Monday, October 25, 2010

Soldier of Love

Scenes from the weekend

#1:  On Way to Meet See Jane (didn't get any pictures - fail! - too much good conversation - WIN!)
(Saturday afternoon driving in mad amounts of traffic on the 110 Freeway.  Chef's behind the wheel - I'm riding shotgun)

Me:  What the hell are these people doing on the road?!?
Me:  Get in the carpool lane before we go under that bridge into no man's land or we'll be eff'd!!  Ohhhh maaaaaan - there aren't any spacers to get into the carpool lane!!
Chef:  Yes there are.  Just up there.
Me:  No there's not!
silence as lane opens to get into the carpool lane
Chef:  Let's just drive off into the sunset of our love and never look back.
Me:  Dude are you for real? Where do you come up with this crap?? 
Chef chuckles maniacally while I shake my head so hard it almost flies off.

#2:  At Fave Mexican Restaurant
(combing menus over chips, salsa and margaritas)

Me:  What are you getting?
Chef:  I'm not sure.  How about you?
Me:  I was thinking crispy chicken taco, but now I'm thinking one of their specials.
Chef:  You're my especial. (pronounced ay-spay-see-al)
I stare at him.  Then roll eyes.
He bursts out laughing
Me:  (in deadpan voice) Seriously.  What the hell is wrong with you?
He laughs even harder.

If only I had known that less than 3 hours later he would lock
the keys to my house and garage inside the garage.

Zara Blazer + AWang's Coco + Martin+Osa Skinny Denim
*how I miss you M+O let me count the ways...numbers don't go high enough*
               James Perse Cotton Cashmere Thermal      
Melinda Maria Link Oxidized and Margo Circle Rings 
 Alexander Wang, the original Coco + Ash Ono Boots
 Oh how I wish this picture could be enlarged without going off the screen.
Technology = enemy

Scene 3:  
We pull up to the garage, it's lightly raining, the Chef goes to root around for a lamp in storage before I put the car inside for the night.
Me:  The lamp is in one of the boxes by the door.
Chef:  Okay move the car in (as he carries big ol' floor lamp)
Me:  What are you talking about?  That's not a table lamp!
Chef:  What?!
Me: (hollering out the window) Bedside lamp!  We need the bedside lamp!
Chef:  Ohhhhhhhhhh.  Back up then.  I have to shut the garage door.

He locates the lamp and proceeds to enter the house while I park the car thinking he has used my house keys to enter the house.  I join him inside.  

Me:  Dude, where are my house keys?  I need to re-attach them.
Chef:  I don't have them (slight smirk)
Me:  Don't play around.  Gimme those keys (temperature is rising) I have a lot to get done tonight.
Chef:  I don't have them.  They must be locked in the garage. 
Me:  *goes off*  That's the only set to the garage! My car's locked in the (profanity-laced) garage?? How the profanity am I supposed to get in there to get out in the morning?!?  And several other choice words not fit for blog consumption.
Chef:  Can't we just be young lovers in love?  Let's just go back to where we were in the beginning!

Seriously?  Seriously.
This can only mean one thing.  


Katie said...

Need. that. bag.
Jared and the Chef must be distantly related, or at least share some gene that gives them the same (weird) sense of humor.

Laura said...

hahahahahaha.... i'm cracking up right now. Chef is hilarious. It sounds like he had one too many drinks, but apparently that's not the case. lol. :) At least he's attempting to lighten the mood and mix in a little "love". hahahahahaha (still cracking up..) but, on a much more very important note. LOVE the outfit :). and ohhh do i love M&O too.. but, i'm sure my money would be better well spent elsewhere.. and saved.. (sigh, cry, cry, and shake head..)

good luck w/ the car in the AM. night night to you!

Collette Osuna said...

toooo funny!! your bag. I read on Janes blog that you guys met up....too cool!!!

Have a great Monday!

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Diana Mieczan said...

