Wednesday, April 28, 2010

James Perse: The Holy Grail of Cotton T-Shirts

...and cashmere too.

To me, James Perse is synonymous with amazing t-shirts.  I fell hard for his t's about 7 years ago after running my hand across one while walking through Nordstrom.  It was definitely a stop, drop, and roll out your credit card moment, and the beginning of the end of all my other relationships with basic t-shirt brands.

Cut to present day and my t-shirt drawer is almost exclusively James Perse with a peppering of T by Alexander Wang, Kain, and the occasional Gap tank.  It's not that I don't wear other t-shirts; it's that I prefer Perse above all others because they have the best fit and are the most versatile.  So whether you are looking to invest in the perfect v-neck or a few tanks for layering, I would highly recommend this brand as a good place to start.

In addition to standard basics, each season James Perse offers a mix of simple ready-to-wear pieces that can easily be worked into any wardrobe.  In the Fall and Winter the line typically carries, amongst other things, amazing cotton/cashmere pieces that include tunics, sweaters, jackets and sweatpants.  In the Spring and Summer you can always find the breeziest sun and maxi-dresses as well as skirts, shorts and pants that can take you from lunch straight to the beach.

I refer to it as a collector's addiction.  Some people have stamps; I have James Perse apparel.  What's your guilty pleasure?

Below you'll find (from L-R) the Jersey Bolero, the Double Layer Rouched Skirt, and the Fitted Long Sleeved T-Shirt - and of these 3 all I have to say is "Yes please!" (and thanks for bearing with me while I get the hang of putting up these pictures to match the post...still can't quite figure out how to lose the white space. ugh).



SweetHome said...

Thanks for the comment! Love James Perse and your blog. Keep it up!

this free bird said...

yay!! thanks for coming over! JP is the best man in the land when it comes to a t-shirt. or a sweatpant. or a sweater. or bedding. or, or, or. gongshow!!

Pamela said...

Eeee!!! Browsing your blog, came across this post - hi there, how perfect are you?!?! Same as my last comment, I have yet to bite the bullet on any JP or AW tees although they're on my wish list every birthday/Christmas. Somehow no one (myself included) wants to spend that much on a t-shirt (but it's so perfect!!!).

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