Thursday, May 27, 2010


With Memorial Day weekend officially marking the beginning of summer comes the grim reality that it's time to start thinking about the swimsuit.  This time the actual bikini is not what's getting me down (thankfully the painful process of finding a couple happened late in the season last year - she types while wiping sweat from brow), but rather getting myself from home to beach or poolside and everywhere in between suitably clothed.  I'm just not that girl who strolls the streets and shops of my beachtown in only the bikini, and you won't find me riding a beach cruiser in one either.  So, like clockwork, every year around this time I begin to visualize a classy, fun and simple beach cover-up that will take me from home to watery tanning destination.  While combing through sites last night in search of "the one", I realized why my cover-up tends to almost always consist of a t-shirt and cut-offs...

...a lot of chic numbers that slide over swimsuits are pretty pricey!  Despite that, I did select some classic shapes we could all live with and now just have to go comb Gap, Old Navy, Target and the like to find their less expensive cousins :)  If you have found a great cover-up or two please feel free to share the details.  This is one journey I'd like to cut back on!! (but will probably fall slightly off the wallet for anyway, knowing me)


Upper Left - Roberta Roller Rabbit Tunic $77, Middle - Lemlem Lucy Patio Dress $200, Upper Right - Topshop Embroidered Smock Coverup, Lower Left - Missoni Bosforo Caftan $592, Lower Right - Forever21 Strapless Boho Dress $14.50 (JACKPOT)


Taylor said...

These are really cute!! I like them all, but they ARE expensive! I wonder why, because they are made with minimal fabric..

I like the top left blue one! But $77, definitely not! The Forever 21 boho dress is cute, their dresses are always awesomely chic!

this free bird said...

Taylor thank you so much for your comment. Between the pricing debacle, a polyvore nightmare and a blogger glitch I almost tossed this post in the trash!!

And p.s. - yes they ARE expensive!! Topshop has some cute stuff for around $40, but they're just slip over dresses - I'm sure Target has cute options. And why would I spend $200 on a Rachel Pally maxi dress (didn't post, but she makes nice jersey) - when I can spend $25 on some jersey at Old Navy that's just going to get sand all over it anyway??

I guess I'm done ranting now. If I was going on a fancy holiday, I could justify $70, but for just around the neighborhood would like to find something cute and inexpensive.

That Missoni is wonderful though...and the Lemlem's not bad either. sigh. xo

Marcie said...

That patio dress is great. I like your style!
:) marcie

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I like the one on the upper right! But, I think I would be happy with the Forever21 has a nice price!

Jessica said...

I just wear a little cotton sundress from J.Crew a couple of years ago. It's easy to throw on, the straps of my suit look cute with it and it washes well so I don't have to worry about ruining it. It looks a bit like this one:

Better yet: I look cocktail-ready at a moment's notice!

The Fashion Bloggess said...

wow! great post as per usual!
LOVE your blog sooooo much!
Such an inspiration! Definitely
bookmarking you righttt now!
Hope you can stop by mine
sometime :) xx

Fuji Files said...

Yunno without looking at the prices my favorite was actually the F21! That NEVER happens!

xx FujiFiles

Rachel said...

Loving these dresses!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my last couple of posts - I really appreciate it. Following you now! The bottom left cover-up is my favorite. :)

this free bird said...

Marcie - yahoo! and isn't that dress cute?? i will admit i already went out and purchased a cover-up last night. my own posts are getting to me...will discuss next week. :)

Poppies and Sunshine - yes! topshop knows how to do it right. their offerings are always so cute and fashionable, but the forever21 dress is an amazing steal and looks great too.

Jessica!! - thanks so much for the link!! j.crew does such a great job with the casual cover-ups, and their stuff lasts and looks good for a long time. yeah!

Bloggess - i'll come visit this weekend. thanks for stopping by :)

Fujifiles - mmmmkay? i love the forever21 dress too! and easily as much as some of the others (there is relief for the wallet after all)

Rachel - yay!! i do too, but you never know because we all have different tastes so thanks for letting me know!

Jen - a missoni woman at heart! and ps - you are most welcome.


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