Monday, May 3, 2010

Will Ya Hang It Up Already???

Can I make a citizen's arrest if I see someone texting or talking while driving??  I'm kind of not kidding and posed this same question to the boyfriend just yesterday afternoon along with a request for a portable set of flashing lights to put in my car window (receiving a muffled guffaw - what's THAT supposed to mean?)  Living in Southern California has enough challenges as it is, and people talking and texting while driving really need to be in the clanker.  I mean seriously.  You think you can hold the wheel, maneuver the vehicle, watch the road and be aware of all the other drivers and pedestrians around you while sending out a wtf or whatever via text?  Apparently so because I see this happening around me all the time.  These people might as well pour themselves a drink or better yet just swig right out of the flask from behind the wheel because engaging in this behavior is basically the equivalent. 

To make matters worse I think Oprah is losing her mojo.  I'm pretty sure she had her No Phone Zone rally in LA on Friday, but the following afternoon while on the 405 I found myself behind a go fast, hit the brake for no reason, go fast, hit the brake for no reason with miles of free space in front of him.  While in the process of passing I glanced over to find this nonsense while moving at approximately 75 mph:

Tsk, tsk Big O - this is unacceptable. 

Then, yesterday afternoon I wound up behind an SUV swerving in and out of the lane in front of me clearly having zero interest in what was taking place on the road.  With the text-er fresh in my mind I pulled up next to the vehicle to find a guy with his phone clearly stuck to the side of his head (and not that bluetooth contraption that goes in your ear causing all kinds of cancer either) yapping away oblivious to my blank stare of death. 

After pulling up next to him at a stop light I motioned to him with one of these and sped off before he had a chance to flick me the bird.  After all, a girl's gotta stay safe while out there on citizen's patrol.  But on a serious note - we all need to do our part to bring talking/texting while driving to an end because it is deadly.


Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, you need to write for a magazine or something, too much! Love your blogs!
ps - how the hells do I follow this from fb? (damn you computer illiteracy)

this free bird said...

Allison! I don't know if you can actually follow from facebook...I think I might have to start a facebook page specifically for the blog. In the meantime just grab a gmail or yahoo account and sign up to follow!! yaaaahhhhhoooooooo!! i'm ba-ack!!


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