Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cliggity Clogs

I was at an amazing trunk show for Gaby Basora (blog to come soon) a couple weeks ago when a sassy little shoe on another woman's foot caught the corner of my eye.  Ever have that happen? It was a quick glance followed by a head whip and a hiss to the chef, "did you see that shoe??"  He's all "which shoe are you talking about now?"  Uh-oh.  And in the time this exchange went on said shoe DISAPPEARED.  Emblazoned in my mind forever was a pale heeled mid-height clog with black leather peep-toe and ankle strap.

I tried to put the shoe out of my mind.

It didn't work.

I set out to the internet.

Was it this one?

No.  Heel's too dark and platform's too thick.

Was it this one?
No.  Heel's too high and I don't recall silver studs.
Discouragement begins to set in...and suddenly, THERE THEY WERE.  And now, here they are!  Swedish Hasbeens.  Prepare yourself for a barrage of photos.  These shoes are that good.

At first you might be thinking to yourself, "what's the big deal?" But I swear when you see them in person they make your heart skip a beat.  I have heard about these shoes off and on for at least a year.  I've even looked them up before, but clearly it did not register when I saw them in person.  They're incognito like that!

I wore them all day and they are seriously like walking around barefoot.  You forget you have shoes on.  Even though my toe is hanging over the edge in this picture that does not happen when I'm walking around.  They fit like a charm. Or a glove.  However that goes again.

The shoes received a lot of compliments and sideways glances today.  From this tres blurry photo the chef took of me you can see it was not because I was dressed to the height of fashion (shoes and Martin + Osa being the exception) or feeling well.  We're not professional photographers by any means; he's just doing his part to bring the shoes to the people!  Gotta love him for it, too!

I can't resist.  I have to show you one more.  It was like a scene out of a book.  We were pulling up to the house after a hellish all-day at the doctor's office where I was tested for all kinds of mayhem in the chest.  We decide to stop at the beach.  We park the car and get out, and there is some type of tree that has shed all the red flowers you see beneath my feet!  They match my toes!  He grabbed the camera as the sun was going down and here's the best one yet!

I might even sleep in them tonight.  Okay that's exaggerating.  BUT.  If I DID have to sleep in them sometime it wouldn't even be uncomfortable.  Every girl should have one (pair).  Just a suggestion. :)

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