Tuesday, May 18, 2010


There is one word to describe the current weather in Southern California:  damp.  When weather conditions are overcast and cool my mind immediately goes to impeccable outerwear because there are few things I hate worse than being cold and bundling up in bulky layers.  Ugh.  One of my favorite pieces of outerwear is a Club Monaco trench coat I bought a few years back.  It cuts the cold and allows me to dress simply and comfortably while still keeping warm.  This afternoon when I pulled it out of the closet to wear on an errand it got me wondering what's currently out there in Trench.

After pouring over sites here are some of my favorites.  It's great to see the classics as well as the patterns, prints and hardware that make each piece unique.  Of course Burberry is still out there killing it, but I actually tried on the Gryphon Chain Trench yesterday and, despite a bit of weight around the neck, it is amazing.  If I found $700 worth of change in the couch cushions it is exactly what I would be spending it on.  How about you?

Trench Coats

1. Forever21 Twill Trench - $39.80
2. Topshop Spotty Double Bow Trench - $160
3. Burberry Two-Tone Taffeta Trench - $995
4. BB Dakota Aubree Trench - $55
5. ModCloth Sunny Disposition Trench - $84.99
6. Gryphon Chain Trench - $645


Marcie said...

These are all amazing, but of course my favorite is the most expensive. Why does my taste insist on breaking the bank?

Great post :) Marcie

Anna Jane said...

I think it's definitely worth it saving up for a Burberry trench. It's such a classic! My rationale is, "I'll pass it on to my daughter/niece" (I have neither)

Anna Jane


this free bird said...

Okay you guys are cracking me up!!

Marcie - I was hesitant to even put the Two-Tone Taffeta Trench up there with its $1000 price tag, but the more I looked at it - the more I loved it too so I'm right there with you. sigh. I guess since it's your favorite and the most expensive it means you have excellent taste?? Let's go with that...The thing is gorgeous.

Anna Jane - mmmmkay? I'm so there with you and think your rationale is brilliant. In fact I use it all the time (sadly) - I'm just a little ahead of you with a 4 yr old niece. You have a LOT to look forward to with this line of reasoning! ha!

alli/hooray said...

Trenches are one of my favorite pieces in a wardrobe. I would buy one in every color if I could (I love that polka dot one!).

this free bird said...

Alli - I have to say this was a tough post. I thought I was leaning one way, then I'd go another. Each of the jackets has it's own unique flair. The polka dot trench is such a fun piece and it would sass up so many outfits! sigh

20 York Street said...

I always love trenches, it looks so professional, stylish and put together! Love number 5 but I wish I can afford the Burberry classic!


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