Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Share The Love: Answered Tags

Recently I was tagged by three lovely ladies and wanted to dedicate today's post to spotlighting their blogs and answering their questions.  When I started blogging just a few short months ago I didn't realize the camaraderie that would await me.  It is especially nice to be given fun awards and tags by fellow bloggers - learning and sharing more about one another in the process.  So without further ado I'll cut to the chase and get answering. 

Have you visited Heather at A measure of...?  She is a tremendous writer, an insightful person and has become someone I consider a friend.  We found each other before the Cuppie Challenge, of which Heather was the winner of my leg.  She recently showed Cuppie a tremendous time around Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile where she lives with her husband Serkan and their fetus (and yes I realize I am entirely inappropriate, but it's late and I'm beyond the point of stressed out).  Recently Heather gave me the Versatile Blogger Award.

I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself and tag 15 other blogs.  Okay - you're all tagged because I'm exhausted, my house is a full-on episode of hoarders, my birthday (aka d-day) is Thursday and my bff is coming to stay.  I'm to the brim.  Let's hug it out and whoever wants to, share it up!  Share something about yourself in the comments or 7 things in a post.  I think you're all tremendously versatile!

7 Things About Me:  I can spare you having to read a book...Not too long ago I answered these questions here.  Woop!  Click on over and take a look!

Next up is Stacey.  She is the mind behind Design Addict Mom.   I love to visit her blog and take in all the tremendous design photos she finds.  It truly is amazing.  Stacey also has a clear love for her family, and it really shines through in her posts.  Her blog is personable and informative - like visiting with a friend.  She tagged me on the Super Comments Award.

Here's the Q/A:

1. Why did you start blogging/why do you blog? Different reasons.  For years people had been stopping to ask me where I got a certain something or other.  Several times people encouraged me to start a blog - so after 3 or 4 years of procrastinating, I did.  Here I am!  Why do I continue?  I'm a creative person with a stressful job and blogging allows me to express myself and be creative.  It's a great place to channel all my extra energy.

2.  What are your 3 Best Memories?  Going to Europe in High School with several of my best friends and my kooky French teacher, the day I first saw the home I rented on the island I lived on in Washington State (it was beyond a dream come true - craftsman style, had undergone complete reno yet retained all original charm, and had water view out of every.single.window.), and the day I realized I had actually started my own business.

3. Name 2 of the Best Fiction Books You've Read (I'll give one fiction and one non):
  • Fiction:  Without a Map by Meredith Hall
  •  Non-Fiction:  Smashed:  Story of a Drunken Girlhood by Koren Zailckas (arguably one of the best books I have ever read).
*I've read a ton of books and these are two that came immediately to mind.

4.  What are the 5 Best Movies Ever Made?  Gah!  I don't know.  I love movies so will list 5 of my faves - some will be totally cliche, but it's complete truth:
  • The Shawshank Redemption:  I've seen it a bazillion times and always walk away with a pearl of wisdom, crying my eyes out at the end.  "I find I'm so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend, and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope."  ...Pardon me while I go get the tissues.
  • Up in the Air.  Yes it was a relatively recent release, but George Clooney's character is, essentially, me.  The movie completely spoke to me.
  • Singin' In The Rain.  Simply amazing movie.
  • Napoleon Dynamite.  Don't judge.
  • A Mighty Heart:  The Daniel Pearl Story.  That story/movie really shook me up and I don't even care much for Jolie.
  • Oh, and I have to mention Goonies and The Breakfast Club because they are classics!!
5. 5 Things I Can't Live Without:
There's nothing I can't live without.  Really.  I've had some crazy things happen to me in my life and I guess the only thing I could not survive without would be my faith in God.  For sure.

6.  If You Could Change Your Name What Would It Be?  Felicity (my fave tv show of all time!!).  BAHAHA!!  Kidding.  Seriously though I like my name.  No changes here. :)

7.  Unique and Interesting Fact About Me:  I don't know.  Is anything really unique anymore?  I grew up on a farm on the prairies in Canada, and rode the school bus to school for 2 hours in the am/pm for 12 years.  I think it's why I don't get rattled by traffic.

