Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Penny Saved

...Is a penny put inside one of these hilarious little change purses!!

Can you imagine??  LOVES IT!

I was strolling through Mother's Market a couple weeks ago on a mad quest for gluten-free oat flour when I happened to glance down and see the above.  I stopped dead in my tracks and let out a yelp.  The bf turned around, looked down and started the "no, no, no we're here to get flour and that's it!!", but it was too late.  I had already tipped the whole basket upside down and managed to grab this one too before getting dragged off:

Talk about poetry in motion.  Given all the hell I've had to go through dealing with insurance companies and derelict drivers since THIS took place it's a good thing I've got my Boss Lady money bag to remind me I AM the boss of that claim - even when I don't really feel like it.  Bullies.

My mind was buzzing all the way home thinking about the change purse treasures I had found (no gluten-free oat flour in sight though. sigh).  The company who makes them is Blue Q Merchandise and they have some really great, eco-friendly products including this crazy little number called the "Stand Your Ground" shopper that would be great for groceries or trips to the farmer's market:

Check them out!  The change purses were only $3.99 and the shoppers run around $11.99 so pretty reasonable and a LOT of fun.  In the day of debit and credit it's not as common to carry cash, but living in SoCal (or wherever you may be) you're bound to need some change for the meter and it's nice not to have to weigh your wallet down or stretch it out with loose change.  These would be great to throw in for little gifts as well.  Hope you enjoy!


Kara said...

I love all these BlueQ products.. I even got to meet the graphic designer who designs them!

this free bird said...

Kara that's so cool!! I rock these little change purses like no other. They are so fun and total conversation pieces. Also a tremendous cheer-up to pull out of my bag when I'm having a bad day.

Lucky you to get to meet the designer. What a great job that person has!!


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