Sunday, May 16, 2010

Misery Loves Company

To say I've been under the weather this weekend is a bit of an understatement.  By the time Friday at 2pm hit I was pretty much delirious and going down fast.  All I remember is mumbling something about chicken fried rice before passing out in bed.  Not pretty.

Since I'm far away from my mom and can only whine by telephone (not nearly the same as in person although I do give it my best effort) I find myself seeking comfort in things that are within arm's reach whenever I get sick.  If you were a fly on the wall in my home this weekend you would find me decked out in head-to-toe James Perse (trust me there's nothing that says safe and warm like a pair of $200 cashmere blend sweats while lying in the best bedding in all the land - the man is lethal), drinking a blend of green and white tea for maximum antioxidants, eating gluten-free peanut butter cookies with a bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips close at hand while episodes of Felicity played softly in the background.

If you want the truth I would probably be content with just the Felicity.  Okay maybe while also lying in the Perse bedding.  Seriously though, did you ever watch that show?  In my opinion it is, bar none, the most well-written television program of our time.  Even though my college days are long over, there is something about Felicity that still speaks to me.  The characters are real, the dialogue and stories are believable and the overall theme is easy to relate to.  When I hear either of its opening theme songs I am transported to a happy place. 

Don't be surprised if you hear me in my delirium muttering, "yeah! i wanna become a new version of me" - a healthy one thank you very much.

BTW - I met Scott Speedman once through friends and, well, let's just say I now understand why Felicity followed Ben across the country.

Hope you're all having a fun and healthy weekend!


She Wore It Well said...

Definitely my fave TV show of all time!! I played roulette with "Noel" and his wife at the Bellagio in Vegas last year. True story! I kept looking over at him thinking hmmmmmm you look familiar, and then I realised it was NOEL!! haha

Hope you're feeling better x

this free bird said...

NO WAY!!! I HAVE A TOTAL NOEL STORY TOO!! When I first moved to LA I was with friends walking down 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica on a Friday evening amidst swarms of people.

As we're walking the two of my friends move in front and I'm strolling along in the rear. I happen to glance up and in the distance I see this guy walking toward me and I recognize him.

Now bear in mind I'm completely homesick and haven't seen a familiar face in months (aside from the 2 with me). So, naturally, I think I must know this person from Seattle or when I lived in Canada.

As we get closer to him I'm going through the rolodex of faces in my mind. We make eye contact and he smiles; I smile back. We're smiling at each other. He passes by. And about 3 steps later it clicks - NOEL CRANE. It was an instant reaction. I SCREAM OUT LOUD in the middle of 100's of people "NOEL CRANE!" as I turn around to look at him. He turns around and BURSTS OUT LAUGHING. And we waved at each other before my friends dragged me off in a fit of embarrassment.

Not NEARLY as good as your story, but still a story! That's crazy! At the roulette table with Noel and wife. Awesome!

ps - still coughing like crazy, but hopefully on the mend. thx for the well wishes! x

this free bird said...

Oh and ps - I was much more composed with Scott Speedman. We actually carried on a civil conversation and he is a very nice person. Definitely an A+ on the dreamy factor though. oy


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