Hahhaha that is so funny and your Chef is hilarious.I am in love with your bag..I am going to dream about it all day long:)
Wish you a sunny Monday

Krystal said...

HAHAH these entertained me lots - do them all the time!!!! PS so jealous of your blogger meetup! I want to sit in love weather in cali and talk!
and i'm jealous of your boots, so want a pair exactly like that. if they go missing from your closet i know nothing about it..

Jessica said...

Oh man. Hahaha. And I bet he was buttering you up so he could get a pass when he did something stupid next time. I'd be furious if Nate made a sweet comment when I'm raging. Haha.

Debby said...

I think Chef is a cutie... better than yelling in my opinion! Love your blazer! xo

DiamondsandTulle said...

Oh wow.. sounds like a stressful evening. But you look incredibly fab! Those boots and bag are perfection and you look cool even if your temp was rising! :) Hope the rest of the week gets better.

xx Vivian @

LyddieGal said...

Aww, you and chef are so cute!
As is your jacket, and um, what is that awesome studdedness I see??

Dawn said...

At least you have that bag;)

Stacey said...

Sounds like there's never a dull moment with the chef. That bag and those boots are just gorgeous!!!Happy Monday;-)

Closet Fashionista said...

Hahha oh was quite amusing to read all that though...but ugh on locking the keys in the garage...hate when stuff like that happens!!!
that bag is GORGEOUS!

Chas said...

I love your bag, it's gorgeous!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Ah, well, at least he is seeing the brighter side of things? ;o)

Danielle said...

I'm laughing. Sounds like scenes between RBB and I...funny how we pair up and even each other out in relationships. Of course...I would have lost my cool over the keys.

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

u and chef crack me up!!!!

i've been using my Coco for the last year - and let me tell ya - i gotta give it up soon - AGAIN i went walking around with my bag - and umm doesn't it KILL your back?! - i can do a mall trip with the bag or normal small routine - but walking around with it for a few hours - for get it

i said to Joe this weekend 'y can't men use bags, cuz i could really use u holding my bag right now' - he felt my pain - and he'll normally hold onto it for a bit (ya know all manly like a football) - but this time i was on my own with the thing :o(

*kiss kiss*
*Enter Camille Beckman Luxury Give-Away Here*

Daniela said...

Chef is great :) what a great sense of humor (even though it can get annoying if your not finding it funny lol)
Btw...I. Love. That. Bag.
Have a great week.

Half Dressed said...

These conversations made me chuckle. Great outfit too those boots are gorgeous.

l x
Half Dressed

Anna Jane said...

Love that I can know put a face to Mister Chef and can actually IMAGINE you two talking :) SO GREAT meeting you this weekend and hope to do it again sometime soon! and, hey, I know that outfit...that bag, ah!


MerciBlahBlah said...

Send me the boots and the Wang NOW and no one gets hurt.


Jen said...

You two seem like a blast together!! Oh what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall!

As for your outfit... gorgeous as usual. Don't you just love James Perse? Love, Love, Love his tees. So dang comfy!

Nikki said...

hahahahhahaaa love this post. I LOVE that you and Anna got to hang out! I bet you guys had so much fun!
Your outfit is amazing (in love with your A-Wang bag and Ash boots)

Have a nice Monday!

PursuitOfLLT said...

love your blazer and boots!

and chef, too funny. but i know exactly how you feel. sometimes the only way to respond is with intense profanity, haha

style'n said...

love love love the blazer-perfect for work and weekends! And love the recap of your dinner etc..with "the chef".

Sydney at PetiteGorgeous said...

Love love this military look on you! Glad you had a great time with the chef! That dinning experience must be special ;).

Jude said...

Love these hilarious snippets of conversation with the Chef :) And your bag and shoes are just GOR-geous!

Dancing Branflake said...

This is hilarious! You have a gift for words and I really feel like I was there witnessing these non-fight fights.