8.  If I had a Freaky Friday Experience Who Would I Change Places With?: Oprah.  And I would stir some things UP.  I'd be helping people so fast she wouldn't have a nickel left by the time we switched back.

9.  What is the Best Thing About Being a Woman?  That our roles are constantly changing/evolving and my generation is really the first to pave the way in regards to balancing career and having a family.  A lot of us have waited too long or are on the verge of having waited too long as a result of savoring careers we couldn't have had without the women who came before us - and now these brave women are leading the way in IVF and alternative methods - while simultaneously sending the message to start a family just a little bit earlier to avoid stress and heartache.  All the way around it is a wonderful thing.  I love when women stick together vs. attacking one another.  The sisterhood amongst women can be an incredible thing. 

Whew!! Is anyone even left with me??
Finally, Lisa from Respect the Shoes (don't you just love that name?? - Lisa cracks me up daily and I'll bet she's cracking up several of you as well) tagged me on 8 random questions as follows:

1.  If you could be any heroine who would you pick and why?  Wonder Woman.  I love the bracelets that deflect the bullets. So B.A. 

2.  What is your favorite article of clothing and why?  Don't have one single item.  Pretty much anything James Perse because I live in the stuff since I work at home.  I do have a beautiful Rebecca Taylor silk dress that has a special place in my heart, too.

3.  What is one of the proudest moments of your life?  Getting my Green Card.  Hands down.

4.  Name your favorite food.  Chocolate.  And then bacon wrapped dates.  And then habanero salsa.  Seriously, this is a brutal question.  I'm not even sure chocolate's my favorite.  Now I'm thinking about a risotto the Chef makes.  And pavlova!! I gotta stop this question!!   Wingstop!  uh-oh.  It's on!

5.  Who is your favorite Real Housewife of the entire series?  I plead the 5th.

6.  What were you doing one hour ago?  Eating a drumstick (ice cream) and then a turkey taco.  It's dessert first around here.

7.  Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream?  No.  I can't.  It depends on the mood.  If it's Frozen Yogurt I'm still a Pinkberry fan all the way.  Ixnay on the kid hands in the toppings at Yogurtland (gag), but sometimes I just neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed World Class Chocolate from Baskin-Robbins or Banana with Heath Bar from Coldstone.  

8.  What's your favorite cheesy joke?  This is crazy, but I can't even think of one.  I've been sitting here for half an hour dreading this question.  Help!!  I'm not much of a joke person.  That was my little bro - I think he drove me too crazy with them. hehe

I'm wiped and have to go to bed.   Thanks for bearing with me!!  And take a visit to all three ladies who tagged me!  They're rad!  Rather than selecting a bunch of blogs to pass on to (because there are so many I read and love and I don't want to leave anyone out) - how about if you follow me and are interested in accepting any of these awards and answering the corresponding set of questions - just go ahead!  It's great to learn more about you and I love reading through these types of posts.



Anonymous said...

Read all of this and loved learning about you :) I would answer some of these lovely questions but I'm tired and blah and actually considering calling the doctor tomorrow so things are no bueno! But know that I wanted to. For reals.

(And my thoughts will be with you on the 26th, of course.)

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I enjoyed reading more about you :) I loved Up In The Air too! Such a good movie. Mmm a drumstick...I think it's dessert time for me before I go to bed now...hehe..
Sweet dreams!

Anonymous said...

Totally wish we were neighbors! You know so we could hang out, and gab - and pour one out then you could drive me to the doc - that order would be more fun, no? Anywho.

I know you have a lot of craziness right now - shoot me an email whenever you get a chance!

Laura said...

