Monday, May 3, 2010

WeHo Target = Heavy Danger

Did you happen to hear about the mad stabbings that took place this afternoon in West Hollywood at Target??  Some crazy lady lost her beans, grabbed a couple of knives out of the housewares section and took matters into her own hands stabbing 4 people before being apprehended by an off duty cop who was shopping for paper towels on his day off.  Note to self: not going there again any time soon.

Now while I realize this is completely horrifying on many accounts I can't help pointing out some key points that the LA times captured in their story.

-Allison McNamara, an Entertainment Journalist, was shopping in the store when she encountered the woman plunging her knife into the back of a man.  When the woman turned to look at Allison she fled the scene and took to twitter to report what was taking place.  Now I don't want to judge because who knows what I might do in a similar situation (maybe clang her on the back of the head with a caste iron frying pan or dial 911 while running in the opposite direction as fast as humanly possible?  just a thought) Twitter.  Interesting choice. 

-The woman was described as wearing flowery pants and hollering "I'm bipolar.  There's no witness protection program."  Okay I can't say much here either.  I was once involved with a crazy boyfriend, almost had a breakdown, cut all my hair off and wore a bad purple sweater nearly every day for 3 months, and there wasn't a witness protection program for me either.

-There was a Sgt. Josh Mankini who gave a statement to the Times.  Mankini?  I'm sorry, but I just can't resist:  is that like a bikini for men a la the Kramer days of the Manzier?  I know I'm horrible!  But when I saw the name I immediately pictured the bikini section at Target and couldn't help myself!!

On a serious note though, now that I've officially been signed onto hell's most wanted list, that situation had to be absolutely terrifying.  The woman was completely on the lam in Target, running up and down the aisles slashing people as the off duty cop pursued her while customers either hid or tried to run out of the store.  I can't even imagine how traumatized everyone involved must have been.  What a nightmare.

On a closing note, however, I hope this tragedy won't cause you to shy away from Target shopping extravaganzas.  I'll be doing a post or two this week on recent, amazing Target purchases that have left my closet clamoring for more - and definitely without the trauma.  Sad.


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