This is not just a problem for the coast but a problem for us all.

Carrie, I am wishing you and the Chef a wonderful 4th of July celebration Darling! And I love the outfit! Talk soon!

God Bless,

Becca. said...

gorgeous gorgeous sandals, the zips and the colour is just lush!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

Well said! Bravo! It is awful what has happened and we should all be as angry and disgusted as you! Sean Penn in a dingy! Love it!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

I've been following all this from afar, and it's nothing short of frustrating, disastrous. I won't go off on it, but glad that you are writing about it too! It's so good to blow off the steam.

Still, I hope you have a lovely weekend in some lovely outfits! Oh how wonderful to only wear one small layer of clothing!!! xo

LouBoo said...

Hi Carrie - well said. I follow the bumpkin and she is the mouthpiece for me of exactly what is happening there. She is the oracle on the topic. You write well and so many share your frustration. When Sean Penn gets it together and sets out to sea I will think of you :-) Lou x

Leia said...

More of a spotlight on the situation? This just reminds me how different the news is all over the world! I was in London when the news first broke and it was alllll over the news, so much so that, even though everyone felt bad and wanted to do something about it (especially because BP was being perceived as "British" even though it's no longer a British company, it's international), people were starting to get tired of hearing about it on the news. And The Economist and other publications started posting charts that said things like "in comparison to other oil spills over the years this particular one is miniscule" etc etc. Now I know that's no excuse and what I'm PARTICULARLY annoyed about is the fact that I saw lately on the news that civilians aren't allowed to help because they don't have the right equipment/masks etc, but that people who WERE authorised to clean up weren't wearing all that anyway. And what bothers me most is that people (crazy Alaskan lady ahem) are like "well there's nothing wrong with deep sea drilling actually, this was just a rare one gone wrong." Um, no! Can you just stop all this madness and try to find other ways of fuelling our energy consumption... something that DOESN'T damage the earth & people's livelihoods???

Sorry for the rant. Hope all that made sense. LOL.
Leia's Delights

Tania said...

Slightly disturbed by your thoughts... I might not agree, but I love your choices of clothes :P

this free bird said...

Thanks again everyone for your thoughts - the one thing I think we can all agree on (hopefully) is this is a horrible thing that's happened.

My primary hope (and point) is that rather than pointing fingers of blame at either the government or BP (or whoever) that instead the focus would turn to working together to a. cap the thing (obviously) b. help the region - the people and the environment - that is suffering the effects.

And in the meantime, if we could get people of influence to get involved and help out too - that would ideal. I'm not blaming or bitching out anyone. What I am saying is that I would actually appreciate seeing them in this case. Sometimes they can generate much needed assistance in ways that the rest of us can't.

Hope you're all having a great weekend. We are still fogged in under June gloom!


Excellent words and I think your quote picture is perfect.
(And love the outfit collage).
Hope you have a great weekend.

Fashion Meets Food said...

Have a fabulous 4th!!! love that romper you picked out!


oh and as for adding me to your blogroll you can put me under Fashion! :] Thanks girly! food is just keeping me on track right now as I try to lose 15 lbs before my august wedding which isnt happening lol. after that food will be slim on my blog.

enjoy the weekend

MT Days & Nights said...

Yes, I totally agree. I think people are purposely keeping coverage banned on the oil spills to detract attention from it. So sad!!

Ashley said...

Well said. I agree that there needs to be a much larger spotlight on what is going on in the Gulf Coast... it's almost like celebs are afraid to attach their names to this, and I have no idea why. But I'm glad you wrote this, and I'm about to post this link on Twitter if that's ok - maybe help spread the message? Hard to say "Happy 4th of July" now, but I guess the celebrations go on regardless...?


its simple love said...

What an adorable outfit! I am in love!


p.s. If you have the time be sure to check out my $50 gift certificate to CSN online stores!

NOIR_XXX said...

that bag = amazing

i want no wait i NEED it in my life!
thanks for the heads up miss!

Rachel Cotterill said...

It's funny, I've heard a lot about the spill on the news (over here in the UK) but all focusing on the various attempts to stop the flow - very little about the human impact on everyone who is living and working in that situation. This was an interesting - and sobering - read.

The Zhush said...

Very well said...weird how this isn't on the news 24/ least not here in NY!

Tere said...

I love the sunglasses!
are incredible!
is the first time i visit your blog!
kisses from

MarchMusings said...

Love the jumpsuit and the belt too.

Tamara Nicole said...

Amen!!! I a turning into a huge news junky and love how Anderson Cooper is staying down there and picking on BP, love it! Someone has to show what's going on, and speak for the people over there! Loved this rant:-)

ALSO lovely outfit!


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