Congrats on all of the awards!!! omg, I remember the show Felicity... so funny.. is that really your fav show? :) I love the random question answers.. I can agree with basically ALL of them.. oh, and I'd def want to switch with Oprah too. How fun would that be?? It's basically like becoming your "super woman" at the same time... hahahaha

Leia said...

I really loved reading your responses! Also: 2 hours in the bus every DAY? How did you cope?!


Diana Mieczan said...

I read it all and I loved it...Great laugh....!! I adore tags like that!
Up in the Air was one great movie and I love chocolate too...I cant live without it...hahaha
Sweet dreams, my lovely and see you later:)

Collette Osuna said...

Huge congrats to you too....great answers....Q/A are tons of fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the awards! When you mentioned bacon-wrapped dates could you see me nodding with approval?... I made the ones with cheese (from one of your posts) recently and they were too yum!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Thanks for being a sport and answering a ton of Qs about yourself. I would like to give you a virtual fist pound for surviving two hours getting to and from school each day. I went to a specialized high school (not "special," just specialized) which retired a tw hour each way commute each day via walking, bus and subway. Just part of survival!

sophiasa said...

Congrats on the awards! It was really great reading this post and getting to know you!! xoxo

Nikki said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your answers and learning more about you!!!


Jess said...

HOW many potty breaks did you take in between answering all of these child? haha Loved your answer! I too have seen Singing In The Rain (random out of ALL the questions you answered, I comment on this one! hahaha) and I love it....it is just a chipper movie, you CANT watch it and NOT crack a smile!
I hope you have a great day!!!

Cara said...

LOVED reading this and learning more about you!

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Loved reading this. I'm
Sitting here with my morning coffee and it felt like we were sitting here together getting to know each other. Lovely.
Btw...never got the purse email. Pls resent if u get a chance. Thank u!!

Lisa Griffin said...

Wow congrats to you on completing all of those! These take forever but they really are so fun to read, good luck with the busy week :)

Sydney at PetiteGorgeous said...

Enjoyed getting to know you :).

OneCraftyFox said...

Congrats on the awards!! I really enjoyed Up In The Air as well. Lisa from Respect The Shoes is such a doll!!

I just wanted to let you know I have a Polyvore Challenge on my blog - - the grand prize is a $1,000 Visa Gift Certificate!! We could all use a little extra cash, right? So get over here and win it, lol :)

Taylor said...

Your 3 best memories sound so amazing - someone could make a movie about you! I want to live in that Seattle house! The views are exquisite - and I can't believe you had a view of water at every window! You're a lucky girl!

Daisy said...

great answers Felicity! ;) Love that show. Love drumsticks, but they have to be the ones with the chocolate swirl in the middle.

Cool Gal said...

Love "The Breakfast Club." The 80s teen movies were the best. Classic!

Josie said...

Congratulations on your awards, dear -- and of COURSE you had to give props to The Breakfast Club!
xo Josie

Marie Z. said...

Wow 2 hours to and from school every day? You're a trooper!

And I LOVE Singin' in the Rain! I did a stage show of it, with rain and all!

Vic said...

Super fun and I enjoyed getting to know you better....i seriously thought you liked that name...whats wrong with felicity....haha my mom was going to name me pricilla...ughhhh...i woulda croaked.!

BTW: Congrats -Your the winner of the Lands End Scarf. Email Me when you get a chance. I just need your full name & address:)

Stacey said...

It was awesome to learn more about you! Great post and thanks for the shout out!

ruthy ann said...

very cool to learn more about you...i can't believe you only started blogging a few months ago! what's your secret to all your amazing fans? LOVED the fact that you talked about your faith in God.

Alicia said...

i loved this carrie!! i'm with you on living in James Perse tees (so soft!) and that's awesome you eat desert first ;) xx

Kristin said...

I knew I liked you. GOTTA respect Wonder Woman's fabulous cuffs!

Staley Mc said...

Loved reading your answers! So fun!

Lori said...

