Sunday, May 9, 2010

Strawberry Saturday

This morning, not even knowing I was making gluten-free vanilla cupcakes, my bf showed up with these (and we are looking into a new camera as I type):

"Hooray!!" I said.  Dessert for breakfast is always a grand idea! After a dip in the sink they were here:

They smelled so good that even Monkey Boy decided to come out of the tall grass (ahem, weeds) for a look:

But not Sister Lil.  Saturdays are purely for lounging as far as she's concerned:

It wasn't long before the chef and I combined efforts and were eating these: 

Yummy!  Hope you're having a great weekend!


Jessica said...

Yum! All the strawberries makes dessert healthy ... right?

this free bird said...

Jessica!! That's exactly what I was saying - they make dessert and, in this case, breakfast very healthy. oops! :)

this free bird said...


elledee said...

They look so fresh! I love what you made in the last picture!!!

this free bird said...

elledee - they were straight from the fruit stand which basically means completely fresh here in socal! such a welcome to spring!! thanks for your - your nephew is a doll :)


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