Daisy said...

too freakin funny carrie. you and chef are quite the duo. and those boots and that purse are hawt!

Courtney Erin said...

My god I love those boots!

xoxo ~ Courtney

la petite coquine said...

Oh dear god. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but it's damn hysterical now!

So how did you get inside after all?

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Hah! And can I just say that anytime you're done with that bag you can send it my way. Happy Monday!

Valerie said...

Oh no!!!! How did you get in? Just when I'm enjoying the weekend, Mondays always come to rain on my parade. I'm so sad I missed the meet up with you and Anna Jane! It sounds like you girls had a blast. I still am obsessed with your A Wang duffle. So, about the spending freeze. I broke down and bought one on Friday! But I really feel pretty good about it since I hadn't shopped in a while and it wasn't an impulse purchase. It should be arriving from shopbop on Wednesday (squeel)! I saw your tweet about your trip to Sak's over the weekend. Spill it. What'd you get?


Josie said...

Carrie, your life is so much more fun than mine. It's not even fair. You and the Chef are positively hysterical. And you look adorable! I love your bag and of COURSE the JP thermal. The man is a freaking genius. Also, I'm highly jealous of you and Anna Jane because I happen to be obsessed with both of you. I mean, don't worry, I'll get over it, haha. But still.
xo Josie

Leia said...

Arghhh that sounds sooo stressful! I'm sorryyy! But... at least you looked amazing?!


Ms. Givens said...

Chef sounds like a guy actually worth laughing with.
Love those boots!

Alicia said...

bahaha, the scene at the mexican restaurant reminds me of my fiance and i exactly! he makes the comments and i roll my eyes in silence. love the boots lady, i need new black boots! ;)

Marie a la Mode said...

Ha ha ha I love your conversations. On Friday I did a post like this with a conversation between me and D. about my spending habits.

K, your bag is seriously amazing! I love it. You're looking fab as always!

Mo Pie, Please said...

Sounds like an interestingly difficult but humor-laced weekend!

Nikki said...

Hahah! I wish my Husband would talk like that ;)

Rachel said...

Hahahahaha! Too funny, yet so cute! :P
Love your outfit... That Coco Duffel is perfect!

Amber Blue Bird said...

This post made me chuckle, you have quite the comedian on your hands

styleforlife said...

Sorry to hear about keys but you look AMAZING!!!
So I say concentrate on the fabulousness of your style!
xx Emily from EL Vintage

fashion clocked said...

ha this is hillarious... but a complete nightmare with the keys at the time! Love the you are my 'especial' part in the restaurant, certainly sounds like a lot of fun and laughs. Love your outfit- very chic and classic and of course love the wang.Katie.xx

fashion clocked

Indie.Tea said...

This was a great post, I smiled out loud several times :)
At least you looked great while you were mad :)

Marissa said...

Ahahaha! Poor Chef!

alli/hooray said...


Kimbirdy said...

i think next time i use profanity, i'm going to actually say "profanity" and "expletive" instead of swear words. maybe that will help lighten the mood. :) i hope your monday turns right around to perfection!

Isabel said...

this made me laugh..i hope you get your keys back asap! and i am so buying that alex wang bag at xmas even if i dont have all the money for it!

Kate said...

FIRST! I lovelovelove your bag & boots! So awesome.

SECOND! That dialogue was hilarious. I think my favorite line of the whole thing was "How the profanity am I supposed to get in there..." hahaha! Such a good way of making it blog appropriate!

THIRD: Hope you somehow got into the garage?!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Haha you crack me up! I love your stories...and that jacket. Yo ulook awesome!

P.S. Head over to my blog to enter my latest giveaway :)

Claire Kiefer said...

Awwwww the Chef is sweet. :) He looooves his little especial! haha. And that is one cute outfit--I'm loving that blazer AND the bag! Sorry you got locked out though . . . that is no fun. I hope you made the Chef climb through a window to repent.

Lori said...