Oh Carrie ~ you never disappoint! Love all your answers and it was a blast reading them. And Thursday is your birthday ~ I will be back! xo

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

:) phew!

it's so nice to learn more about you. i'm pretty sure my hubbers would agree with you on "shawshank." i think it's his favorite movie of all time. :P

ps - YOU crack me up daily. ;)

Marcie said...

So many great things here, Carrie! I love that there is nothing you can't live without. It really is true, isn't it?! And Shawshank redemption was my first movie with my husband.

Great job!
xO M

PS- what is your stressful job?

Mimi said...

i loved reading all of these! and i agree, shawshank redemption is one of the greatest movies ever! :D

<3, Mimi

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Carrie, you deserve it! I used to watch Felicity too... Kerry Russell is awesome. xo

BusyB said...

HOw great is that CongraDS! luv reading all that stuff.....lol Felicity : )!
and great answer about god ...can never imagine not living without him!!!!!

happy TUESDAY! (Enjoy this weather!)

Valerie said...

Carrie, I absolutely love this. I love Shawshank Redemption too and have seriously watched it a thousand times. Congrats on your awards and I hope your cleaning day is going well. Maybe in about 30 minutes I'll spring myself from this sweat shop over here and be out folicking once again.


Closet Fashionista said...

YAY!! Congrats on all the tags! :D
I loved reading all your answers YAOW on the school bus thing...it was only like an hour for me

Cristina @FujiFiles said...

The food question would have stumped me too! First answer def would have been chocolate though, but salsa's a biggie too. My mom's stew, the list goes on.

Elle said...

Wow so much about you! Love getting to "know" you more! Also.. I really want froyo now :)

LyddieGal said...

It's always fun to hear about fun bits of information. Europe in high school must have really been amazing.

The Goonies is awesome. I recently spotted an ice cream flavor called "truffle shuffle" and flipped out.

Chic on the Cheap

Anna Walker said...

Getting your green card!? Where are you from origionally?

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh wow, this is awesome. I learned more interesting things about you. I love your answer in question number 5. I am currently rebuilding my relationship with Him. And I find the faith in Him really does move mountains. =)

blivbook said...

We got some similar thoughts as you too! That's why we started blogging!

Cheers, B & Liv
B L I V B O O K: darling&diva♥

Claire Kiefer said...

So much to say!!!
1. Heather is one of my dear friends. We met many years ago in grad school and have been like this (crossed fingers) ever since. <3 She must have been our original connection! One more thing to be thankful to Heather for. :)
2. Kid hands or not, I'm a yogurtland freak. I try very hard to stay away from the tiny cheesecake squares, but I usually fail. Their strawberry yogurt is just so good! Though I won't deny pinkberry (OR RED MANGO!!!) its rightful fame, either.
3. How jealous am I that you work from home??? Pretty sure I'd watch Real Housewives all day and drink entirely too much coffee.
4. Carrie, I love you even more now that I know you share my feelings for THE BEST TV SHOW EVER!! (Well, now I might give Friday Night Lights at least a tie). Felicity got me through a really hard breakup (back to back seasons--binge watching is the best medicine), I love her, I love the show, I saw Keri Russell at a political party in SF once . . . FELICITY! oh man.

This comment is becoming epic . . . I'll leave it there. I adore you and your blog!!

Becoming Me. said...

Super Comments award. Oh you DEFINITELY deserve that! You leave the most amazing comments. Even with my lack of postings (I try to keep up with my measly blog but my busy schedule really gets to me. Mehhh. :/)
When I see that you have left me a comment though, it definitely makes my day so much better!
Here's a link to a few of my answers and accolades to you! http://movingclockhands.blogspot.com/2010/08/blogger-awards-thanks-carrie.html

Krystal said...

oh my gosh, i loved reading everything :) i also really love the book Smashed. and here's my favorite cheesy joke...ready (wait is it sad that i had like 4 popping out of my brain as soon as i read that?) - it's so dumb. ok. so, "what does a ghetto cow eat?"
get it??????????????? i'm laughing!


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