He is a sweetie Carrie ~ you just couldn't see how much! Love your boots and bag and do tell the story about how you rescued your keys....

this free bird said...

oh Claire. there's no window!!! GONG SHOW!

Ebony said...

Awwww he sounds so sweet. A little annoying when you're pissed off, but super sweet otherwise.

Love the bag!

Freelance Shop-A-Holic said...

HAHA!!! I just posted about tacos too! Love this look Carrie! I don't like the 110. Who designed that effin thing any way? Everytime we drive it I get so sick... Keys always run away from me... along with my purse and socks

She Wore It Well said...

You need to tell us what happens next!?!?!?!? How did you get into the garage?

M xx

heather yalin said...

OK You guys are hilarious! I guess we'll find out tomorrow how you got into the profane garage?

But I'm glad the sunshine of your love is able to pull your through the rough times! I mean, how can you be mad? It's just too great!


LOL you're hysterical! What a hilarious & crazy story!!! Good news is Chef's romantic & you looked fabulous :) Happy Monday, sweetiepie! xoxo

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Quite a Monday my dear - you are too funny! It is funny how out partners can have a surprisingly sweet attitude right?
That Zara blazer and the Coco are just lovely!

Thanks for your sweet comments too dear :)

Lovely B. said...

Great your recap. You guys are too funny :)

By the way - I'm loving your outfit!

Sarah said...

Once I mailed the set of keys that I share with my husband to california. I MAILED OUR KEYS TO CALIFORNIA. We both had to do pub tran till my friend fed exed them back to us. Cute boots! Your chef is funny!

20 York Street said...

BOyZ! That is hilarious my dear, wow, I mean how can you get mad at all the looove he's been throwin' at you all weekend!


I miss you too!


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MarchMusings said...

How do men come up corny lines? But if they didn't they wouldn't be 'men', I guess. Funny read, truly. Not so funny - how gorgeous your bag and boots are!

Lisa Griffin said...

hahahaha you absolutely crack me up and i totally need this tonight!! it has been a (profanity) of a day, sorry i didn't respond to the email! just did thank you and very sorry, now i'm babbeling need sleep

Kara said...

Don't you just LOVE it when men try to be funny? I certainly do.

I'm going to join the club of OMG YOUR BAG. I need it.

Corey thompson said...

I love that everyone is in love with your bag... I however am in love with your chef.... He slays me.

Chiara said...

This post was absolutely hillarious and well written!!!
and that purse is amazing!

Style Attic said...

I can almost hear his laughter over mine right now :)

You slay me my friend! I needed the I need that bag!!


Poppies and Sunshine said...

Lol you are so funny! Priceless conversations!
Thanks for sharing.
I am glad you got into your house finally...well I am assuming you did!
Have a great Tuesday!

janettaylor said...

Beautiful boots!

jemina said...

LOVE that bag, and WOW!!! I love what Chef said to you :)), wishing you a magnificent day :)


Marcie said...


Loving the boots and bag. I love See Jane too! How fun you had a blogger meet-up. I am driving from San Diego to LA next week (on Thursday). Maybe we could have a quick coffee. :)

xo M

Annie said...

That's so fun & you See Jane met up - yay!! Those boots are to die for.. wow. xo

Taylor said...

I want that bad so much! It looks great with your outfit.

Sarah said...

I top every You Did What With Your Keys story, so in a way... It's almost ok that it happened. My poor husband though, if he had mailed our only keys to California, well, my anger would have melted the locks. Lucky he's way more responsible than me.

I do indeed do blog design, let me know if you need any help!

Emma said...

I love your bag, so jealous.


Allergic to Vanilla said...

love the wisecracks lady!! I miss M+O too, sniff sniff!

xo Carlina

Kristin W said...

I'm sort of obsessed with everything about this outfit. The jacket. The boots. The straight hair. The purse. In love.

And those stories crack me up :) The Chef sounds like a funny guy (except for the whole keys situation!).


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